Alcoholic Seltzer’s ABOUT TIME!

Years ago when I celebrated my 30th Birthday in Vegas I was introduced to the tasty world of alcoholic seltzers. It was just out of dumb luck I stumbled across one of these drinks when I was in a Walgreens with the husband trying to find a premixed drink to walk along the strip with since I needed a little break from one of the frozen cocktails everyone struts along with. I had also got to enjoy them last year on my little adventure to the states swell and had started to keep track of brands and flavours I had enjoyed. Which mad wit such even more when I found out I couldn’t get any of them in Australia!!! So I made it a mission to find some seltzers that I could make my new favourite drink. Now since Im getting older and have now lost my baby weight and want to keep it off Im trying out the seltzers and recording the alcohol content, how many standard drinks and how many calories are in each can.

I only got 4 different brands to try out for now so wish me luck!







Whoa this is a dangerous drink! It tasted like sparkling water with a hint of lime. It was pretty refreshing to drink I swear I could drink so many of these and not get sick of the taste. But because I couldn’t taste even a hint of alcohol I think if I downed these as if they were simply sparkling water I could end up passed out in the shower.







This one I think tasted a lot like a low calorie/ low sugar lime flavoured cider. It was delightful to drink, the lime wasn’t too overpowering that it tasted like someone went a bit crazy with the lime flavour. The only fault was this did feel like it gave me a fair few burps afterwards it felt very carbonated.







This when opening, smelt like a toilet air freshener. Thats the only way I can describe the scent. The taste wasn’t really any better, I really didn’t enjoy this it tasted off. It I brushed my teeth and drank a citrus drink afterwards







I was looking forward to this one, I like watermelon flavoured drinks they always taste so good. When I drank this the first sip kind of reminded me of a sour watermelon lolly, but not too sour that its disgusting. But when I went in for more sips I found it was very dry and after the can I really needed a lot of water.

This what a great start to finding an alcoholic seltzer to enjoy I’ve found a few more to try out. I hopefully will find a favourite by summer. Yes that would be perfect on a nice summer afternoon with my feet in the paddle pool stay tuned for round two.


We’re Such a GOOD PAIR

I came across GOOD PAIR DAYS a while ago while searching for a gift for a friend. I liked the idea of trying out different wines and moving away from my same old brands. So GOOD PAIR DAYS is a monthly wine subscription box that is based on your personal preferences on taste.

Before setting up your subscription you fill in a small survey so Good Pair Days can determine what flavours you’d prefer in your wines and the actual wines that would tickle your fancy e.g red, white, sparkling or Rosè. I thought this was great that way to make sure that I actually got wine that I would want to try instead of getting a month with a box of wine that I had no interest in trying and having a build up in the pantry of untouched wines.

So I began my subscription very late into my pregnancy, just because I wanted to treat myself (I obviously didn’t drink any wine while knocked up). So with the box you receive t the start of the month you also receive cards with details on the wines included to give you a bit of information e.g. taste, dry/sweet etc. On the other side of the cards it would have recipes for foods that would pair well with that individual wine. I thought the recipes are a great addition so Im not simply getting wine sent to my house every month but Im also trying out new recipes to go with them. With the boxes you can select how many bottles you would like in your monthly box, I ended up ordering the 4 bottles box that consisted of Rose and White wines.

This wine subscription box also has an app to keep track with your wine adventures, where you can change your wine preferences and rate the wines you have received in your box so far. You can also keep track of when your box is on its way. This is a good way to broaden your wine knowledge and feel like your on your own personal wine tasting at home. Getting this subscription also worked out perfect for this year with Melbourne hitting a second corona wave resulting in another stage 3 lockdown I had enough wine to save me from leaving my house to go to the liquor store. I have new wines to look forward to trying out each month as well as recipes, not to mention each box comes with a little phrase on the inside of the box. I’ve left the website below for you to get out if this sounds like your cup of tea.

IM OUT!!!!


Espresso Martini in a Can

This little bad boy was send to me as a little gift when signing up to something. I’ve had it for a few months and it’s just been sitting in my fridge staring at me just wanting to be consumed. I like the idea of just one single cocktail as a cheers to myself. The Espresso Martini is the perfect choice for me since it gives me a little caffeine boost as-well as a bit of a buzz. This can is so little, it’s adorable! I’m seriously weird with small cans they always take me back to when you’d order a can in a flight and you’d get a small can. This of course is a much smaller can but I’m pretty glad it’s not a massive bottle/can. Too much coffee and alcohol, that’s just asking for a trip to the toilet.

Before drinking or even opening the can I had to give the can a bit of shake and let it sit for a minute. Then it came time to enjoy it. Now I understand why this was in such a small can, that bitch was strong! It was tasty but my god you could taste the vodka. After a few sips I did try to dilute it (whimp) with a few drops of milk just so I didn’t feel like a cruel friend had make me a cocktail with the glass full of alcohol and a drop on non alcoholic liquid. Even with the milk it was still a very strong drink. It wasn’t a horrible taste but you definitely could taste the alcohol.

This wasn’t a bad espresso martini but like I said it was strong. I find usually with pre-mixed cocktails they can be either really strong (strong alcohol taste) or be weak to the point you’d swear your just drinking soft drink/juice (and is really really sweet). I am on a bit of a search for a ready to drink espresso martini so trying this was a good start, I did look up this brand online and noticed they do have other cocktails in a can which look interesting. Come on! I have to try them out!


New Year’s Eve Mocktails

New Years Eve is usually the time of year I’m the person in charge of making cocktails for everyone (possibly the reason everyone wakes up the next day full of regret). But this year I was making mock tails for myself, the husband and for a treat the spawn. She got to indulge in some sugary goodness. So obviously planning what to make became a bit of a dig through cookbooks and Pinterest to find something that we could ring I the new year with. Sure we could have done what I did last time I was knocked up on New Years and just have me drinking sparkling water but fuck that! I’m bored with just drinking water I need some flavour! After creating both of these bad boys I realised they are pretty similar.


Makes 1 Jug

750ml Ginger Ale

2 cups Pineapple Juice

1 Cup Coconut water

1 1/2 cups Diced pineapple

1/2 Cup Maraschino Cherries

1/4 cup grenadine


Put ice and all liquid ingredients in jug/pitcher and stir to combine. Add the cherries and slowly mix through


Makes 1 Drink

Maraschino Cherry for Garnish

150ml Ginger Ale

150ml Lemon-Lime Soda

30mls Grenadine Syrup


Fill glass with ice and add the ginger ale, lemon-limesoda and grenadine. Mix well and garnish with the cherry. Don’t forget to add a straw to make it look fancy.

On ending this post I’d like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEARS! Leave the bullshit from 2019 and start of fresh in 2020 (need to make room for new bullshit). Thanks to everyone that have continued to read my posts and hope you all enjoy your celebrations.


Get in-Cider my belly

Yeah poor attempt at a pun. Sorry for the post tittle. Anyhoo, I’m trying ciders! I do like cider, I feel that sometimes I have to be in the mood for it- but really that’s like anything for me. So a lot of different cider flavours/ concoctions have come out and I thought hey I might try these out. Because I’ve seen more and more different flavours for cider these days rather than the simple alcoholic apple/ pear cider. Brands are mixing it up with adding other alcohol to the mix as well as unique flavours I wouldn’t put with cider. So let’s give these a whirl…..


STRONGBOW Blossom Rosè

I’ve had STRONGBOW in the past but just the standard apple cider. From what I remember it wasn’t to bad a cider to drink on a summers day – I did drink it one New Year’s Eve. I didn’t really enjoy this cider, I mean it wasn’t horrible but it’s not something I’ll rush back to drinking again. I found that it had a bit too much going on in the flavour department get what I was tasting. It was as if all the flavours were fighting against each other to be the more dominant instead of working together. I also found this to be a very gassy drink and felt very heavy and filling when I drank it. I got a belly from it from all of the bloating.


SOMERSBY Watermelon Flavoured Cider 

I actually came across this one day while frolicking in the liquor store while the husband was looking for beer to watch the football (can’t watch football with out beer dahh). I was curious but overtime I’ve had something watermelon it has been fairly tasty, but sometimes can borderline a bit too sweet. So trying this it was actually good wasn’t too sweet that I felt like I had just drank a heap of sugar and was really refreshing. I do feel like that if you have too many it would start getting a bit sickening- obviously not just from the alcohol but the sweetness. It may be a slippery slope as in too much of a good thing may be a bit bad.



I saw this bad boy advertised on Facebook and straight away though, I HAVE TO TRY THIS!!! This is my summer drink or anytime drink (besides wine). I didn’t realised it was lighter on calories so if your worried about calories while drinking this has got you sorted – but really booze calories don’t count it will be coming out of you at some point later on. This drink was so delicious it was sweet but not overly sweet. I felt like it was very light and I could drink a number of them and not feel sick from the sweetness.  The mixture of cider, rosé, berries and a dash of sweet peach (after research I saw it had peach in it too!!) – it all worked together and made it a refreshing drink.


REKORDERLIG Wild Berries Cider Cocktail, Mixed with Rum and Dark Berries 

I saw this with the Blush Rosé and thought I’ll give it a whirl too, why not. This one was also pretty tasty. I thought it was sweet and was very much a cocktail in a bottle which I loved. I knew it couldn’t really go wrong since this brand already has a wild berries cider. I knew that the flavours could work. As much as I loved this cocktail in a bottle I would say that I would have to limit this drink the sweetness did make me a bit thirsty and need water after a few drinks. It is a nice drink don’t get me wrong the flavours were so delicious I felt like it was a great drink to drink cold and outside under the sun.

Okie Dokie kids give these ciders a go if any caught your eye. Im off to Hawaii in a few days (look at me the little jet setter over here). So be prepared for most likely a lot of Hawaii adventures posts, or not we’ll see how I go and survive the long flight with the spawn.


12 Months of Cocktails: August

Im the lead up to my trip I thought I could have a cocktail the night before my flight to get me a little excited about my girls trip. It was nice I can’t say Ive had much gin and if I have I must have had in in a cocktail mixed with other types of alcohol. So this should be interesting…..



2 Basil Leaves

1/2 Lemon Muddled

1/2 Oz Simple Syrup

Dash Orange Bitters

2 Oz Gin


Add 1 basil leaf, lemon syrup, bitters, gin and ice into a cocktail shaker. Shake to chill. Strain into a coupe and garnish with the remaining basil leaf.


This was a unique cocktail Ive never thought to try basil in anything other than pasta or pizza. I was a little curious. This was a sour faced cocktail I did do a little sour pucker when trying this. I seriously can’t name a time Ive ever drank gin which was probably not the smartest thing. Drinking a cocktail with an alcohol Ive never really had (If i had I don’t remember) before so I didn’t really enjoy this cocktail. Its more for the gin drinkers out there who are bit citrus fans I think. AGAIN my dumbass didn’t capture my creation! Sorry guys.


12 Months of Cocktails: July

Er mer gerd its July not long until my upcoming trips! Stay tuned for those posts. But anyway this cocktail I am excited about. I haven’t ever had a Mojito that I didn’t like and the fact that I can make this and enjoy it in the comfort of my house in my fuzzy slippers makes it even better. In the lead up to my trips I’ve been enjoying the comfort of my house a bit too much (with the execution of Disney on Ice). Its just been too cold and wet. Plus Im in between hairdressers appointments so my hair be looking like ratshit right now. No amount of styling can save it until bleach and scissors hit my hair. So enough rambling, this cocktail should be awesome, I always love how refreshing mojitos are – even the fruity ones.



10 Muddles Blueberries

2 Muddled Mint Leaves

3/4 Oz Lime Juice

1 Oz Simple Syrup

2 Oz Rum


Add 1 mint leaf, 1/2 of the blueberries, lime juice, syrup, rum and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously until the mixture is well chilled, about 20seconds. Pour into highball glass and garnish with remaining blueberries and mint leaf.


Making this cocktail was very straight forward and so delicious! I’d be lying if I said I only had one. It was sweet without being overly sweet. This is an example of why I love mojitos so much, they are a cocktail that can be sweet but not so sickly sweet that you feel sick from all of the sugar and sweetness overload.

This was supposed to be made the last week of the month as a kind of celebration. Unfortunately my body decided to be a total dick and make me sick and just as I was getting better make me sick AGAIN. Yep I looked like a pure delight. So making this cocktail was delayed due to all of the antibiotics I was on.


12 Months of Cocktails: June

Yes I know it’s officially July but I figured I can still post the June cocktail. Because its only the first week. I do apologise there is no photo of the final results of the cocktail I just down right forgot to take a snap of it so sorry about that. This cocktail when a saw the name I though straight away of the Seth Rogan movie. Sorry theres no weed in this cocktail kids.



1 Egg White

1/4 Oz Lemon Juice

1 1/2 Oz Pineapple Juice

1 Oz Vanilla Syrup

2 Oz Bourbon

1/4 Peychauds Bitters


Add egg white, lemon juice, pineapple juice, syrup and bourbon to a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously until mixture is frothy, add ice and shake again. Strain into rocks glass and swirl the bitters on top.


Sooo this cocktail, I heard the name and got excited with the thought of it because the name. I automatically thought it would be a Pina Colada kind of cocktail….until I read it had bourbon in it and not rum. This cocktail calendar is really throwing some interesting cocktails at me to try out, this cocktail I really wanted to enjoy but there was so many things I couldn’t get my head around. First of all the bourbon, I couldn’t get it out of my head that it was mixed with the wrong mixer. I always have bourbon and coke. So with pineapple juice it just seemed wrong, actually it felt like I was at a party back when I was 18/19 and we were low on things and scrounging for things to mix up to get us buzzed. Second thing that got me was the sour drink, I can usually drink a little sour but just wasn’t as tasty as I wanted. Now the final thing about this, well someone saw this recipe and said something that straight away made me gag when I saw the egg white. So when the cocktail was made someone told me the egg whites looked like a male um “Came” in my drink. Yep I know some filthy people. Anyhow I would like to try this cocktail if a professional could make it that way I could give it a proper try to see if I like it. I have a feeling that maybe I just sucked at making this cocktail.


Hotel Esplanade (The Espy)


Located on the Esplanade in St Kilda, The Hotel Esplanade (The Espy) seaside pub provides a laid back hangout that consists of 5 levels of music, cocktails and food. Each level has a different feel to it so you feel as if you have gone on a pub crawl without leaving the building. Each level of this building is, dare I say it Instagram-able (I threw up in my mouth a bit). If you were looking a a place to capture amazing photos while enjoying a drink with friends this is it. This place had a very classic feel to it which made me feel as if I was on set of an old school movie. As for the drinks they have a great selection of beers,wines and ciders swell as cocktails with their own spin on them.

They had a small menu for food there, I didn’t eat anything there – because we were eating elsewhere later. I got to enjoy a delicious Pina Colada while in the green room. The cocktail definitely dangerous for me I was so tasty I slammed that Mother down so quickly, It was creamy but not and fruity but it didn’t feel sickening to drink (I had one, 5 might make me sick who knows) but it was good and they didn’t scrimp on the alcohol which I’ve notice some places have done with cocktails, making it essentially a mocktail.

Seriously check this place out, I didn’t find this place really expensive the prices were fairly standard for a bar. Its a great place to go with your friends for a few drinks and they also have live music. It s a place that can be great for day and night drinks. Ive included the website for you to check out.

Ok small disclaimer here. I don’t have an issue with people taking photos at places they are going, that’s fine. It’s when people just go to places solely for an instagram photo and that’s it.

IM OUT!!!!

Cheers Kids!

12 Months of Cocktails : May

OOOOO a cocktail celebrating Cinco de Mayo, I’m going around the world with cocktails. So I did tweak it just slightly. i changed from Ginger Beer to Ginger Ale. The ginger beer I had in the fridge tasted horrible ( I still don’t know how it appeared in my fridge) so I had bought a ginger ale from the supermarket.



3/4 oz lime juice

2 oz Ginger Beer (I used GingerAle)

1/2 oz simple syrup

2 oz Tequila

1/2oz Chambord

Lime Wedge to decorate


Add lime juice, syrup,  tequila and ice into a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain contents into and Ice-filled collins glass. Add ginger beer and Stir. Top with Chambord and garnish with lime wedge.



With the ginger ale it really nice I actually had a few of these cocktails when I tried it out….By the time the photo was taken I stupidly mixed up the cocktail. It was tasty but very strong. when you have it in a glass you could add a bit more ginger ale/beer to dilute it if your not really into strong cocktails.

IM OUT!!!!