This is sad to admit but I only got interested in this brand because I saw a few empty cans laying out on a nature strip one morning while out for my walk (yep painting a fantastic picture of where I live). I saw the cans and saw the giant & on on the can. … More Annnnnd

Boxtail Hour

Hello friends, sorry there was no post last week. I’m currently still in lockdown and because of that mail is very delayed so things I planned on trying out have taken a lot longer to arrive and also I have had a few technical difficulties with my internet (since pretty much everyone in the state … More Boxtail Hour

This Calls for a Marg

Lately I’ve been really hankering for something a bit more on the lemon/lime flavours. After a few homemade lemon flavoured cocktails and a terrible Limoncello experience (I really need a good cocktail recipe for it) I realised the flavour I’m wanting is a margarita. I don’t know why but I’ve just been craving that bitch … More This Calls for a Marg

Hard Cold Brew

Recently while looking for another product at the liquor store, I came across this can thinking it was espresso martini in a can. Listen to me trying to sound fancy and all, let’s say how it is – I went to the bottle shop and came across something that caught my eye. When I stopped … More Hard Cold Brew

Just a little NOSH

I came across NOSH Boozy Seltzer came to my attention one late night on Instagram. To be honest what intrigued me was the cheeky description. It felt like it was made for me. Below is a description from the Nosh website: “Nosh is No Shit. There’s no shit in our drinks and we stand for … More Just a little NOSH

Smirnoff Seltzer

Now I’ve kind of avoided pre-mixed Smirnoff alcoholic beverages for a few years, not because I don’t like them don’t get me wrong they make good drinks. It’s because whenever I would see any pre-mix Smirnoff drink no matter what it was it would always remind me of my younger days going out on the … More Smirnoff Seltzer

Cheers Sweetie!!

So every year for Easter my husband and I try to give each other something other than a plain chocolate Easter egg . Usually the reason is because we have be eating chocolate like were on a mission to get diabetes the week before Easter and we start to feel a bit over it. Also … More Cheers Sweetie!!