Ooooo Bubblegum

Another Billsons flavour! This time its Grape Bubblegum (and Vodka). I tell you what I am struggling to find all of these new flavours at any of the Liquor Stores in my area. So apologies if these are a little behind. There are a few weird and wonderful flavours I am hanging to try out … More Ooooo Bubblegum

Watermelon Margi

It’s time to try another Margarita in a can friends. This time I am trying out the Jose Cuervo Watermelon Sparkling Margarita. Now if you don’t remember I actually tried out the regular Margi last year ( It kept Calling my Name)and it was amazing. The original was so good that it’s pretty much a … More Watermelon Margi

Just a Margi?

LETS TRY SOME MARGI’S!!! This year we are going to find the perfect cocktails in a can. I love cocktails, they are delicious and fun. But the big downside to them is the making part. I hate making a massive mess for my cocktail and being the neat freak I am I can’t enjoy it … More Just a Margi?

Boozy Candy Cane

Hell yes we are trying the Christmas themed Billsons. This flavour I received in the advent calendar (which I checked out every day to see what flavours I got). As it was my absolute delight getting this unique flavour in my calendar, I was going into this a bit wary on how the flavours would … More Boozy Candy Cane

Oooo Peachy

So last week I mentioned that I was looking for a specific drink and stumbled across the Captain Morgan Tropical. Well this was the drink I was originally looking for, the Billsons Peaches and Cream Vodka drink. Yes another Billsons. Seriously these guys keep bringing out more and more flavours and they all look amazing … More Oooo Peachy

Izzzz it any Good?

This drink has come up in my social media feed so much, it’s ridiculous! Obviously I had to try this out so why not now while the weather is getting better (well planning on getting better, I’m staying hopeful) and we are giving the winter blues the middle finger and preparing to kick back in … More Izzzz it any Good?