Is it a Mojit-OH or a Mojit-NO?

I’m sorry for the weird tittle friends I woke up in a weird mood this morning and can’t shake the crazy so I’m forwarding it onto you. So here we are trying out another Ready to Drink Cocktail. LETS DO THIS!!! I will admit this has been out for a while, but I have been … More Is it a Mojit-OH or a Mojit-NO?

A Wet WHAT?!

Recently a blast from my past came back into my life. Back in the days when I would go out and hit the bars on a weekly basis my night wouldn’t be complete without a Wet Pussy Shot. I haven’t thought about this shot in years , until my sister in law bought out a … More A Wet WHAT?!

These are my PALS

These across one day in the liquor store. I was actually going in to get something else but there *WARNING KARENS* was two women with trolleys blocking the fridge talking where the item was and everytime I tried to ask to get through they would ignore me and when I gave up and tried to … More These are my PALS

Nitro Cocktails

I stumbled across these while looking for something else recently. It seems that’s how I discover new types of drinks and well pretty much anything. I’m looking for one thing then come across something completely different- but then forgets to keep looking for what I’m originally looking for. So its no secret I’ve been looking … More Nitro Cocktails


This is sad to admit but I only got interested in this brand because I saw a few empty cans laying out on a nature strip one morning while out for my walk (yep painting a fantastic picture of where I live). I saw the cans and saw the giant & on on the can. … More Annnnnd

Boxtail Hour

Hello friends, sorry there was no post last week. I’m currently still in lockdown and because of that mail is very delayed so things I planned on trying out have taken a lot longer to arrive and also I have had a few technical difficulties with my internet (since pretty much everyone in the state … More Boxtail Hour