It happened…..

I had a bit too much bad news on one day so I had a meltdown and did the thing us women do in times of crisis……I coloured my hair. We had been given a hard 5 day Lockdown. Sure 5 days is nothing but that on top of all the other dramas I had that day I lost my shit. Plus knowing how our government loves to throw us into lockdown due to their incompetence I’m prepared for an extended lockdown. So to keep ourselves entertained at home we decided hey let’s colour my hair, why not. I did have this colour in my bathroom for a while and I have been thinking “I should use that eventually”. Last year I had bought the silver colour from this brand to kind of make my hair look refreshed since I hadn’t had my hair coloured in over half a year. So I bought two of the silver- because I need two with my thick ass hair. Then when I saw the postage I kind of wanted to get over the limit in order to get the free postage. Why do I need to spend more in order to get free postage?? Because I’m a sucker. Anyway I then saw the pink hair colour and thought it was suck a cute colour why not give this a little try if later on down the track I get bored or need a little change. Well done past me, well done.

So the colour i used was IroIro Semi Permanent Hair Colour in 200 Bubble Gum Pink Pastel. I chose just a semi permanent just at the thought of committing to this colour, its a no. I just didn’t want the hassle of constantly maintaining my hair especially with everything going on. Thats why I have a bit of a balyage/ombre (I don’t know the difference) look. So obviously the colour was applied to all of my hair but i knew it wouldn’t stand out on the darker bits but I didn’t want to risk any of the lighter sections. So I wanted to create my we’ll call it Balyage pink look. So what I did was wash my hair, not condition. I then blow dried my hair and applied the pink all over and left it for 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes were done I rinsed my hair in cold water ( I found out this makes your hair colour last longer if you wash it in cold water). I didn’t need to condition which felt strange because it had made my hair so smooth as if I had. Funny thing is while I was doing this I was messaging my friend who is a hairdresser (who actually recommended this brand a while ago) and she was encouraging me- so at least I know this stuff won’t destroy my hair.

So first getting a glimpse of my hair when I got out of the shower I admit I did get a slight feel of regret to my actions, but I knew once it dried it would look a lot better. So I dried my hair and slept on it and when I woke up the next day I was happy with it. Although I did get a little shock first thing because I forgot I coloured it the night before. But I always find when I do something drastic with my hair at first I don’t like it a little (even if it’s exactly how I wanted it) I don’t know if it’s just me needing to get used to it. But I actually really like the colour it’s something different and apparently pink is a calming colour so this might help keep me chill. Plus this worked out pretty good I did this the day before Valentine’s Day so I looked pretty themed out.

So this worked out to be a nice little experiment. I’m not sure how well this pink will go with it washing out, apparently it takes a few washes to come out but we will see how that goes. This did work out to be a great thing to help keep my mind off things and I honestly can’t stop taking photos of it (she’s so vain). Side note this actually was not supposed to be this weeks post but this happened so I had to share it ASAP. Anyway this turned out to be a total win. If you want to check out my experience with the silver colour the link to that post is below, also the brands website…


Silver Hair Transformation

Vacuum for my Pores

So for a while now I’ve seen women using this little machine while showing off there skin care routine and it’s always intrigued me. What the hell is it?? After a little research I found that it was basically a little kind of vacuum that would suck all the crud out of your pores and make your skin clear and prevent pimples. The fact that it sucked all the guck out of the pores really interested me because I’m the weirdo that examines those pore strips you use to remove blackheads. Yeah I examine the strips for longer than any normal person. So when I saw I could get one of these pore vacuums or Microdermabrasion Kits as it’s technically called (I like pore vacuum better) for free with a purchase I just had to give it a go.

So in the photos you can see the box is a bit beaten up. Thank you Australia Post. As you can see I got this from LUX SKIN, it’s an online company that sells a lot of nifty gadgets for at home beauty . So I looked this up and saw normally this would sell for $60AUD but marked down to $29.99AUD (I got this for free with a purchase) so it’s still not to bad price. So reading through the instructions it was very straight forward: charge before use and details on what heads to use. I charged it up then took it for a test drive after I washed my face. So basically this goes in your beauty routine after you was your face and before moisturising. There are 5 different heads attachments for a different range of uses eg: exfoliate, smooth areas with fine lines, etc.

So time to get this going, well it definitely sucks everything out. I would like to know how the women in the videos I saw would glide this so effortlessly across their faces. This thing sucked the crap out of my skin I dragged it across my chin and ended up with what looked like a long skinny hickey. I should have stopped there but I tested a few other heads on my chin and we’ll I added to my chin hickey. My chin pore have never been cleaner but it’s gone from massive chin hickey to I look like I’ve taken a turn in the octagon. I mean thank god were in a time were we have to wear face masks in public, no concealer could cover up that bruise without it looking like I had a 5oclock shadow hidden under a tonne of concealer.

I get why people buy this I mean it does clean out your pores and I guess I makes you look younger because it’s sucked your skin so much your lines are gone do to swelling. But it’s not for me it wasn’t particularly pleasant having my skin sucked like that and the obvious downside was the bruising. I stupidly tried again just after my chin had cleared up but on my nose and ended up with a nose bruise ( I know I’m stupid). This is definitely a product that it ranges from person to person if it’s for you, looking at some of the reviews I could see people were absolutely in love with it and couldn’t like without it while others had a big fat NOPE. Like I said this wasn’t for me pale skin with bruises all over my face, it really doesn’t take much for me to look like gutter trash and this threw my right there. I’ve left the site below for you to check out all the other little gadgets they have available.


Trying out ALL of my Samples- Take 6

Here we go again, its been a while since we took the samples for a little whirl. Ive done a lot of online shopping lately (mostly Christmas) and have ended up with a lot of samples I need to take for a spin. Here is the short list of what made it through the try out samples adventure. The sampling in this post had begun in October, so some of these samples were tried out a while ago now. This is my last of the samples testing for 2020 but don’t worry there will be more next year.

KIEHLS: Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner (Alcohol Free)

Kiehls products I have always heard good things about and have wanted to try out so this sample was perfect for me. This toner was the one I have seen and it looks like it has chunks of seaweed in the bottle (weird). I did like the idea that it was alcohol free and hopefully would cleanse my face without drying it out. I have had loads of trouble with finding a toner that didn’t dry my skin out I feel like its impossible to find.

I tried this out before bed so if my skin went nuts the shock in the mirror will be a great way to wake me up. So I put this toner on a cotton ball and applied it after cleaning my face. Not really overwhelmed by any scent in the toner. It went on fine didn’t feel any stinging sensation, in fact it actually just felt like I was putting water on my face which I thought was weird I kept checking the cotton ball to see if there actually was something on the ball. Now the morning was the real test to see if the toner did anything… did! Looking in the mirror in the morning my skin looked so clear and it didn’t feel dried out. I have been on the lookout for a new toner after I realised the one I have been using for the last six months or so was really only used because I liked the smell and not the results. I think I found a replacement toner.

NARS: Climax Extreme Mascara

Nars is a brand that I always seem to love. I feel its a bit fancy for me but I do like a lot of their products. Their foundations and concealers I can never fault they are the super special occasion makeup. This mascara I’ve had my eye on for a while now and I promised myself I’d buy as a treat once we were out of lockdown and I could go into store. The mascara creates volume coats each lash. This made me a little sad when using the mascara I found that it was really thick and lumpy and no matter how many times I tried to scrape the mascara on the side of the tube so it wouldn’t be as much product to put on my lashes it still was chunky. It honestly felt like a mascara I had purchased in the past from a pyramid scheme brand (not saying which one).

I really wanted to love this, I alway love Nars products but like I said this was way to thick and it really didn’t do any justice for my lashes. It made them look horrible and one coat made it look like I was wearing a cheap product on my lashes that I had kept applying. This was not a win for me.

HOURGLASS: Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

This I was shocked with, they sent me a sample in a shade perfect for me. Usually when I get a sample the colour is way off; either too light or too dark. Usually I use pens/ pencils to add volume or fill in my brows and occasionally use a gel brush product if I want to go that little extra – or I can be bothered. So with this I did have an open mind because maybe it could replace me penciling in my brows. For a small sample I felt that the brush was still a little big. I know the brush is made to give a more natural look but I found it made the product distribute uneven and it just looked messy not natural at all. I also found that the product itself was a bit chunky and sat on my brows and brushing it seems to move it around and not blend it into the hairs like a lot of other products. I really wanted to like this product because I had seen so many reviews on how much of a game changer it was but to be honest this was pretty disappointing.

JUICE BEAUTY: Blemish Clearing Cleanser

This brand I don’t know why but seeing the packaging reminded me of a cheap brand I used as a teenager (I think it was sold to my mum from a friend apart of a pyramid scheme beauty products party) that just irritated the feck out of my skin so a part of me did panic. But I did work up the courage to try this sample. This was one big ass sample. I remember I first thought it was sent to me by mistake but I guess it was a DELUXE sample. Now I tired this morning and night for about a week. I did find it a bit drying and made my face feel a little stiff as if I was sunburnt but I tried it again just using the cleanser at night and using my usual cleanser in the morning and I found it was a lot better to use and made my skin so amazing. This at night gave me such clear skin. I think using it day and night must have been a bit of overkill for my skin but only using it once worked out perfectly. The cleanser is a brownish gel that actually didn’t have a bad smell to it, I could kind of pick up some citrus. Yes I smell beauty products.

I was extremely happy with the results from this cleanser it’s become apart of my regular beauty routine. I use it every night just before bed. I will say I fee so fresh from using this, I never go to sleep with patchy red skin- like a lot of blemish cleansers do to my skin. This is honestly the clearest my skin has been in a while.

JO MALONE: Cypress & Grapevine Cologne Intense

Yep we have a cologne to try out too. Ok so not much information was included on the card just that it was: TOP: Cypress , HEART: Grapevine and BASE: Moss swell as it being very woody. At first spritz it was very masculine and straight away I thought they sent me a bloody males stink! But after a big search I found it was a “UNISEX” smell. Honestly not for me, but for the husband 100%. You can for sure smell the wood notes in the cologne with a hint of sweetness and well as a fresh touch. I was a bit bummed because I sprayed this on my arm and the bloody thing stayed on my arm the whole night the scent did not leave! So bad for me but a positive that the scent stayed on your skin for ages even with a tiny little spritz.

So I will wrap it up for 2020’s samples, honestly there was a lot more but I figured I might save those for next year. These samples posts have proven that samples can encourage purchasing something that you would never even think of buying but have discovered how amazing it is. It can also show that a lot of products have just been hyped up for nothing and just have been flat out shit. The next samples post is in the works now and will be posted some time in January.

IM OUT!!!!

Black Toothpaste

KEEKO are a brand I’ve used for a few years now for their coconut oil pulling sachets that whiten your teeth naturally. I’ve also used a few other products, all of which I loved and have had great results with my teeth and gums feeling healthy and looking sparkling white. I do however don’t like the mess the coconut oil makes- well technically it’s the mess I make with it. Because it is oil you can’t just spit it down the drain, because it will harden and block the drain. With my shitty drains I don’t really want to risk a blockage. So I saw they were selling a natural toothpaste that whitens teeth and keeps my gums healthy I had to give this a go.

I’ve used so many toothpastes that apparently whitens your teeth (there are so many!) sure some have put my teeth up a shade but never REALLY made them as white as they advertise. I also found that with all of the whitening toothpastes that it’s a bit rough on my teeth with all the chemicals. I have sensitive teeth and a lot of products tend to flare up the sensitivity. When trying this toothpaste it is just a natural toothpaste you use day and night. It does take a bit getting use to with scrubbing your teeth with this black paste, you get a preview what you’d look like with teeth missing- I might have played a bit made it look like I had one tooth and channeled my inner redneck. The toothpaste was a little grainy compared to normal toothpaste but once you get used to it, your fine. Other than they grainy feel and the blackness it just felt like normal toothpaste with the minty taste and freshness afterwards. As for the whitening aspect of the toothpaste it is a gradual whitening I have been using this for almost 2 weeks now and my teeth are a nice pearly white now. It didn’t happened overnight so it does take a few goes to get whiter but it does make them white.

I do like this toothpaste, its great for my sensitive teeth and I don’t feel like its made my teeth weaker with the whitening. I like the fact its lightened my teeth without any painful chemicals and it doesn’t make too much a mess (the black in the sink is a bit of a pain but manageable). This is a better way to whiten my teeth and its just in my daily routine so I don’t have to change a thing. Im for sure buying more of this, if you want to check it out click on the link below.


Just a little Salted Caramel

TooFaced has released their holiday range of makeup and of course I had to get myself something as a gift to myself for putting up with my housemates (husband and spawns)throughout lockdown . Originally I was planning on buying the Pumpkin Spiced Eyeshadow palette but after a lot of time thinking about it, I realised as much as I loved the colours I realistically wouldn’t wear over half of them. I then came across the Salted Caramel mini palette. All of the colours I loved and I knew I would use.

I know I’m basic and I tend to gravitate towards more neutral colours, but I just can’t be fucked trying to work with other colours. Its a very slippery slope with me with a lot of other colours sometimes it can work out and I look edgy and cool. Where a lot of the time it can go straight to 1980’s Chic. I also like the neutral colours because they can work anytime of the day and really for any occasion, you can rock the colour day to night. So to the palette, it has contain 4 glitter eyeshadow shades and 4 matte shades. Apparently its supposed to have a salted caramel scent to it I couldn’t smell it to be honest but I’m not complaining about that its just a little bonus. Im not a big glitter eyeshadow fan I prefer matte. I do occasionally throw in a bit of sparkle with my eyes if the occasion calls for it or I need a little sparkle in my life that day- but generally I stick to matte. With this palette I actually don’t mind a bit of sparkle in my look. With using the palette I thought the colours were very pigmented and I felt like a little went a long way. I didn’t need to keep applying eyeshadow for it to show up on my skin and it didn’t flake off all over my face. I did use this during the day and eventually at night so I saw two different looks.

I absolutely love this little palette, it’s great I went for a mini one for a change instead of a bigger one. The colours I can wear from day to night no worries and the colours just match my skin so well. I love the matte colours by themselves and with a with a bit of sparkle to them. This will probably be my go to for a while they are the nice simple colours I love to wear. The eyeshadows were all so pigmented I didn’t feel ripped off at all and they all blended perfectly. I also loved the fact the I didn’t have the eyeshadow flake off onto my face when applying I am a person who does her face makeup before her eyes so the eyeshadow flakes on my skin I bloody hate it! Anyway this will be perfect for all of my Christmas celebrations, so exciting.



My hair this year has been the solid indicator that Ive been through some shit. It would have been a lot worse if I had to wait any longer to get into a salon (most likely be some out there colour that looks like I mixed it with mud). Late last year I wanted to try to transition my hair from being regularly bleached to maybe a bit of a balyage look. I didn’t want to let it flat out grow out because full head bleached hair with wicked re-growth on me…….well I’d look like some delicious white trash. I had my last appointment in say January and was due for my next in about late March. Well this corona bullshit happened and salons closed then opened and I just couldn’t bloody keep up so I hadn’t been to my next appointment. I then got to pregnant (too fat and uncomfortable to sit in the chair) to get my hair done before I evicted the spawn. Getting my hair done before she was born would have been great the first thing seeing a goddess mother but instead she saw this trashy bitch and had to roll with it. Anyway I then had to recover by then we had the case numbers rise and we were thrown back into lockdown. So it had been a long time since my hair had been done.


Saying that I did get a small trim about late May and that was only down to pure luck because the older spawn had to have some putty she for some reason put in her hair removed and my hairdresser took pity on me when she saw my home ISO haircut. So she only gave my hair a small trim to make it look less like a blind person cut my hair. So not having any colour treatments done to my hair for so many months gave me the push to treat my hair as much as possible to make it the healthiest its ever been and to finally see what my natural hair colour is now. I haven’t seen my natural hair colour since I was about 16. Maybe younger. My god my hair is ginger-brown with a few stray greys (I can admit it!!) what the fuck happened to my blonde!

Back on track I’m rambling a lot today, I think Ive had too many coffees and its making me ramble. IM DOING IT AGAIN! SO! I finally got my hair done. I didn’t want to just jump back in to a full head of bleach because I did like the look of my natural colour popping through and my hair has felt so healthy and strong while at home (but looking like shit). I ended up getting a few foils put in to kind of blend my regrowth a bit better to my hair and lighten it up a bit. I also got a bit of toner in because I hadn’t bothered toning my hair in months partially because I was at home and my hair a lot of the time was putted back.With my look I like the fact that I can leave it longer between salon visits the re-growth isn’t as obvious and my hair can continue getting stronger. I did have a lot of dead ratty ends which meant I did have to go through a but of a chop. With the photos my hair before was short but below my shoulders. I haven’t had my hair cut this short in years so its getting used to having a lot less hair, but it does feel great to finally have it done.


Sure I looked like garbage before getting my hair done, but it did help giving it a bit of a break from constant meddling. It now means I will be able to grow my hair back to the long luscious locks I used to have but this time they will be stronger and not snap off. So my transformation from gutter trash is happening Im slowly coming out of the gutter and resembling a human with a resting bitch face. Obviously these photos were taken at different times of the day the before was taken early in the morning and the after was taken in the afternoon with the bloody sun shining through. It is true having your hair done makes all the difference with your mood.


24 Hours I’ll see about that

A lot of brands throw around that their products last 24hours as if it’s some kind of witchcraft. Pretty much most of the time its either something thats stains your skin and your left with a faded mark for days or it washes off within an hour. So when I purchased the BROW MICROFILLING PEN from Benefit, that claimed the microfilling effect lasted 24hours I had to try this out!

I do tint my eyebrows because of my blonde brows, they’re virtually invisible apart from a few spots here and there. I could probably pass as Spock (live long and Prosper). So in between tints the colour comes out in some sections so I need to fill in the spots. Thi seen caught my eye because it had the microblading effect that could make when I fill in my brows look more natural. This pen has 3 different length to help create the natural eyebrow hair look. Applying the pen to my brows was smooth and the colour was the perfect shade. I keep finding blonde shades either are too light or on the copper side. This is a great pen for your brows I got the lightest shade so it would be easier to build up a darker colour.

When using it I did try it for 24 hours with dry skin (un-moisturised) and another 24 hours with moisturiser. The first time I found it did the first 24 hours it did stay and didn’t go stale, by that I mean it looked the same as when I applied it. The second I did not long after I moisturised just to see how it would go with products (e.g.. foundation) it did take a few goes to get it to come up on my skin and even then it was very faint. It didn’t last really at all, I noticed it was pretty much non existent a few hours after applying.

So this microfilling pen was a win it defiantly came in handy for those times in between tinting my brows. Just the only thing is make sure that your skin is dry when applying it and not like me just after moisturising. I found it didn’t show up on my skin very well and didn’t last nearly as long as it did when my skin was dry. Benefit is a great brand with brows and it seems they have another winner. This product is available at Sephora and many other online hair and beauty stores.

IM OUT!!!!

Hair Colour DIY

In a complete moment of boredom I decided to freshen up my hair. It hasn’t been done since earlier this year, these are dark times people! So anyway in my skulking through my bathroom cupboard I came across some temporary hair colour my hairdresser gave me last year. It’s nothing outgoing it’s really a silver colour for when my hair needed a touch up. With my super long regrowth situation going on I thought this would be perfect to put in my lighter ends just to cover up my yellowish ends.

My hair situation was going from bleaching my hair every few weeks to a balayage look at the end of last year so the re-growth isn’t as feral as it could have been. But still it does look a little sad so this little silver colour up could either go refresh or even sadder than before. Either way this is keeping things interesting. So I used the brand IROIRO, a vegan cruelty free, natural ingredient hair colour. I thought this should be safe and not damage my hair as if I bought one from the supermarket. The steps were a bit of a pain in the ass what I had to do was was my hair (not condition) then dry it and then I could apply the colour to my hair. I mean I could have just ignored that step but I was trying to avoid a complete fuck up so I followed those damn rules closely. So after I applied the colour to my hair I left it on for 30 minutes. The package said for best results to cover, so I used one of my many shower caps I take as a souvenir when staying at hotels. After the 30 minutes was up I rinsed my hair under cold water (as directed) and didn’t need to condition, just rinse and dry.

While it was wet I could tell my hair was darker I did apply the colour all over so I could have a bit of a silver balyage/ombre situation going on. When my hair was dried I could see a difference in colour- it wasn’t a dramatic change but you could tell I did have a little something something done. Below are my before and after shots, obviously I straightened my hair a little to flatten the fuzzy air dried hair I was rocking ( believe it or not it was much worse than the first shot).

This home colour job, I nailed it. Well it could have been a complete fail tat resulted in a humorous story with photos. But I am happy with the ashy colour my hair has now, the hair colour I used actually made my hair nice and smooth and soft which was really weird considering dye usually make my hair dry. I like this brand and I bought more to keep just in case I needed a re-touch, I just don’t know when I’ll be going to the hairdressers. So we had a success, oh I did buy more colour but I forgot to mention I bought PINK hair dye! This lady is going through a crisis. The crisis of being exposed to so much pink that she likes the idea of pink everything. Stay tuned for that adventure once this washes out.

IM OUT!!!!

Trying out ALL of my Samples – Take 5

Guess what kids. Its that time again. Time to try out more of my samples! I wasn’t kidding when I said I had a lot of samples. Ive been making many purchases in my time stuck in the house and having late nights so the samples supply doesn’t seem to be dropping anytime soon….

NUFACE: Prep-N-Glow

I saw this an I’m not going to lie I did feel a bit of panic with it. Yep I’m dramatic. I always get a bit worried with face cloths/ makeup remover cloths, only because I’ve known people who have used wipes like these (not this brand) and have had horrible allergic reactions. Swelling, urgent hospital trip reactions and they don’t have sensitive skin at all. So I do get a wee bit paranoid. But then I do what I usually do and say “fuck it” and jump right in. So according to this packaging this is meant to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate. With the smooth side to remove the makeup. The cloth itself didn’t really have any scent to it and wasn’t really drenched in that much liquid like I would have thought it would have. I personally thought it was going to be absolutely drenched in liquid like the cloth face masks you can buy. I was lightly dampened more like a makeup wipe or baby wipe.

This wipe was actually surprisingly good. I had just cleaned my makeup off to use this, I thought my face was clean and completely makeup free. Wrong. When using the exfoliating wipe it cleaned up makeup that I didn’t even know was on my face. The exfoliating side did feel rough and a little aggressive while using it but saying that it did make my skin feel extra clean afterwards. I was a little worried with the exfoliating side, that it would dry out my skin but after giving my skin a wipe with the smooth side it did feel a bit more refreshed. I did this at night so when I woke up the next day I definitely saw a significant difference in my skin, it looked a lot clearer and the skin tone was a lot more even. This sample I was a bit hesitant to use at first but after giving it a whirl I am pleasantly surprised with the results. I was so happy that I’m actually looking at buying more of these wipes to bring into my night routine.

GO-TO: Fancy Face

I have seen this brand kicking around and have been tempted to give it a go. So this was something I thought would be perfect to try. Its and oil cleanser that “Replenish and moisturise your skin while you remove your makeup”. Perfect. I mean really you couldn’t ask for more. Ive never been really big on using oil on your face and Ive tried a lot of oil cleaners, even using coconut oil on my face (DON’T DO IT) Ive never been a big fan of it. But I’m open to trying an oil cleanser if it does do wonders.

Using oil to clean my face felt weird, it really felt like I had put cooking oil on my face. But I do use a serum to moisturise my skin and that has a consistency of oil but it doesn’t do anything negative to my skin. It did washout ok with wiping my face towel my skin didn’t feel particularly clean afterwards and strongly enough using this oil (it felt heavy on my face) that it didn’t hydrate my skin it actually did the opposite the next day I had patches on my cheeks dry as fuck. I did look up reviews on this product and saw a lot of people were praising it with the odd negative comment here and there – I honestly thought the positive would out weight the negative. I was pretty disappointed with this oil it didn’t do a bloody thing to help my skin it actually made it a lot worse.

CLINIQUE: Moisture Surge

Clinique is a brand that Ive tried here and there, Ive found some of the products alright but I never really think to go for them unless they literally are handed to me for I get a sample. Another reason I don’t really go for Clinique is the fact that its my mums favourite indulgence brand. The lady just isn’t into big brands like her bougie spawn. So this moisturiser is supposed to hydrate the skin for up to 72 hours and make the skin look plump and delay swell as hydrated.

I used this after using the Go-To oil cleanser fiasco. I figured this would be worth a try to see if it could repair the dry patches on my cheeks. I used this for about 4 days and a small amount goes a long way out of that small tube. The first day I thought that the moisturiser had a bit of a plastic smell to it but I’m guessing it just could have been from the lid or something because the next day it didn’t have the scent. After two days my dry patches were completely gone and after 4 days my skin just felt hydrated and smooth.The moisturiser itself is a bit of a gel texture than a cream and putting it on it didn’t feel too heavy on my skin as if its going to care a massive breakout. I was really pleasantly surprised with this moisturiser, my skin felt great in such a short amount of time and I would only apply it to my face in the morning after I cleaned my face.


With body lotions I tend to stock up on different ones. I never stick with the same one and never use anything else, certain lotions for particular moods. I have been using a few different ones lately so adding another one to my collection wouldn’t be the worst thing. Kai moisturiser is a lightweight lotion that’s fast drying and hydrating.

I did look up reviews beforehand just to do a bit of research. A lot of positive reviews and everyone was raving about the scent. When opening up the sample I was greeted with the strong smell. I don’t mind body lotions having a scent to them, it feels like I’m wearing a faint perfume. But this wasn’t something that appealed to me in the sniff department. It had a citrus scent to it but not a tropical sweet scent as described in reviews. Moving on from the smell. Using the lotion, it wasn’t greasy or oily and really did dry quickly. I did love how soft my skin felt with this but I just couldn’t get past the smell I’m not sure if it was just me or I had a funky smelling sample. Overall this was good apart from the smell.

Aaaaand there we go more samples tested out some were winners some were not. Not going to lie Im starting to scratch at the walls being stuck in my house with only being able to leave unless its essential or wishing 5km of my home. But we do what we have to do to get through this. Im just having a miserable feeling sorry for myself week, a bit of chocolate should help my situation.

IM OUT!!!!!

Nothing Says Congratulations like a Face Mask

With spawn the second I had a lot of my friends send through gifts for me as well for the baby. This of course was a pleasant surprise to get presents for me – felt like my birthday. Knowing me so well, the girls gifted me a handful of skin care products (along with a few bottles of wine). I now have a selection of face masks to give a whirl!

A’KIN Australian Tea Tree Oil Detoxifying Face Sheet Mask

I didn’t select any of these masks in any real particular order it was just grab what I could and hope that it would bring life back into my face. So the mask claimed to combat impurities, hydrate, nourish and basically give me overall clearer healthier skin. SOLD! With a sheet mask it was a clean mask, by that I mean all I had to do was slap it on and carry on with my day not having to worry about making any mess with my face mask.

This mask was really straight forward with using: Just apply mask to freshly clean dry skin, leave on for 10-15 minutes, remove mask and massage the remaining serum into skin.

I had my mask on for 10 minutes, in that time I managed to make that time fly (changing a shitty baby takes up time). Once I removed the mask my skin felt so hydrated and it looked refreshed. I did have some small zits on my face, they didn’t go away completely but they did lose the redness. The zits were over shadowed by my skins glow it just looked way healthier. After wearing the mask I did have some slight redness on my forehead but it did go down after a few minutes. The serum soaked into my skin quickly afterI removed the mask and I didn’t feel oily or dry to the point that I felt I needed to put any extra moisturiser on. The next day my dry patches returned they didn’t feel as scaly as before but I still had dry spots (fucking hormones).

SKIN REPUBLIC Wild Purifying Charcoal and Green Tea Panda Face Mask Sheet

This mask made me laugh because its one of those printed masks. It was a sheet mask that was cut out and printed like a panda, it even had the ears. These type of masks are cute in theory, I mean if you had a flat round face they would look cute on your face. But with all the contours of your face it makes the whole mask look like a thing from nightmares. I thought it was weird it had ears on the top, really where was the ears supposed to go? In your hair?

To use this mask; just apply to dry clean skin, wear for 15-20 minutes and remove mask without rinsing then rub the remaining serum into skin.

With this mask it did make my skin look ok but I felt the results only lasted an hour or two and it kind of went back to my dry patchy skin. The results weren’t spectacular that I felt like it make my skin look amazing. Although I did cleanse my face before hand this did make my skin feel like I had a super clean, it felt like it had just that little extra clean. So my skin felt cleaner but it didn’t look really any different, the panda mask was great at scaring my dog when I walked out of the bathroom (that dogs seen some shit and THIS terrified her). It says that in order to get amazing results it’s best to the mask twice a week for the first month. I wouldn’t want to buy this multiple times a months in order to get results if I didn’t get some sort of small results the first go.

PATCHOLOGY Moodmask Just Let it Glow

This mask I have seen a number of times at MECCA in the last minute buy section. We all know what I’m talking about, the area where you line up for the register and they have heaps of items strategically placed there so while your waiting to be served you might pick up a few extra items. I admit I do like the colours on the packaging and I really don’t know why I never thought to try it before considering I see it virtually every time I’m in store. So reading the back of the package this mask seemed like it was made for a parent with a newborn as it was “Perfect for all nighter affected skin”, Makes me wonder if this was bought on purpose or just a co-incidence.

For this mask just apply to face (make sure it’s unfolded otherwise it won’t stick) leave in for 10 minutes, then remove and rub in remaining serum into skin. Make note with this mask (and any other sheet mask) make sure you remember it’s on when answering the door for deliveries, poor delivery guy got a shock of his life.

This mask had a light scent to it which I loved, it wasn’t to overpowering. The mask was so refreshing to wear while I was binge watching. I didn’t have any redness after the 15minutes were up (some masks have a habit of doing that) and my skin felt hydrated and refreshed afterwards. It definitely had a glow and when rubbing the serum in afterwards it made me wish I hadn’t tossed the packet in the bin otherwise Id try to hold onto the serum for the next few days. I was happy with how my skin looked after this the overall tone of it looked significantly better and due to the last few days of no sleep and living off of coffee and sugar to keep me awake this helped make me look like a human. I would like to buy this mask again for those weekends I just want to pamper myself.

MECCA COSMETICA Bright Eyed Eye Mask

Along with a selection of sheet masks I also received some skin care items, one of which was this eye mask. Ive used MECCA Cosmetica products before Ive used the lips mask and thought it was great for hydrating my lips, so I was hoping this would work well. The eye mask was just what I needed I was so tired one day because we had one of the coldest nights and it caused the baby to be super restless so I spent a lot of time awake holding her trying to keep her warm ( our heater decided to play up). So I was looking delightful with my lack of sleep eyes. To start off my day I thought I would try this eye mask while chugging down my coffee and absolutely grateful no one would see me in my current state.

So according to the MECCA website “This gold-flecked hydrogel mask is designed to hydrate, brighten, lift and reduce the appearance of puffiness under the eye. In 15 minutes, under eye darkness, swelling and fine lines will be reduced and the delicate skin will be perfectly prepped for makeup. “

I’ve used my fair share of hydrating/de puffing/ firming eyepatches in my time so using these weren’t to weird for me. I know some people who have tried patches tend to dislike having them so close to the eye. When pulling them out of the packaging I noticed the clear patches also had a bit of glitter in the patches. I know it’s just for decoration but I thought it was cute I can look a bit sparkly and fabulous while working on my skin. The patches started off with a positive note, they placed nice and easy on my face and didn’t feel like they were sliding off of my face. Some eye patches are too wet and tend to slide down if your sitting upright, these sat perfectly on my face and I was able to move around and carry on with other things (queen of multi tasking). Apart from the patches touching my hair occasionally when I turned my head, I couldn’t really tell the patches were on and the 15 minutes just flew.

When removing the eye mask I honestly didn’t expect a lot because I was too far past looking haggard that 10 of these masks and a wizard would have to make me look like a million dollars. But saying that removing it my under eye area did look brighter and a lot less puffy. It didn’t make me look like a person who has had the proper amount of rest but it did make me look less like a creature of the undead. I would say this mask would do wonders if I had a better nights sleep so I would like to try this again how great the results would be after a good night sleep.

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

I have never heard of this brand before or where my friend bought this from. When I looked on the back I saw it was written in another language mostly (later found out Korean) with a small amount written in english. I remember years and years ago I tried some type of pimple patches and I honestly found them a bit average. I remember they weren’t too common and they didn’t do anything but give me red marks where the patch was, so that experience from then did make me worried Id have the same experience with these. So after a bit of searching online I did find a site that sells them (as well as Amazon) and the directions are as follows:

”Wash and dry the targeted area you want to treat. Don’t apply any skin treatments or moisturisers between the patch and your skin.Choose a patch in the appropriate size to do the job and stick it on the treatment area. Leave it on overnight.Remove the patch in the morning and you’ll find that it may have turned white as it absorbs the impurities from the area. “

So with these patches I had one small sheet of spots in multiple sizes that are made spot treat pimples, acne and acnes scars. I had a pimple on my forehead and one on my cheek to try these bad boys out on. I put these on at 6am and pulled it off at 9pm, I did see a significant change in the pimples. They had gone down in size and looked like they were drying up and by the next day gone. I actually completely forgot that they were on my face, they only time that I realised they were on my face was that right when I was scratching my face and scratched one of the spots off. I do like these for the odd spots that make an appearance. I will save these spots for the pimples that are big, nasty and no amount of makeup seems to be able to cover.

I will say these masks were a great treat for me with my lack of sleep and hormones still a bit mental. My skin was a bit scaley , just by looking at it you’d think it looked fine (apart from being pale and my black under- eyes) but the feeling it had wasn’t the best. These were great for a little pamper session to make me feel a little more human.