Finding the Perfect Face Mask…..TAKE 3

2020 HERE WE ARE! Ready to find the perfect face mask. These masks came to my attention after getting them as a Christmas gift. So I thought I could give them a go and give my honest opinion. Due to the fact that these were gifts I don’t have the price because, well I don’t want to know how much someone spent on me. So I have 3 masks all from the Fresh Mini Marvels Gift Set . I have always been curious to try Fresh skincare products, but the price has always thrown me a bit. No one I know has used the products so I didn’t really know whether they were worth the money or not. These are available at Sephora if you want to take a look.

FRESH – Rose Face Mask

This was the first mask that I had tried out. The Rose Face Mask “Is infused with real rose petals and hydrates and tones”. First of all I love the smell of rose I find its usually a scent that translates well to skin care products (obviously with some exceptions), but it is a pleasant scent and always makes you feel refreshed afterwards. So what you do with this mask is apply it to your freshly cleansed damp skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes then rinses off. This mask is more of a gel texture which isn’t to bad when it comes to applying it to the skin. With it on it stays on the skin and because it has a slight yellow tone you do look a bit jaundice but don’t worry it doesn’t stain the skin.

While wearing the mask it did make my face feel a bit warm after a while, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. When I removed the mask my skin was a little red but it faded really quickly and my skin felt smooth, refreshed and over all it looked a lot better. It was a great mask to use before I put my make up on, it sat beautifully. This was a great mask, it hydrated my skin and made it look a lot brighter. The fact that its that gentle for your skin and you can use it pretty much everyday is a bonus.

FRESH – Sugar Face Polish

Oh! This smelt so good I wanted to eat it! ” A 2 in 1 face mask and scrub the refines, buffs and hydrates with real brown sugar and strawberry seeds for smooth, radiant skin”. This mask caught me by surprise, I always get a little worried when using something like this on my skin from the fear it would dry it out. But using it daily in the shower after washing my face it just adds that little extra freshness to my skin. Just simply apply it to damp skin massage then leave it for a few minutes (while you wash the rest of your body) then rinse. I don’t use this everyday but maybe every second or third day – partly because I’m lazy. I feel like this mask refreshes and hydrates my skin and it does almost make me feel like I don’t have to use moisturiser after using it (of course I still do). I found this mask was great for days I wore sunscreen or makeup because it along with my face wash helped stop me from breaking out and add that little extra clean skin after.

FRESH – Umbrian Clay Purifying Face Mask

The final mask of the kit. Now I kept this last for a reason, because when I opened it the smell didn’t really smell ummm inviting. It didn’t make me want to put it on my face. It kind of reminded me of paint and something else I couldn’t quite figure out. After having the person who gave me the gift inspect it and confirm that it was perfectly fine to use I went on with trying it out. Saying that though me masks scent its over powerful that its unpleasant to use, it was just a funky smell. So this mask “A mineral-rich clay mask for all skin types that deeply cleanses and minimises pores and shine without over-drying or clogging pores”. Sounds like my skins getting a make over.

Putting it on, it wasn’t too messy to apply obviously I applied with my hands but it was easy to wash off. I did this at night after cleaning my face, applied it to dry skin and left it for 5 minutes. After I washed it off I dint see a drastic change in my skins appearance. It felt super clean, not to bad. The next morning, I woke up and my skin looked AMAZING. I had a few spots (yay hormones!) on my face and they had lost their redness and reduced significantly in appearance I didn’t feel like I needed to wear makeup to make me look a bit more presentable – and less like a crack whore. I had found it my holy grail! I did find out afterwards that I can use this mask for spot treatment. So when a pesky zit pops up I can just blob a dot on top of it, leave it for 5 minutes and wash it off to reduce the redness and size.

All of these masks I found were great in their own little way. It does re-asure me that if I buy the full sized pots I won’t be wasting my money. I will say the clay mask is my favourite for removing impurities in my skin so I will be definitely be buying that again. It will come in handy for those times my skin is starting to turn to trash. Below are links to my previous face mask adventures. Check them out!

IM OUT!!!!

Finding the Perfect Face mask

Finding that Perfect Face Mask Take 2

Waxing the INSIDE of my nose

I’ve come across these nostril waxing kits for a while now and never thought to use them. Partly because my nose hair isn’t out of control and never been a real issue. WEL I do trip my nose hairs a bit because when I put makeup on sometimes you can see them- it basically just looks like I’ve got makeup coloured booger’s. But my husband on the other hand his getting older and hairier (everywhere except his head) so his been wanting to give these a go for a while to try neaten himself up. Naturally with anything beauty related he had to take me along on his journey.


So we purchased the NADS NOSE WAX – FOR MEN AND WOMEN from Chemist Warehouse to give this a go. When opening up the kit the wax pot itself seemed small, I thought with the box size the wax pot would be bigger. But hey we are only using the wax for the inside of our noses. So yes the pack included a instructions (defiantly read), small pot of wax, 4 x waxing sticks, 2 x Ice pole sticks to stir the wax, 2 x anti bacterial wipes, 2 x post wax wipes and these two moustache paper stickers. The moustache paper, originally I thought it was something stupid to put into the pack for the customers. But I actually found out these are for putting over existing moustaches to protect them from getting wax on the upper lip and taking out some of the moustache. Random side note: does anyone else say MOO-STARSH in their head when they read the work moustache?

What to do….

  • Heat up the wax, obviously. Make sure you follow the instructions. Because I had a full tub I put the wax on for 2 minutes – I did have to put it on a little longer because my microwave dint seem to heat it up too much. Just keep in mind its not supposed to be super liquidy as you would have it for say a leg wax.
  • Use the anti bacterial wipes to wipe the inside of your nose (get those boogers out)
  • Use one of the white waxing sticks and dip just the round tip in (minds out of the gutter please) . Do a little twist action to make sure the wax is on the knob (no penis comments)
  • Put the stick up your nose and make sure the collar of the stick is outside the nostril. Don’t move the stick once it’s up your nose.
  • If your brave enough you can do both side at the same time but I was being a whimp and had to do one at a time.
  • Let the wax cool inside of your nostril (at least 60 seconds as the instructions say) but not any longer than 2 minutes
  • Once ready to remove hold tightly onto the stick and yank that fucker out as hard and quickly as you can. Jump around a bit to pump yourself up.
  • Once nose is hair free. Examine the hairs on the stick like it’s a science experiment (optional)
  • Use post wax wipes to remove any excess wax on the surface of the nose

I think the pain with this was more the anticipation to yanking the wax stick out rather than the actual waxing pain. Don’t get me wrong it did hurt a bit but it wasn’t so unbearably horrible that it would stop me from doing it again. Remember if you do want to try this that different people have different pain thresholds. Yes I would do this again it definitely is one of those beauty treatments that no one notices but the person that’s getting them. But I did like how I felt less hairy and like an old man once I waxed my nose hairs. I did also like the fact that I didn’t have any visual “bats in the cave” situations once it was done. I will be putting this in my regular beauty regime (obviously once the hairs grow back).


Finding that Perfect Face Mask….TAKE 2

Here we are again, trying on face masks. LETS DO THIS! I will try two masks that I have been recommended to try out. So if one or both of these masks butcher my skin I’ll be minus some friends. What I’m looking for is a mask that actually does what it says it can do eg clear skin or hydrate skin so it can be my go to mask for those times I want to sit back and give myself a little pampering. With a glass of wine (bottle). This time I am trying out a clay mask and a sheet mask to see which one would be best for me.

MARIO BADESCU – Rose Hips Mask


$31.00 (56g Jar) or $37.00  (14g Jar included in the Rose Essentials Set) 


I actually bought this apart of a skincare set to try out when I had a horrible breakout from dirty brushes. Let that be a lesson , WASH YOUR MAKEUP TOOLS REGULARLY! This one was very highly recommended (actually all of the products were) for me to give a try. This is a kind of clay mask ( sorry not sure the proper name to describe it). The whole kit it came with smelt really nice and refreshing – but Im just going to stick to about the mask. I’ll include a description below from the MECCA website.

“Give lacklustre skin a new lease on life with this radiance-boosting mask and reveal your most luminous complexion yet. Powered by brightening vitamin C, this revitalising mask is formulated with lemongrass extract, rose hip oil and rose hips extract to brighten, soften fine lines and wrinkles, minimise discolouration and refine pores ” – MECCA website description. 

So the mask is very straight forward to using all you do is put the mask on dry skin and leave it for 15-20 minutes, then wash it off with warm water. I did this mask with my weekly hair mask (pampering session all the way). It slowly dries on your face so your face slowly gets a bit stiff. The  ask is a little messy when applying and when its wet on your face – so best to use a headband to keep your hair out of your face. Washing the mask off wasn’t to bad, I did have to use a cloth to make sure I got the mask off thought. It did simply come off with warm running water.

After using the mask my face was a little red but it did eventually go down. It is recommended you use this mask 2-3 times a week. So I have been trying this over a few weeks and and can say it has improved my skins overall appearance after each use. The only thing is that the real results usually appear the next day. I do like this mask BUT it is a little messy when applying and I can’t really relax with it on because I feel like Id get the mask to my clothes.

16 BRAND – Juicy Mask Pack Strawberry and Banana



This mask my friend had raved on about and said her skin felt so hydrated looked great afterwards – plus it was super cheap! Ive seen these masks in Mecca many times, there’re located at the last minute impulse buys section right near the counter. You all know where Im talking about. The spot were you wait in line to be served but there are mini items that you think “ohhhh should it buy this as well” because they are slightly cheaper. Well I got it. This mask doesn’t have a lot of writing on the packaging (well in english), the instructions were in english and so were the ingredients but not much else. I was kind of hoping for a little blurb about what this mask can do, so I had to refer to the Mecca website;

Harnessing the rejuvenating properties of bananas and strawberries, this nourishing sheet mask evens out skin tone and texture for a radiant and healthy looking complexion. The natural and powerful addition of paprika, carrot and cabbage extracts energize and create a long lasting brightening effect on your skin.” – MECCA. 

Well lets dive in! I had done this mask at night right before bed because I knew my face would be washed and it be good to help unwind. So with what you have to do for this mask is put it on after you have cleansed your face and leave it on for 10-20 minutes. Once the time is up remove the mask and pat in the excess umm mask juice. The mask did a great job, I went to sleep with the mask residue on and it really just felt like I was wearing a night serum which was ok. When I woke up the next day my skin felt so hydrated and fresh and the overall tone looked improved. It looked as if I was the vision of perfect health. The mask I thought was really relaxing to wear, it didn’t slip off my face while wearing it. The only thing that I will say about the mask that I was a bit disappointed with was the scent. I was expecting a bit more of a scent to the mask. It did have a slight strawberry cream scent but it was very faint. Im guessing if the scent was a bit more powerful it could have been a bit sickening after a while.

I liked this mask it was defiantly value for money. My skin did feel good afterwards and the masks residue didn’t feel too sticky and gross afterwards. Like I mentioned it felt as if I put serum on my skin and it was just soaking in.

Overall with these masks Im pretty happy with the results. My face didn’t burn off. So my friends haven’t been ghosted. I did do a little research and obviously other countries don’t have a MECCA, the Mario Basedcu products are available in ULTA or Sephora and the 16 Brand mask are only available online that I could find other than in store at MECCA. I will continue to try out more masks, I am happy with both of these but I always up to see if there is any that can be better. 


Getting Eyebrows

Alright so I’ve always had fair eyebrows. The only time I would colour them in in the past was when I had darker hair and I wanted my eyebrows to kind of match my hair. But over the last few years my eyebrows have gotten lighter as if my eyebrows have gone grey. So I’ve been colouring them in for a while now. Its been alright doing it everyday, but at times I just want to look like I actually have eyebrows (not patchy ones) when I wake up. So I decided to tint my brows myself at home….YEP!! Brace yourself this may be a absolutely  hilarious fail.


So above is a photo of me make up free with no hair protection to cover up my eyebrows. Sorry if you have nightmares tonight (ahhh no makeup). As you can see my brows are patchy and look like I’ve just over plucked in sections- which of course I haven’t. I barely pluck my brows now, its not the early 2000’s when pencil thin eyebrows were in (Yes I’m ashamed to say I did rock that look at some point) but I do have a stray eyebrow hair I have to pluck. Yes One hair I regularly have to pluck because it happens to be over a scar from when my husband thought it be funny to put me in a head lock (don’t worry we were play fighting) and when he did my eyebrow hit his fly zipper and kind of dinted my eyebrow. Imagine trying to explain that to people without them thinking it was a sex injury. So obviously I still have eyebrows but a lot of sections look as it I’ve gone to town when plucking because the hair has gone so light.

So I decided to tint them myself. I would have gone to a professional but I thought it shouldn’t be that hard. Ive painted my brows on before with no dramas what could go wrong really. So I went to HAIRHOUSE WAREHOUSE and purchased a eyebrow/ lashes tint. Originally I was going to buy a darker blonde tone but the staff member advised that the colour would look less blonde and more red (which I didn’t want) so I went with a light brown tone. Mixing up the dye wasn’t that hard I just had to put one 2cm blob of colour in a bowl with 10 drops of developer and mix until it became a light paste. Now came for the time to put the mixture on my face. I used my eyeliner brush just because it was thin and I could build it up as I went and had less chances of getting dye all over my face. Quick side note: best to put vaseline on your face to avoid getting dye stains on spots you don’t want to. I was feeling adventurous and just painted it on my face.


After I put the dye on I left it for 10 minutes to develop. Just as I was about i wash it off I caught a look of myself in the mirror and my brows were so dark, I admit a little bit of me panicked. I didn’t want to look like I drew my brows on with a sharpie. But I washed the tint off with warm water and the colour went down to a light brown and looked perfect.


This was a win! Sorry if you were hoping for a fail. The colour wasn’t to intense and just looked as good as when I would colour them in first thing in the morning. The products I used was APRAISE PROFESSIONAL EYELASH AND EYEBROW TINT & DEVELOPER , I thought these were great and I spent around $29 for the two items. I will keep this up for a while with occasionally touching up my eyebrows with my Colourpop brown pencil in between. Sorry kids for my feral appearance obviously I couldn’t do this with a full face of makeup and didn’t want to rick colour in my hair.



Trying out Olaplex at home

My hair takes a beating. With the regular bleaching (professionals doing it not me) and straightening, It takes a lot. One thing I like to do is make sure that it stays somewhat healthy and not look like a pile of straw. Ive used a lot of hair masks that have kept my hair looking good and feeling healthy. But overtime Ive been to the hairdressers they have told me to get Olaplex to use at home to keep my hair in check.

Seriously at first I just thought it was them trying to plug a hair brand as an add on to your hair session. It wasn’t until my friend who is a hairdresser told me its not a load of bullshit and I should give it a go. Peer pressured. So I went and bought a bottle from (thats where I get most of my hair stuff if I don’t want to leave the house). It was $50! Yep $50 for a 100ml bottle. God damn! This shit better work. So I received the treatment after two days, not bad timing. So what this treatment does is: Strengthens and repairs hair,Restores health and texture, Maintain strength and integrity and Reduces breakage. So basically makes your hair look alive again.

How to use it……

(According to the back of the bottle instructions)

  1. Apply a generous amount to damp/towel dried hair, from the scalp to the ends.
  2. Comb through once and leave on for 10 or more minutes.
  3. Rinse thoroughly from hair, shampoo and condition.
  4. Can be used once a week or 2-3 times on compromised hair.

So fortunately I have had my haircut and don’t have as much hair to cover up. I was worried Id chew through the bottle in one go but luckily I got through 3 maybe a 4th ( i still have a bit in the bottle. God Im a stingy bitch. Ok so the results; well the first time I did feel a slight change in my hair with its overall feel, wasn’t too spectacular. The second and third time my hair I noticed improvement. Its fuzziness had gone down a signifiant amount and the feel was softer and smoother. This was really good for my hair after going to a lot of events were I had to style my hair a lot and do a lot of weird and wonderful things to it.

With this treatment, it was great it worked for my hair. I am happy that this worked (because spending $50 on something that doesn’t work ID BE PISSSED!), although the price does put me off a little only because $50 for a small bottle of product errrr. Obviously I’ve taken care of my hair so I don’t need to use it as frequently but it might be something I can use every so often to keep up the health of my hair between salon visits. Will be definitely taking this on my holiday in August since I know I will be bringing the glam then.



(with good hair)

Finding that Perfect Face Mask….

Im on a quest to find a face mask that actually does what it promises and I’m searching for a mask that I could use while on long haul flights since I have a few planned this year (don’t worry those adventures will be shared). The mask search has also come just in time for Mother’s Day, maybe a little extra to put in with mums gift.

YES TO – vitamin C Glow Boosting Paper Mask

$5.99 AU

Priceline Pharmacy

This mask I was a little nervous with trying out after reading the back mentioning a tingling effect. I was worried the tingling would feel a lot like burning as it’s happened before. So what I did was after I washed my face I put the mask on for 10 minutes. Remove and moisturise.

So opening the mask, the smell wasn’t to spectacular. I was expecting a kind of sweet scent- it smelt a lot like chemicals. Not a good smell. Lucky it wasn’t to strong so I could live with it. Putting it on was fairly easy and I didn’t rip the mask (I most likely would) and applying it to my face wasn’t to bad it stuck and didn’t move. It 2 minutes into putting on the mask my face started to get a tingling/ burning feeling. Not painful enough for me to worry about a layer of my face being burnt off. According to the packaging if it’s tingling that means it’s working. After the 10 minutes we’re up I removed the mask, my face felt sticky to touch and felt a lot like I was a bit sunburnt( but my face wasn’t hot to touch- if that makes sense). My skin was also a little red so I thought I’d judge how it looked the next morning….

THE NEXT MORNING…my skin lost the sticky feeling and did look brighter like the packaging had promised. But the results personally weren’t too spectacular to me, my skin didn’t feel smoother or softer and the results only really lasted a day – the next day it went back to normal . Im sorry but if i get any mask I want the results to last more than a day. Saying that this was a cheaper mask and you really get what you pay for.

GARNIER SKINCARE – Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask


$4.95AU (I paid $2.69 on Sale at Chemist Warehouse)

Priceline/ Chemist Warehouse/ Most Supermarkets (available at a lot of stores)

This mask I have seen around for a while now. In stores and a lot of “influencers”/ You tubers seem to use it (or sponsor it). I had to see what the hub bub was all about. Garner is an ok brand with skin care, Ive got it when I’m desperate and my back up brands are not available. So I was a bit unsure about how this would go. It of course wasn’t too expensive and when on really easy – there was some weird holes on the side I’m not sure if they were for your ears so you hook the mask around your ears but still they seemed odd. The mask was good I put the mask on left it on for 15minutes and it was done. Of course slightly sticky but after the product settled in it was fine.

I honestly was pleasantly surprised with this mask, my skin felt so hydrated and really refreshed and you could see the results days after. After I used it a few days later when I put makeup on (I don’t wear makeup everyday – Im a hot mess most days) I found that my makeup sat really nice on my skin and looked a lot brighter. This mask I probably will use again if my skins starting to go rat shit again and needs a little burst of life.

TATCHA – Luminous Dewy Skin Mask


$18.00 AU


This mask I was excited to try since I’ve heard so many people raving about TATCHA products and I’ve actually sampled a few and they were amazing! This mask was a bit pricey for one mask ($18). When opening the mask I did notice a lot of product in the packaging with the sheet mask, which I loved because of this mask was hydrating I would definitely use the leftover product over the next few days afterward. Opening up the sheet and putting it on was easy like the other masks, the smell was ok it really just smelt like face wash nothing really scented.

I put the mask on for 15minutes and once done removed it. At first my face was slightly sticky but after the product had dried on my face it had gone. This was a good mask my skin did few hydrated and smooth for days afterwards. It looked refreshed. I did like this mask don’t get me wrong my skin felt amazing and did exactly what it said it would do…BUT the only thing that’s a bit off putting is the price. It’s a bit much for just a sheet mask. But saying that it is from a High end skin brand so really it should be expected. This might be a splurge here or there if you feel like a pamper session or a great gift to go with making up a pamper pack.

Ive just scratched the surface in my quest for the perfect face mask. But here is a little start, if anyone has any recommendations shoot me some love and let me know which one floats your boat and I could try out. But Im determined to find this perfect mask.


IM OUT!!!!