Now I will say this I am one hairy bitch! I don’t understand why with my background, I don’t have any medical condition that causes me to be hairy but for some reason I am. It pisses me off, especially in summer. I’d say the worst part is my armpits, I swear sometimes I have … More ZAP!!!!

Nails at Home

I don’t know why but lately I’ve just wanted to have nice long nails. Maybe I’ve officially lost my mind and decided that I need my nails done, even though well before lockdowns begin getting my nails done was a really rare occurrence. I mean rare! The last time I got my nails done was … More Nails at Home


So the one downfall to having pink in my hair is the fact it washes out more and more overtime I wash it. I don’t mind it washing out because it washes out so nicely giving me a different shade of pink after each wash. Although I would like the pink just to stay longer, … More MORE PINK!