Time to NAIL IT!!

So with being at home non stop for many weeks, I’ve been on a constant cleaning mission and haven’t bothered painting my nails. I just didn’t want to paint them then clean the floor only to chip them then crack the shits because my nails looked like crap. So I avoided painting them. It wasn’t until recently for my spawns 5th birthday I purchased her some nail polish nail wraps because she loves to have her nails filled up. I went on a bit of a search for decent nail wrap that looked like nail polish, was for kids and lasted. I came across PERSONAIL, an Australian based nail wraps online store that’s sold adult and kids nail wraps.

So I know nail wraps aren’t new at all I actually used to wear them years ago, but Ive noticed that they are starting to be harder and harder to find. So anyhoo I bought the spawn the wraps and they were a hit with her! They had some unicorn design available which was perfect for her. They only lasted a day with her though, not due to the poor quality or anything like that but due to the fact she thought she had to remove them for some reason. But I did want to buy some for myself. In the store they have plain colours, glitter and pattern wraps so really suited for all types of looks. I bought two plain colours to try just because Im not trying to go all out glam here. With the delivery obviously mail still is a bit unpredictable due to good old corona but it was only by a few days, so not too bad. So in the pack you get 16 nail wraps/strips, cuticle pusher, nail file and instructions on how to apply on the back.


  1. Start off with clean, dry nails. Buff nail surface with buffer then select appropriate sticker size.
  2. Remove clear protective layer, hold silver panel and peel away from back paper.
  3. Position sticker on nail holding the silver tab.
  4. Press firmly to smooth over nail surface. File downwards to remove excess.
  5. YOU’RE DONE!!!!
  6. OPTIONAL: apply a clear top coat for longer lasting results.

Applying these was really easy and I was pretty happy with the fact I managed to match up each sticker to the right nail. I will say though that when it came to filing the wrap it didn’t give it an entirely clan finish but fortunately for me I did have to trim my nails as well so I used the nail clippers to trim down the wrap for the clean finish I wanted.

So this post was originally meant to be posted last week but did have a week of feeling like crap due to the end of my pregnancy (kid wants to be a super asshole since it’s the last week before my due date). Needless to say this is a bit late, sorry about that. Anyway these nail wraps are good as a quick nail makeover with no mess. Putting the layer of clear nail polish did help make me put my mind at ease with worrying my nail polish would chip or peel off (I always add clear on top when I paint my nails). So these do last, I’ve worn them and done everything as per usual: cleaning, crafts, regularly shaving in anticipation for pushing out a baby etc. I didn’t have any chips or the wraps peeling at at. Although these are meant to last 10 days I would really want to keep them on that long, its a lot like when you have acrylic/gel nails that after a while they start to look a little manky and weird with the nails growing. I did keep these on for a week and then removed them only because I could see the nail had grown and it just kept weirding me out.

I have purchased more of these for when I want to pamper myself or I am trying to make something of myself. So with the price of these sure it does cost $18 AUD, but they do last and honestly I have spend more on getting my nails done at a salon only for it to have gone to shit by the next day. So these nail wraps NAILED IT! (what is wrong with me). Of course If added the link below for you all to check out.


IM OUT!!!!!

Trying out ALL of my Samples – Take 4

Trying out samples again whaaaaat. Yes another week another bunch of samples to give a try. Originally I was going to post this a bit later but what was going to be tried this week has been delayed in the mail so that has been postponed. Anyway like Ive mentioned a few times there will be many many posts with me trying out my samples, but hopefully they will be a bit more spaced out.

LIVING PROOF: Perfect Hair Day Weightless Mask

Living Proof has been a brand Ive wanted to try for a while now but was too paranoid to buy. Thank god I got this sample. I was a bit worried about spending money on a hair product that could mess up my hair. Ive heard mixed things from people and the people have said good things generally don’t have hair thats as high maintenance compared to mine. So this sample first off is a pretty decent sized samples its almost a travel sized treatment. Fortunately for me having short hair it worked out to be just the right amount to put on my hair to see if it worked.

So it was nice an easy and I didn’t have to put the mask in for some ridiculous amount of time. Im sorry but I hate when I get hair masks that you put in your wet hair and have to leave in for 30 minutes – hour. Honestly the only one that I am fine with leaving in for a long period of time is Olaplaex because I know the longer I leave it in the better the results. So with this mask you put it through your hair right after washing and leave it in for up to 5 minutes. I was fine with that because it happen to be a cold morning and I didn’t want to get out of the warm toasty shower. The product covered my hair fine and didn’t have a disgusting chemical smell to it. After the 5 minutes were up I rinsed my hair and dried it.

So as far as this treatment goes it was pretty good. My hair did feel a lot more smooth, hydrated and I didn’t have any flyways. It looked like I had been to the hairdressers and had a little treatment done. I did like how I didn’t need to straighten my hair in order to see any real results I just blow dried it and I could tell. When my hair has reached the healthy level I want it to get I will buy this treatment and possibly try out some of the other products they have to offer.

EVE LOM : Time Retreat

This brand I had absolutely no idea about, I had never seen it or heard of it. If this is your favourite brand sorry I had never heard of it. So looking at this vile of serum I don’t know what it is about it but it reminded me of my mums collection of perfume samples she kept in the fridge back in the 90s. So I was thinking “oh god I’m putting that crap on my face” – I seriously don’t know why it came to mind and got stuck in my head but I just pushed through it.

So for a small amount of product it did go a long way I actually used this over a few days morning and night. So I used this serum after cleaning my face like I said both in the AM and PM. Serums I find are tricky with me(like moisturisers) when they are applied and they either don’t seem to dry and soak into the skin. So you feel oily for most of the day and look it too. This serum I did like how it didn’t apply greasy to my skin and felt light weight. It also soaked in very quickly but not to the point that it felt like I was literally wearing nothing and my skin felt just as dry as it did before.

So according to the product description this serum gives you ” More radiant, hydrated and glowing skin with this sublime essence, formulated with nine hyper-active, anti-aging ingredients.” Ok so whenever I see anything that says anti ageing or along the lines of that it makes me laugh a bit because I have tried so many products that will apparently make me look youthful and Ive come to realise the only thing that worked for me was BOTOX. Not saying that they don’t work for people they just have never worked for me. But anyway with this serum I woke up the next day and my skins overall appearance looked significantly better with me looking less like I peeled myself from the gutter after a massive night out. My skin feels softer and hydrated and you can tell by looking at it, part of me wants to put on makeup because it would just sit so well but the other part of me just can’t be fucked. I did look up this product just to see if maybe I could add it to my skin care routine. Probably not its $152 AUD from MECCA and my skincare routine is already fairly expensive as it is (I have a problem).


This was another brand I wasn’t really familiar with, maybe its a newer brand to the store I’m not sure. So first of all this mask sample didn’t have any instructions at all on the back on what you needed to do, which I thought was strange because your promoting this mask and you don’t have the instructions on what to do. So I did have to look it up on the MECCA site. So what this mask does is “Designed to leave your complexion feeling soft and hydrated, this powerful face mask contains extracts of aloe vera and chamomile to supply intensive moisture and calm the skin” . So I managed to get some information that could have been on it swell as what to do.

So what I had to do was apply mask after cleansing face and leave for 10-15 minutes then wash off. The mask was a creamy texture it looked a lot like I was applying moisturiser or sunscreen to my face. As I was applying it to my face my face started to sting/burn. I mean I hadn’t even finished applying it to my whole face and this was happening! I did let it sit for a bit and the sting/burning sensation did calm down. I didn’t keep it on for the whole 10 minutes I had originally planned I actually removed it close to 5minutes. Fortunately my face didn’t go red and blotchy from the mask and it did feel smoother and the few baby zits I had on my face had reduced in size. So it was a win.

Would I ever buy this mask? Im not too sure. I didn’t like the fact this mask did react to my skin the way it ddi when applying, as happy I was with the results though I didn’t like the fact its burnt at some point. I did look up reviews of this product and found that a few other women/ men also had the same issue as me but in some cases did end up with blotchy skin or breakouts afterwards. Im not saying don’t try this out, remember everyones skin is different and reacts differently to products. But I’m still on the fence about this.

So there we go kids another samples testing adventure. Like I did mention this post wasn’t originally for this week but due to mail delays it was pushed forward. Thats why there isn’t too may samples tested out. Don’t worry June will have me trying out plenty more of my samples.

IM OUT!!!!

Trying out ALL of my Samples – Take 3

Well here we are again!!! Giving more samples a whirl. I told you guys there would be more, I have delivered. Out of all honesty I will never be done presenting my many many samples I keep buying beauty products online so there will be endless samples. So lets do this thing!!!

BARE MINERALS: Lashtopia Mascara

So I’ve tried Bare Minerals products before and it’s always been a bit of a mixed result for me. So I absolutely love the serum they have, it’s actually apart of my daily routine. But I have tried some makeup/ skincare that didn’t sit well with me so I was a bit skeptical with this mascara. It could go either way.

So I did try this with a full face of makeup, at the moment I want any excuse to rock a full face of makeup. When pulling the wand out I found that there was so much product on it and it was pretty chunky. I did scrape the product a bit off the want to apply it and I found that it was pretty weird when applying because I knew there was a lot of product on the wand still it felt like this was a bit difficult to put on. As if it was black gel that needed a few goes to get the colour on the lashes. I felt this went from super chunky to nothing really. I found that for a brand name mascara it felt pretty cheap as if I bought a no name brand from one of those sketchy $2.

When I finally got the mascara on the end result wasn’t too spectacular. The only way to describe it is it looked like one of those two step mascaras that give you big lashes. You know the ones with a gel you put on first then you use a microfibre one on the second to make your lashes look big and long (apparently) but it just looks like a chunky mess. I didn’t want to give this a second chance to be honest as soon as I was done I threw the sample out. It is a little disappointing because some of the Bare minerals products are actually really good. Im not fully condemning this product as if I do happen to get a sample again Ill give it a try just in case I had happened to get a dud sample. But the sample I did get hasn’t made me want to run out and buy the full sized item.

TARTE: Quench Hydrating Primer

So with my experience with Tarte Ive found that pretty much every product that I have tried so far is pretty good. I always am willing to give new things a go with this brand. This sample actually came with another sample which was some foundation that I already own so I just wanted to try the primer in this case. Im actually looking for a new primer so this was the perfect opportunity.

So putting this on its smelt alright it wasn’t overly scented which was good because Ive tried some primers that had a funky smell to them and it kind of put me off a little. After I applied and was getting ready to put my foundation on my face started to lightly burn. Sorry thats the only way I can really describe it. It wasn’t painful that it made my skin break out and go red or have to immediately wash it off of my face. Id say it was more like an “OH OK AHH WHATS THIS” moment. I wasn’t in any discomfort so I just put on my foundation to see if the feeling would disappear or if it didn’t wipe that shit off. As soon as I put makeup on it did go away which I figured it could just be the primer or my skin just getting a little shock from a new primer since I have been using the same one for a while now.

Apart from the tingling/ slight burning feeling the primer soaked in quickly and was very easy to apply. As for my makeup I did like how well it kept it in place and I was pretty impressed with everything working well with it and how smooth my skin looked. As for the hydrating aspect of this primer I will say it held up its end of the bargain and my sin was hydrated throughout the busy day of walking around the house and the hectic lifestyle of walking from my bed to my home office. I was impressed with this, but like I mentioned Tarte to me haven’t really done any wrong (yet) when it comes to me trying out their products. I will buy a travel size of this primer before I commit to the full size only to make sure 100% that it does work well with my skin. Fingers crossed.

GLOW RECIPE: Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

Im not going to lie here guys this sample reeled me in purely because of the cute watermelon packaging. I have heard of this brand but stupid me hasn’t really done too much research into the product…….UNTIL NOW!!! I looked online and the price it isn’t too bad for a jar of this mask its $35 – $72 depending on the size you get. It is a bit more in price but after just using the sample I found that a little bit of this stuff goes a long way. With looking at the reviews swell the price does work out to be decent because the product can last a while.

So anyway back to the sample,I was a bit worried about using a sleeping mask since Ive never really used one before. Probably the closest Ive been I a drying solution on pimples, but thats not my whole face its literally on the pimple and it dries really really quickly. So I was worried this wouldn’t dry and Id have pretty much most of the mask on my pillow and sheets or Id have to sleep a certain way to keep it on my face. Lets face it the position I’m in right now (person with alien creature inside me) my sleeping positions are very limited. But I just went for it, after washing and toning my face I put the mask on and it was a lot like a clear gel. I was expecting a more creamy mixture (thank god it wasn’t). Putting on the mask was no mess at all and it dried really quickly, not to mention it smelled so fucking amazing!

So I went to sleep with the dry mask on, honestly you’d have thought it was moisturiser/serum. In the morning when I woke up and washed my face, holy crap! I thought I was done with my search for the perfect face mask, I was wrong. My skin was so smooth and looked significantly better – it almost had a glow to it. Lucky for me I did have leftovers, which I kept to try the next night. So I gave it a second go and yep this mask was amazing with how my skin looked and felt the next day. It made me really feel myself with how great my skin looked, I mean it really took my skin to a new level. I’ve had these kind of little lumps under my skin like little zits that won’t budge and this mask smoothed them out. I will warn you that when you wake up you might notice random dry spots on your face, don’t freak out it’s the mask.

So there are many many samples Im getting through right now so you will see more posts like this. I don’t honestly know why I have never done this before, trying out samples that is. I mean I sometimes on the odd occasion try a sample here and there but Ive just mainly let them pile up in my bathroom with the “One day I’ll try this out” approach. Sure I have some hits and some misses with these samples but honestly thats all the fun of it. Stay tuned for more samples testing kids and if you want to check out my previous samples adventures Ive included the links below.

IM OUT!!!!!

Trying out ALL of my Samples – Take 2

Trying out ALL of my Samples

Cutting My Own Fringe

Well self isolation has finally got to me. I finally did something really dumb. NO I didn’t start posting TIKTOK videos. I gave myself a quarantine haircut. Correction a fringe haircut – sorry as entertaining as it may be of me no doubt fucking up my hair with a pair of scissors I just stuck to the fringe. So with staying at home for well over a month has been a bit of a struggle. No not staying at home itself, put I ddi that pretty much any way before all this shit went down- with he exception of leaving to go shopping, exercise and see people every now and then. No staying at home non stop has not been a struggle……..being at home heavily pregnant, sober and with a 4 year old that you’d think lives on sugar and caffeine with her endless energy. Thats the struggle! So anyway I did notice a few weeks ago in photos my hair looking a bit questionable with my fringe getting a little out of control, it needed a trim.

I actually was due for a colour and cut the few days before everything closed down. But with the Australian Government not making up their minds about hair salons, one day they have to close the other 30 minute sessions only the next, I decided it would be best just to not get my hair done. It many was a decision for my health too last thing I wanted was to get sick because of my vanity and getting a haircut/colour. My hair at the moment I like to say is Ombre/Balyage, so people thing my look is intentional. So I thought Id trim my fringe myself because worst case scenario will be it looks crap and I can just pin it back until it grows a bit more decent length or sweep it to the side. Either way I just had to know if it would work.



So hair is freshly washed. I didn’t dry it because it would have been even more difficult for me to cut. I have naturally sheepy hair – it fuzzy like sheep wool. I parted my hair the way I normally do and brushed forward my fringe.



So I started by sectioning off my hair to try avoid having any traumatic fuckup. Good god I need to tint my brows looking at this photo. I know this isn’t really the technical way hairdressers do it, well none that have done my hair in the past but I have to do what would feel easier for me.



WHOA BUNG EYES!!! What the fuck is going on with my eyes. So I did the first snip and it was a little long because I have seen to many online fails when girls get too excited and cut of wayyyy too much hair in one go. I did cut this section a bit blunt but that was just the first snip the next few I did was with the scissors facing upwards so it wasn’t to blunt.



By this point my fringe started to dry from the heater so I did a little straighten to try to see if it would still make it manageable to cut. See its not blunt and more blended, I did make the side sections go longer gradually. Part of me wishes I was going through the Goth/Emo/Punk stage and just hack at my hair and call it a day. This was still a bit too long so I did have to trim more off.



I thought I cut off way more than I did and it STILL was too long!! I was so paranoid about fucking this up that I gave myself the longest fringe. I kinda look like in from the wrong decade here……maybe belongs in the 70s. OK time to stop being a wimp and trim this properly so I can you know, see. I did end up leaving it here because overtime I got close to cutting I panicked.



Okie dokie. So after leaving my fringe as it was and trying to convince myself it didn’t need to go any shorter, I lost it one day while trying to clean and gave bit the old snip. This time I didn’t wimp out. Well at first I did a little and the results looked like the early 2000 fringe. You know the one that was just over your eyes, blunt and straightened flat. Yeah it looked shit so I pressed on and straightened the final product. I did end up kind of making it a side fringe after a bit of contemplation it did look like a child. Yes Im looking away in the photo apparently thats how you make photos look artsy.

So this wasn’t a total fail. My fringe is somewhat presentable. If any professionals are reading this and cringing Im sorry we are in times where we gotta do what we gotta do. Just be grateful I haven’t bought out the bleach to freshen up the colour – oh god that would be a hilarious fail though. People who bleach their hair at home have a high high change of fucking it up and providing the world with a very entertaining video to watch (they always capture their fuckup on camera) . Anyhoo part of me is tempted to cut the rest of my hair since I saw a Youtube tutorial showing how to do it yourself – damn you! Brad Mondo your making me feel too confident I can’t screw up my hair.


Four Year Old Gives Me a Makeover

So being stuck in the house with my 4 year old housemate is becoming challenging when it comes to keeping her amused. We read, draw bake (so much baking), watch movies, play with toys, the list goes on. But like me we both need something to break up the days you know like leaving the house to get away from each other. So right now we are both feeling like contestants in BIG BROTHER. Isolated, irritated with each other and given daily tasks to be completed. The only issue is I can’t vote her out of the house…….well I can but it would be frowned upon. So anyway I thought why not give her a new creative project, one that she will without a doubt enjoy (I most likely will regret).

I will let her give me a makeover…..

Now with this I will let her have free range over my hair and makeup products (apart from anything that will burn her- like my electric hair tools). But she will be able to do as she pleases to my hair and face. Oh did I mention she will be using ALL of my makeup and hair products, NOT the shit stuff I don’t care if it gets ruined all of it. So she can just go nuts and be as nice or as mean as she wants. But before I get onto the makeover I’ll share a little info about my hair and makeup artist….

MEET MORGAN (the spawn)

This little lady is 4 (5 on the 21st) loves makeup and all things glam. She will tell you if you look fabulous or not. She’s brutal. She loves all things Disney and loves to bake. If you tell her not to wear a tutu/dress/shirt expect a retaliation.

Make Over Time!!!

So I tried to make her life a little easier with my hair by brushing and straightening it, because its a fuzzy mess when left unattended. All she did was push it back a bit then goes “lovely” nothing else. This service provided false advertising with both hair and makeup being done. So she began my delightful makeup look. She picked out the colours for me and we worked from there, she did use a mixture of her fingers and a paint brush to apply the makeup so that was interesting. So here is my play by play of my makeover…

I’d say my final look was very cat-fight-chick, the look women like to rock on the day where they want to look like they have been punching on with someone. This was an experience and made me look like mother of the year to her, finally letting her jam makeup on my face. I would have liked a bit of foundation or concealer on my facet but nope she just wanted to give me the sparkle. I did rock this the whole day so the husband did get a shock when he got home that night. On YELP this makeup artist gets 5 stars for customer service but 3 stars for technique only because she was stabbing my eye balls throughout. This was just a little fun and she enjoyed doing something nice for me in preparation for Mothers Day which is creeping up. She’s been talking about it non stop because she witnessed what was bought online for me and so badly wants to tell me.

IM OUT!!!!

5 Days Full Glam!!

Ok being stuck at home, with the spawn and pregnant has not been kind to me. I very much resemble a villainous witch in activewear daily with my new unkempt look. So in my own personal challenge to clean myself up and maybe see if a little glam helps my overall mood I decided to make sure everyday my hair is done (brushed and styled as if I was meeting friends out) and Im wearing a full face of makeup. I was going to throw in dressing up as well but thats too much work in this swollen body point of time. So just the makeup and hair for now. But doing this I threw in another challenge, since my spawn is so into makeup I will let her decide certain directions my look will be going e.g. eyeshadow and lip colour, glitter or no glitter. I may start looking like Ive entered a drag queen competition. Don’t worry Ill include photos. Enjoy……


Not a good start to this whole experiment. I had one of the worst sleeps ever and was in such a foul mood it was not pretty. So in my extremely grumpy state I managed to pull together my makeup. So the makeup look today was PINK that is all the spawn had said she wanted me to wear. She then proceeded to rummage through my makeup collection and hand me what she thought would work.

Again in my tired moody ass state I honestly didn’t do a good job with this look. I admit it, its not my finest makeup look. But it did make her happy when she saw me for the first time in a long time with makeup on. She stopped in the doorway gasped and said “mama you look like a beautiful princess”. I mean really as if that won’t put you in a better mood, my kid is savage and she will let you know if you look like trash. My hair on the other hand I was going for a little ballerina bun look to kind of make my pink eyelids look a little less like I’m a die hard Barbie fan but my hair wouldn’t co-operate today (I think it needs a wash) but I managed to put it together and make it show that I did put effort to my appearance today.

I do admit it was weird walking around the house with a face full of makeup but after a while I kind of forgot about it and went on with my day. I did however ditch the lipstick because I was just getting it all over the place when drinking my coffee and eating. I just didn’t want to keep re-applying because I would drink loads of water. Tomorrow I am hopeful will be a much better day and I will be hitting bed early tonight and washing my hair first thing tomorrow. Ive included both looks with and without lipstick AND even thrown in the brands I used.

Primer: TOO FACED Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, Face: NARS Natural Radiant longer Foundation, Concealer: COLOURPOP No Filter Concealer, Bronzer: TOO FACED Milk Chocolate, Highlighter: JEFREE STAR COSMETICS Skin Frost, Eyeshadows: COLOURPOP Chasing Rainbows Palette, Eyebrows: BENEFIT Precisely My Brow Pencil, Eye liner: KAT VON D Liquid eyeliner, Lips: JEFREE STAR COSMETICS Velour Liquid Lipstick, Mascara: TARTE Lights Camera Lashes , Setting Spray: URBAN DECAY All nighter Setting spray


Today was a bit better. I woke up in a good mood and after washing my hair I felt less like a sewer rat. Ok so the spawn really just picked the palette this morning, screamed NO LIPSTICK at me and walked off. So I did decide I wanted to kind of do a slightly “natural” look. If we could call it that, I mean really you can tell I have makeup on. More of the add a bit of colour and make me look like I’m not so washed out look. It was a very simple look and I wanted to put on the tinted moisturiser because out of honesty most of the time when Im catching up with friends during the day I tend to lean towards the tinted moisturiser instead of foundation (apart from it I have horrible skin that I need covered up) just because its lighter and I like to wear foundation if I’m going out for something a bit more formal like a date night/day or drinks, not just coffee with the girls. I ddi finish the look with a bit of lip balm but because I want to make sure I always have my lips hydrated I have different brand lip balms strategically placed around my house so I don’t have to go looking.

My hair because I let it dry naturally when I wash it ( not cold enough here to blow dry it) I let it go through the motions with drying. Once dry I gave it a bit of a quick straighten in patches because for once in my life it didn’t look too feral when it dried. It sat perfect and was super smooth when I touched it and with my hair and makeup combo I honestly was feeling myself today, I wasn’t overly cake faced with big hair but I felt I looked like Ive seen a bit of sun compared to my usual vampire look. Plus the way my fringe feel it kind of made me feel a bit like a cartoon bombshell all mysterious with one eye exposed (god I sound like a douche).

By the way I haven’t worn the same thing each day I actually bought 4 lose black gym tops from the COTTON ON maternity range (I really suspect these are just large workout tops they labeled as maternity) to wear from day to day because frankly I didn’t want to stretch out a lot of my clothes. Also I bought 2 maternity/ feeding jumpers and a pair of maternity leggings from proper maternity stores and they cost me over $400 all up!! So Ill just stick to the loose black tops that makes me look like Ive given up and wearing the same thing every day. At least when I no longer have the baby gut I can wear the tops to the gym because Im the person who wears daggy clothes to work out because I’m planning on sweating.

Primer: TOO FACED Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, Face: NARS pure radiant tinted moisturiser, Concealer: TOO FACED Born this way Natural radiant concealer, Contours and Highlighter: TARTE Hamptons weekender Contour Palette,Mascara: TARTE Lights Camera Lashes, Eyebrows: BENEFIT Precisely My Brow Pencil, Eyeshadow: TARTE Glam on the Go  eyeshadow Palette, Setting Spray: URBAN DECAY All Nighter setting spray


So being Saturday I thought I could go a bit out and pretend I’m headed out. Plus I was going online for a virtual trivia night. This Time the spawn picked out a red lipstick because she loved the red lipstick. She actually had to wear it as well to match me. So with wearing red lipstick I thought why not add in a bit of a more dramatic winged eyeliner. With the eyeshadow I honestly was battling back and forth with what colours to use. Part of me wanted to have a nice light pink look on my eyes but I ended up using more tans/browns only because with the winged eyeliner and lips I wanted to keep those the focus.

The wings I used an eyeliner stamp which I have all of the sizes to, it basically an eyeliner with one end that looks like a marker and the other the shape of the wing. Stamp your eyelid with the wing and fill in the rest with the other end. Below is the link from my post about Quick Flick eyeliner.


My Hair I just kept nice and straight but looking at the photo below I bloody wish I put something in it to smooth it down afterwards, I mean my god FLY AWAYS! But Having my hair straight did feel good that I could run my fingers through it all day and not worry about it too much. I am a bit shattered I can’t get it done at the hairdressers at present. I mean I technically can they are allowing hair salons to still run but I honestly didn’t want to risk it so I can just tell everyone Im going for the ombre/ Balyage look (honestly someone tell me the difference).

This so far has been pretty good when it comes to making me feel motivated to putting a bit of extra effort to how I look. Plus I do feel a lot better about myself. Yeah it does feel weird putting effort to how I look at home but you know what if anyone of my friend or family want a FaceTime catchup with me……This bitch will look good.

Primer: TOO FACED Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, Face: COLOURPOP No Filter Foundation, Concealer: TOO FACED Born this way Natural radiant concealer, Contours and Highlighter: TARTE Hamptons weekender Contour Palette, Eyeliner: QUICK FLICK Eyeliner Stamp 12mm, Eyebrows: BENEFIT Precisely My Brow Pencil, Mascara: TARTE Lights Camera Lashes, Eyeshadow: MORPHE Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow Palette, Lipstick: STILLA Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, Setting Spray: URBAN DECAY All Nighter setting spray


Ok todays look is bought to you by me hiding from my family and dry shampoo. So I think today I just needed a break from them, so I did end up chilling in the bathroom for a bit of time with a cup of tea. As much as I love my little one, I really do. She has a little issue called DOESN’T SHUT UP. Now I do love talking with her and joking around, BUT she does have this habit when she literally cannot stop talking and I mean she cannot. From 5am til the time she goes to sleep at night she will not stop talking. The conversation doesn’t even have to be with her I could be talking to my husband about work and she will stroll in and talk over us. Before any mums come at me first of all we address this with her regularly we don’t let it slide and second of all for all those parents whose children happen to be delayed Im not trying to throw any offence at you (I only say this because one I complained my kid wouldn’t shut up and a mother of a delayed child screamed my ear off). I get that you want your little one to be talking non stop BUT do you like when you are working or say even trying to eat lunch and you have a person telling a story that doesn’t have and ending or a story where big chunks of it is “Hey mum did you go to to to to to to to to”. It can be a bit mentally challenging at times. Right now Im exactly the meme of a mum pouring a glass of wine and her child telling an endless story.

So anyway I needed a little time to hide out just for the sake of my sanity. So she had no say in my appearance today. Because I honestly can’t commit to washing my hair I am trying to see how long I could go with just using dry shampoo. With dry shampoo becoming apart of me now I figured why the hell not curl my hair since apparently the curls stay intact longer in dirty hair. So I gave myself some hair straightener curls today, I was originally going to pull out my hair curling wand but I just wanted to keep it quick with the hair straightener. Does anyone else start to regret their decision to curl their hair half way through? So the curls went in with no issues and yep they stuck all day, but saying that my hairs texture is the type that can hold curls really really well. I mean back when I had my wedding hair trial the hair stayed in tact for 2 days afterwards and it survived my Hens (Bachelorette) sleep and steam from the shower. A little gross though.

So with today I did start with my hair first, I did have a completely different idea on how I wanted to do my makeup but I kind of bailed and saw the purple eyeshadow and thought to myself yeah why the hell not! Ill say this inspiration comes from my love of Tim Burton films. I did throw in some pinkie/purple sparkles to try not make me look totally like Im rocking a gothic look ( reckon I could easy) but this was fun. Im not really a person who goes for purple eyeshadow but yeah it wasn’t too bad. I do wish that when taking the photo with my phone that the lighting didn’t correct itself because its made the eyeshadow look a lot lighter than it actually was. It almost looks pink but I can tell you it was purple. You get the gist. I did finish it with a tightly tinted lip gloss that from what I see in the bottle has a bit of glitter but I didn’t really see any when putting it on.

After my little time alone I emerged from the bathroom to my family looking like a human and full of coffee. I felt way better that time away and really I think they were glad that I was in a good mood to carry on with the day. Really sometimes you just need a little space in your bathroom with a coffee and some makeup to make you less of an asshole and to mentally reload.

Primer: TOO FACED Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, Face: COLOURPOP No Filter Foundation, Concealer: COLOURPOP No Filter Concealer, Contours and Highlighter: TARTE Hamptons weekender Contour Palette, Eyeshadows: COLOURPOP Chasing Rainbows Palette, Eyebrows: BENEFIT Precisely My Brow Pencil, Lips: TARTE H20 Gloss , Mascara: TARTE Lights Camera Lashes , Setting Spray: URBAN DECAY All nighter Setting spray


The final day of this little experiment. Its also the day I am having a long awaited catch up with one of my friends. Well online that is. For months we have been trying to organise a coffee date together and we could have our kids play date but you know how it goes. Someones sick or something comes up so shit happened and time got away from us. We actually had planned to catch up on a specific date but then the stage 3 restrictions kicked in and that went out the window so its good old FaceTime and coffee.

So I decided to go for Peach eyeshadows from my peach mattes palette. I only got this idea from Instagram with how a few brands are bringing out peach themed products. The spawn agreed the peach palette was the way to go because it was her favourite…….all makeup is her favourite. Any way I thought a nice peachy colour to my eyes with a small winged eye would brighten up my face a bit. With it I did add my peach lip gloss I thought it would be something subtle to wear and it also wouldn’t smudge or come off while on my coffee date.

With my hair I tried to do a kind of messy low bun like I’ve seen on Pinterest but sadly for me my hair isn’t the length the models had and it did prove to be a bit difficult. The one thing Ive noticed over these last few days is I don’t think growing my fringe out is the best idea. Because I have such a big ass forehead it just dent look good I look like I’ve got a receding hairline or its really greasy even when its washed. I think I may have to give it a trim ( most likely post what happens) just to make me feel less like a balding weirdo. Thats my husbands role in the household. My hair up looked presentable and I would have no doubt worn it out in public. it just looks a lot like a style Id rock when working out.

Primer: TOO FACED Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, Face: NARS pure radiant tinted moisturiser, Concealer: TOO FACED Born this way Natural radiant concealer, Contours and Highlighter: TARTE Hamptons weekender Contour Palette,Mascara: TARTE Lights Camera Lashes, Eyeliner: QUICK FLICK Eyeliner Stamp 8mm, Eyebrows: BENEFIT Precisely My Brow Pencil, Eyeshadow: TOO FACED Peachy Mattes Palette, Setting Spray: URBAN DECAY All Nighter setting spray, Lips: TOO FACED Sweet Peach creamy Peach Gel Lipgloss.

So this wasn’t what I had originally planned to be posted this week but I thought it will be a little fun and different. Plus it got to give me a chance to be a little vain which is always entertaining to watch. Yes my makeup isn’t perfect and neither is my hair but Im not a professional I’m just a woman who managed to slap some makeup on her face to feel a bit pretty. Hope you enjoyed this and maybe it inspired you to maybe try doing it yourself just for a bit of fun and maybe a way to get you out of a funk.


Trying out ALL of my Samples – Take 2

TAKE 2!!! Here we go. This has actually been a little fun to finally actually try out these samples that have been taking up so much space in my bathroom. Im having a good clean out and broadening my mind when it comes to makeup, skincare and hair care. But yes I thought Id put this sample adventure on a back to back weeks since I did spend a lot of time trying these over a 2-3 weeks. I still do have a lot of other samples but I might put out a third one later on down the track. Enjoy……..

GLAM GLOW: Waterburst Hydrated Glow Moisturiser

Glam Glow has always been a brand that I have wanted to try. From their masks to their moisturisers I’ve always been curious to try them out. I originally wanted to try them out when my skin when to total shit about a year and half ago but what stopped me was I was getting a lot of negative reviews from people. Some were ranting on how it made their skin worse than it was in the first place while others said it was a total rip off and you could get the same results with products that cost a lot less. While I do agree Glam Glow can get a bit pricey, BUT generally Ive found a lot of skin care product do cost more if you want results (this is coming from a person who pays $50+ on face wash because its the only one that works for my skin).

But since I had a sample I could get my own personal opinion on one of their products. I mean really at the moment if this does react badly on my face and causes me to break out worse than any teenager its not the end of the world, I can just blame pregnancy hormones (using pregnancy as an excuse as much as I can). So anyhoo this moisturiser apparently quenches, plumps and replenish the skin. So after my normal morning washing of the face, I added the moisturiser instead of my usual product. It did smell nice and felt pretty light weight when applied to the skin. I didn’t feel too oily when it was on, although it didn’t quite feel like it had soaked into my skin as quickly as I’m used to with a lot of the other moisturisers that I use. Other than that it honestly wasn’t too bad. My skin was hydrated through the day and a little bit did go a long way so I was able to use it another day to just see how it would go. My skin didn’t break out and it did look nice and smooth. I didn’t look like the creature from the black lagoon.

As far as this goes I could get this moisturiser if my normal product or backup product was not available. But I am very much stuck in my ways at the moment that I probably won’t rush out to replace my normal moisturisers for now.

GO-TO: Very Useful Face Cream

I am going to be completely honest here, I have never heard of this brand. I got it in with one of my purchases and I remember looking at the sample and thinking to myself “what the fuck is this” because really I didn’t know anything about the brand nor had I seen anything from this brand before. To all of the people that use this or know the brand and are reading this going “my god you are are moron” Im sorry, this has never appeared on my radar.

So anyway I tried this one morning after cleaning my face and when I opened the sample it did have a pleasant scent to it. When I put it out on my hands it was a thick cream that kind of reminded me of sunscreen. With applying it to my face it also felt a lot like sunscreen – in the sense that I felt like I did have a layer on my face for hours and it didn’t really soak in. I did apply sparingly because of the feel from the cream it felt like a little bit could go a long way. My face was smooth which was obviously good but all I could really feel was greasy. It ddi seriously remind me of sunscreen or one of those really really cheap moisturisers you can get out of the supermarket.

I gave this the benefit of the doubt because I do tend to use serums and when you first put them on your face can feel bit oily (but it soaks in). But anyway I was going to try this the next day to just see if it was just the consistency I wasn’t used to, BUT i was greeted the next morning by two master zits on my face. Now these zits are my usual tell tale signs when my skin does agree with a product, whether its skin care or makeup. I always get these bit ass red zits on my left cheek. They are the type of pimple thats not ready to pop they just look like I have some sort of gross sores on my face that no concealer is able to cover it – not even shape tape! So yes this didn’t go down well with my face and I didn’t bother trying to give it a second chance just tossed the sample.

SOL JANEIRO: Brazilian Joia Strengthening and Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner

Ok so this brand I used their Bum Bum Moisturiser daily. Its the one body moisturiser that I have religiously stuck to using day in day out. I haven’t tried the shampoo and conditioner yet because whenever I went to buy it in store for some reason I couldn’t find it at all. But I got a sample to this is a good little bit of fun. I also like using the samples for hair because its the only time in my life I actually use the recommended amount of product. Usually its just me going nuts with product in my hair.

Ok so when opening the shampoo it smelt so much like my moisturiser – which I wasn’t mad at. I love the smell. So washing my hair with the sample it did go a long way I’ll give it that but after I rinsed the shampoo out my hair felt a little dry. Which did concern me because all I thought was “oh shit did this do something to my hair”. I did have a little stress out but I didn’t want to completely freak out because I hadn’t conditioned it yet. The conditioner didn’t have much smell to it compared to the shampoo but it was good that a small amount went a long way. It felt ok when I rinsed the conditioner out. It didn’t feel AMAZING like my hair had been reborn and was baby smooth. It didn’t feel disgusting.

After letting it air dry and putting heat protector in I straightened my hair. Because when my hair dries naturally or with a blow dryer it resembles an electrocuted sheep. Im never really able to get a proper idea on how my hair looks until I’ve at least straightened or styled it (I inherited hair from my mums side – their hair is a like wool). After I straightened it I could see a difference. My hair was smooth and all of the fly waves had gone down significantly, it was shiny. I basically was in one of those situations when people go “have you had you hair done it looks good” and you turn around and say “nope just washed it”. It was that good. I am thinking about maybe getting this down the track but unfortunately before trying this out I did order some new shampoo to try out ( Ill most likely share that experience) so there might be a little wait. These were good, give them a go and definitely try out their other products OH THEY ARE SO GOOD!!

Might I add that my hair is short so these samples were perfect for my hair but if you have longer, thicker hair trying out samples for your hair might not be the best way to go.

Of course there are many many more samples I have stashed away but I’ll give my skin a bit of a rest for now. I really don’t want to get into an argument with my hair/skin at this point in time with being isolated in the house. My daughter and I are staying home for some time to avoid getting the virus. Its too risky with both of us having a history of getting horribly sick and with all of the idiots that are still not following the simple instructions that the government has introduced I don’t want to risk it. Out of all honesty this is the last time I will talk about that virus, this whole situation stresses me out and angered me that people are being so fucking dumb with it. So from now on I won’t mention it in any posts because really we all need an escape. I went a bit too serious there sorry about that.

IM OUT!!!!

Trying out ALL of my Samples

Since being stuck at home pretty much most of the time now, Ive being having a bit of a clean out with a few items around the house just to try keep my sanity. No I don’t have the Coronavirus (neither does my family) BUT we are trying to stay home as much as physically possible because the way the world has gone with everyone panic buying and basically become absolute fuckwits, I just can’t deal with it. So anyway I thought I would go through all of my samples from Sephora and Mecca to try clear out some items in my bathroom cupboard because I realised I have a lot!

I honestly hold onto these samples as a way to go “oh I might want to try that out some day” and it ends up just sitting there for months. Is anyone else a samples hoarder? Yeah I have a problem. So anyway over a few days Im hanging up my usual beauty routine and using nothing but my samples to try and get a feel if they are worth buying. This will most likely end up being a two or three parter because I really do have a lot of samples, but enjoy.

KAT VON D: Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick , Tattoo Liner & Lock It Translucent Setting Powder

These I had received apart of my birthday gift from Sephora this year and I have to say I have never owned any Kat Von D makeup products ever. I honestly haven’t ever looked at her makeup in store or online either. Im Guessing because I never really see items that really intrigue me, Im not sure. So this will be interesting. I do like the fact that this sample (apart from the lipstick) is kind of travel sized so if it turns out to be something I like I could keep it in my handbag for touch ups while out. I am trying these not trying to say there shit because I am a big Jefree Star Cosmetics fan and I know they had a fall out and drama. I like makeup based on if it delivers not the drama behind it.


I didn’t mind this little eyeliner at all. It did the job and dint look like i barely had any product in it – some liquid eyeliners in pen form I find can be dryish like there isn’t enough product inside and you have to go over a few times to make it actually look black. This was good went on smooth was able to do my standard wing eyeliner and it didn’t smudge. I will keep this little bad boy for when I’m out and about and need a touch up. It won’t take up any room in my bag, even the small ones so this was a pleasant surprise.


Applying these lipstick samples I used a brush, which Ive done in the past with other samples. Im not sure if it was that Ive moved more to liquid lipsticks, but I found these to be a little chalky or a bit drying. The colours were beautiful all matched my skin and added a bit of extra drama to my look. At a distance they looked great but as people got closer to me the could tell it wasn’t really as good as it looked initially.


Did like this setting powder it didn’t make my makeup look cake afterwards and some do. It was really lightweight which I liked.I like my makeup to not feel like cake face or that i have to stand a certain way because one slight move and anyone in my vicinity has part of my makeup on them. Another item I can keep in my bag for touch ups.

PETER THOMAS ROTH: Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

I’ve heard of Peter Thomas Roth products before but I’ve never tried them. I also don’t know anyone who has actually used any products so I didn’t really have a lot to go off of for recommendations. So I was going into this blindly. Opening the tiny pack I had a little sniff of it, of course if its got pumpkin in the name I’m expecting it to have the sweet pumpkin scent. It did. I opened it up and it smelt AMAZING!!! Seriously it had a scent that if someone was wearing it Id follow them because it was such a delightful smell. So the mask itself felt similar to one of the sugar scrub masks from FRESH that I tried a few weeks ago and loved so I thought it would be the same results.

With direction its as follows:

  • Apply thin layer to face
  • Gently massage in circular motion with wet fingertips to polish
  • Leave on for 3-7 minutes depending on skin sensitivity
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Use 1 or 2 times a week

So I followed the instructions was feeling confident. But when it came to leaving it on I barely made it to a minute my skin was on fire! After doing a bit of an exfoliation with the product I began to feel like my skin was burning and I had to instantly wash my face because it was really unbearable. After washing it off my skin calmed down almost instantly and I didn’t look like I was in a chemical explosion. Despite the skin irritation when using it as soon as I dried my face my skin actually felt good. I didn’t feel like it was dry and I needed moisturiser right after (I actually didn’t end up putting any on). My skin did look improved and my few zits had gone down significantly.

This whole situation has left me a little confused with my overall opinion. So since I do have a number of these masks samples I will give this mask a go BUT I’ll wait until after I have spawn 2. Only because the reason why my skin could have had such a stinging feel to it was down to the fact my skin itself might be a lot more sensitive than I initially thought due to pregnancy. So I will try it again later on so stay tuned in a couple on months. But as far as my impressions are so far; it smells great and the results are fantastic its just I don’t want to have to feel like Im setting my face on fire to have good skin.

TOO FACED: Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer and Setting Spray

Ive never used this spray but I do use the cream primer all the time its my go-to in primers. My skin always feels great when applying it and it smells great. I do love Too Faced products, I used a lot of them but honestly Im not sure why I skipped out on this spray. Any way so I used this itty bitty sample as a setting spray (its a cute little spray bottle) after I had completed my makeup look. Its smelt similar to the primer cream but I found this spray to make my face spotty. I was honestly a bit disappointed because I have had a lot of luck with Too Faced products in the past (with the exception of one foundation) this setting spray made it feel and look like I just sprayed my face with water or something and went out.

Saying that though I did use this as a kind of refreshing spray through the day with kind of adding a bit of hydration and kind of waking my skin up. Which it did. I did do this makeup free and it really did do its job. For this spray if I was to buy it I would say Id use it just as a skin refresher if my skins feeling a bit dry or just want to add that little extra moisture. I do like the small size so it will stay in my handbag for those days I’m makeup free. As far as it goes for a setting spray, its a no from me. It could have been the spray bottle shot out too much all at once but I honestly felt it just wasn’t as good as it could be.

FRESH : Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash

Fresh, the products that if I ever become a millionaire I would buy every week. After trying those face masks earlier this year, I couldn’t get them out of my head how well my skin responded to all of the products and how amazing it felt afterwards. Strangely enough whenever I look online at the Sephora website at Fresh products this one always is one of the first to pop up. So I have to try this it wants me to try it out!

Directions for use:

  • Use more water for less exfoliation, or lightly wet your face and leave it on for 3-5 minutes for deeper cleaning.
  • Rinse with warm water

As expected this face wash did not disappoint me at all. It smelt delicious. I seriously have a problem here guys I may one day try to eat skin care products if they keep smelling this good (good god Ive lost my mind). When putting it on my skin I started using a small amount but as I kept going I literally made sure I got every little drop out of that little sample I mean the more I massaged it into my skin the more I wanted. As soon as I rinsed it off my skin glowed (not due to pregnancy – I don’t glow I look like a swamp monster) it looked so good after only one wash. Imagine if I used it daily. Skin was smooth and it looked a lot more even in tone. I am weighting up on buying this because I already spend a shit tonne on skincare products at the moment, but I am moving towards “TREAT YO SELF”.

I think thats all for now folks, don’t worry I have PLENTY more samples to give a whirl. Like I predicted this will be a bit of a two or three parter situation. This is what happens when the world goes insane I try out all of the samples I have in my house just to keep my sanity. So yes stay tuned for part two.

IM OUT!!!!

Colourpop Lippie Bundle

With the cool weather coming up I wanted to jump on top of my lip care. Last year I ended up with peeling lips that looked like I constantly had leftover food chunks on my lips, delicious. So this year I decided to jump on it early and after a little shopping on the Colourpop website I decided to try out the lip scrub and lip balm to see if my lips look and feel amazing.

While looking in the lip section of the site they did include lip balms and scrubs sold separately, but I wanted to just get the kit. For the cheap price why the fuck not! I ended up buying the Peach Bellini flavour, party because I do love the smell of peach. Nothing to do with the fact I couldn’t enjoy a cocktail. Being as it came from the states it didn’t take too long to arrive – always surprise when things front he US comes quicker than things from within Australia. I do always love Colourpop products, they’re one of my go to brands. The packaging was simple but cute and I was really keen to give this a go.

It turned out to be a perfect week when testing these out since the weather had started to cool off, then shot back up to warm weather again the change and the exposure to fans and air con made my lips a bit crusty. Great to try out in anticipation for the colder months. The scrub itself had a faint scent to it, not overly powerful which I was expecting. It had a sweet scent to it, wouldn’t say it smelt like peach to be honest but I honestly wasn’t to fussed. In the morning I used the scrub (after washing my face) and honestly I had to fight every urge to lick my lips it really felt like I had eaten a sugar covered jam doughnut and my face was covered in sugar (well just my mouth). After a bit of scrubbing on my lips I removed the residue with a towel and water dried my lips and applied the lip balm.

The lip balm was again not overly scented but again I didn’t want the scent too powerful. If I wanted an overly scented lip balm I might has well gone and got lip smackers. Those use to be my thing in high school, god they smelt so good – probably did dick to keep my lips nice but they were the shit to have in your bag. Now the one thing I was worried about with the balm was the fact it was kind of a gel and not a standard twist up balm (like a chapstick). In my experience I’ve found a lot of gel like balms are super sticky and don’t really do anything other than make a mess and cause your hair to stick to your mouth. This did surprise me it was pretty smooth putting it on and I didn’t feel like I had a layer of glue on my face. My lips were of course a little shiny at first but after a short time I didn’t even remember it was on my face. My lips feel so amazing and I’m actually looking at stocking up on a supply for lip balms (coronavirus is making everyone stock up on toilet paper – Im stocking up on lip balms, priorities right there).

These were a great little kit to help keep my lips looking great and feeling soft and Hydrated. The only thing is they didn’t really have any instructions on what to do with the kit, I did have a little search on how to use the scrub. Yes I know it should be straight forward but I wanted to double check I did it correctly, I mean honestly they put instructions in tampon packets and its really a no brainer. But anyway the kit was great on my lips I did notice an improvement almost instantly and I have been using the lip balm daily. Again I do like how the balm isn’t sticky or messy at all I feel like its actually hydrating my lips instead of what a lot of others do and make a shiny base on your lips. As always Ive attached a link to the Colourpop website for you to check out their amazing selection of products.



Mermaids got nothing on me!

In one of my late night internet adventures for hair products I came across a number of hair tools that could wave your hair to give you a “Mermaid Look”. Don’t get me wrong the waves did look pretty impressive but as I started to look at the actual tool I realised, it wasn’t something cutting edge in fact I was something I had actually used in high school! I used to have a waver similar to this one. Obviously it was a bit more suited to the earlier 2000’s (yes I’m old- apparently) but in comparison the barrels were a lot smaller than this one so they looked like they were smaller waves – a less sharper step up from crimping that looked a little obvious it wasn’t naturally wavy. This new one on the other hand has a much larger barrel so the waves can be made to look a bit more natural. So obviously I had to buy this, I mean come on! Beach waves with little effort to make HELL YEAH.

So with this whole “Mermaid Look” being so popular I did have a number of different brands to chose from (all pretty much the same product though). I did end up getting the Bondi Boost wave wand. This was $84.95AUD which was pretty much around the price of the other brands I saw, but this one had a heat protectant glove and a heat protector spray included. I’m all about the extra shit. This took about a week and a bit to arrive only because it was purchased around public holidays and with the bushfires it’s expected to take a while. Which I was totally fine with its pretty understandable.

So when this arrived I straight away took it for a test drive. Obviously. It was very easy to use just put it on an wait to heat up. Before each time I waved a section of my hair I sprayed it with the heat protector spray to make sure that my blonde hair didn’t cook and get more damaged (struggles of being blonde). The spray itself was light and didn’t have an over powering scent to it and it didn’t make my hair go stiff like so so many have done to my hair. OFF TOPIC Has anyone else ever used a heat protector that seems an awful lot like a fucking hair spray? I have gone through so many and I tell you what I have a select few that I still hold are hair sprays with heat protector slapped onto the can because my god they make my hair feel stiff as shit and look so much like straw.

BACK ON TOPIC so the heat protector was pretty good. The heat protector glove i admit I was a little thrown by because I’ve honestly never thought to use one ever (despite the fact I always burn myself a tiny bit when using any heated tools) so it didn’t cross my mind to use it. For the first part of my hair. After a few burns on my hand I thought I might give it a whirl to see if it helps stop me from, you know burning myself. I must say I don’t know why I never thought to use one, it helped so much and I wasn’t randomly loudly grunting profanities from the bathroom from burning my hands.

The overall process waving my hair was pretty quick and I didn’t find that I had a “shit section” of my hair that I needed to redo. It all was nice and even and I liked how quickly it was done. I did text this out with my natural wavy/fuzzy hair first and it still came out looking nice and neat. I did try out straightening my hair first then waving it and found it did like that a little more- only because of the texture of my hair (curse my blonde hair and sheep wool hair genetics) if you straighten it first it tends to sit less poof like when waved or curled. It really depends from person to person how you do it.

With the waver I do like it as something to change up my hair when Im going for something in between curls and straight hair. I would say this would be perfect for those days when I want to put a little effort to my appearance but don’t want to spend too much time dedicated to looking less like a heap of trash. I was pretty happy with the heat protector spray, it didn’t dry out my hair or make it stiff like some brands tend to do – I actually use it for when I straighten my hair as well now (since I’m out of my usual GDH spray). This was a great find and of course Ive included the websites link below for you to check out. They have a number of beauty products and bundles available that all look great to try out.

IM OUT!!!!