I finally tried TACO BELL

Yep you read right! In the many times I have gone to the states I have never tried Taco Bell. I have literally stood out the front of a Taco Bell in Vegas (I’m 99% sure I ran in and took napkins, it was Vegas I obviously was drinking) and never went in. Every time I would touch down in Melbourne I would say to the husband “oh no we didn’t try Taco Bell”. Now I know a lot of people are reading this and are thinking to themselves “it’s nothing special” or “it’s shit” or “enjoy diarrhoea” – side note those are all quotes of what people have told me over the years about it. But this was just some food I wanted to try out myself. We’ve had Taco Bells in Melbourne for a few years now but none have been close to my neck of the woods. Well that was until about 2020/2021. Sorry it came out near by when we were in and out of lockdowns, honestly those two years have pretty much meshed into one. So this has been a while coming and I have been putting it off for a while now. But this one day I had a hankering for some- mainly because an advertisement popped up in my feed and I had to have it!

So straight out I knew what I wanted was to make sure I have guacamole with whatever I ordered, obviously. I had to judge the guacamole. I had to see if it was proper avocado, this is a bit off topic but does anyone else hate it when you get guacamole and it turns out to be a kind of a green yoghurt concoction with flavouring? I have had it and it is always sickening- it’s a god damn crime! Anyhoo I ordered 2 Crunchwrap Supremes, one with chicken and one with beef mince. I also got a Boss Burrito, these came with fries. I might add that this was between the husband and I, that much food will make me explode and plus my husband is a lot bigger than me and can eat more. I started off trying the chicken Crunchwrap, hands down delicious! With the guacamole (which was also delicious) the wrap was so good! I loved the flavours and the fact it was all perfectly folded up and I didn’t lose a large chunk of my food. I liked the added crunch, when your eating food that’s all kind of the same texture it can get a little off putting or you get over it quickly, but the crunch oh I loved it! It’s mixed up the textures and flavours. Now the beef version of this Crunchwrap, I wasn’t really a fan of to be honest. I’m glad I started off with the chicken because if I I’d the beef first I most likely would have stopped eating the food in my tracks and called it a day. Now it wasn’t terrible I’ll say, I just felt that the whole thing felt oily and because it was so oily the crunch was pretty much almost gone, the whole thing felt soggy. The husband agreed on this with the wraps. The beef Crunchwrap just wasn’t as enjoyable as the chicken.

Now the Boss Burrito, this bad boy wasn’t messing around. I will say that it again had the beef mince inside and it again wasn’t that tasty. But I will say what saved this a bit was the fact that it had the guacamole inside and all of the other bits and pieces to add to the burrito. I’m curious to re-try this with maybe steak strips or slow cooked pork or even chicken. I think this could be a lot better with different meat inside, why we chose ground beef is beyond me. We played it safe or actually I think we panicked when ordering through the drive through.

So I finally tried Taco Bell, not the shitty Australian rip off Taco Bill. Seriously I hope all of those places get shut down, everytime I have eaten there I have thought “why not try it again it could have been an off day” but my dumb ass kept going back and I always ended up with food poisoning. But yes, the chicken Supreme Crunchwrap I loved! It was so good I think that on it’s own (with guacamole of course) was so satisfying and didn’t need any extras like fries. It was filling but not to the point you feel sick and it all around tasted amazing. The food with the minced beef I feel like it was just too soggy and the beef just didn’t have any seasoning to it, it didn’t taste great and was super oily. I get with fast food a lot of the time it is oily, I understand that but this was extreme. Usually I can kind of over look the oily mess in fast food if it tastes amazing. This did not. I am willing to change up the protein to see if others work and just avoid the ground beef. This was a fun little adventure, I will say I do wish I tried this in Vegas when I was drinking one of those frozen cocktails ohh that would have been so good.


Chocolate PIMMS

To me nothing says Summer like a delicious jug of a Pimms cocktail. I saw these in the supermarket and thought YESSSSS I need this! I actually always like that around Christmas time they bring out chocolates with alcohol flavours (but don’t actually contain alcohol), it always catches my eye because I’m curious on how it could go with taste. I always see Baileys chocolates but I’ve never seen a Pimms chocolate so this was very interesting. I like Pimms I would like to drink it more but I honestly love it when it made at a bar fresh compared to when I make it at home (I always get the ratios off). So this chocolate cost me about $10, yep I spent $10 on chocolate. It’s a bit expensive for chocolate so I’m hoping it tastes amazing.

Ok when opening up the box I was surprised to see all of the chocolates individually wrapped, for some unknown stupid reason I thought these all would be in one bag. I’m thinking it might be because the box is similar to a box of jelly bean I tried out a few weeks ago. So the chocolates themselves looked pretty good they made me think of a fancy box of chocolates- very inviting. So smelling the chocolates I didn’t get a real scent of Pimms, I was actually looking forward to having the Pimms scent. I like the smell of Pimms I wish I could find it in a candle or wax melt form, if anyone knows where I can get a Pimms scented candle or wax melt please hit me up. Back to the chocolate, the smell was slightly there but it wasn’t as in your face as I was hoping it would be. The flavour, so it was very creamy- the inside was a beautiful pastel orange which was nice. The texture was great but I will say I was disappointed with this. I was expecting a creamy fruity flavour mixed in with Pimms. I felt like this was very flat I had to really search for the citrus flavours and the Pimms taste was barely there. The chocolates weren’t bad don’t get me wrong but the flavours just weren’t there. I get more flavour in a block of Cadbury chocolate and that’s half the price of these chocolates. I wanted the citrus flavours to sweep me off my feet instead it was very meh.

This was a bit of a disappointment, I’m hoping I’m not the only one who felt this way about them. These weren’t bad I just think there definitely is room for improvement with the flavours. I want to bite into these a feel like I’m enjoying a fresh jug of Pimms with the fruit floating inside while I’m outside (under an umbrella- my pals ass would burn in direct sunlight) on a warm day.

First of all I will address the fact that this post is one posted on a Friday and two was technically meant to be posted LAST Wednesday (Wednesday before New Year’s Eve). The reason why is because after Christmas I went on a little holiday down to the beach. I had a few posts lined up and needed a few final touches before posting, but unfortunately the house we were staying at had the worst reception. I tried a few times to post but the bloody internet had other ideas. This place took us way back in time they only had VIDEOS to watch (tv was a little average with channels) so I felt my childhood coming back. So I had no internet and I couldn’t really leave to find somewhere to post because it was busy everywhere! I learnt a valuable lesson after this trip: check for wifi and don’t go around Christmas/ New Years because people are everywhere! So anyhoo hope you all had a great NEW YEARS and Christmas.


Eggnog Again

That’s right friends…..we’re trying eggnog again!! Some new flavoured eggnog has been released this year and naturally I had to try it out to fill myself with Christmas spirit. This year PAULS have released two new flavours of Eggnog along with the original flavour. I managed to get my little hands on ones to take for a test drive. I purchased the Bundaberg Rum flavoured Eggnog. So this is a non-alcoholic eggnog, it’s eggnog with rum flavour but no booze. This isn’t a bad idea, I do like eggnog but I do find it tastes a lot better when there’s a bit of rum or whiskey with it. So if you want to enjoy it with the alcohol flavour but obviously can’t due to driving or whatever time of day it is or whatever reasons you can’t drink alcohol this is a good idea.

So when I opened up the bottle I was instantly knocked down by the smell of the Bundaberg rum. The smell was so strong! Even though the obvious lack of alcohol I get like it was going to make me wasted by the smell. The smell was so strong if I was pulled over the police would no doubt smell me and assume I’m McDrunk. So the taste, I’m honestly not the biggest fan of Bundaberg Rum. I like the soft drinks they make, but the rum isn’t really my favourite so this did give me somewhat low expectations with this drink. The flavour wasn’t too bad to be honest, it gave it the little extra kick that it needed but without the alcohol factor. I will say that it did have a bit of a funky aftertaste, as in the aftertaste didn’t come instantly after drinking it. I did like this a lot the flavours were perfect and executed perfectly. I will say that I could only have a small amount at a time, this did turn on me after a while- it may or may not have been the dairy I’m not sure.

This actually was surprisingly good, I did enjoy this eggnog a lot. Looking on the back this actually contains no more than 0.5% Alcohol- so basically nothing. I did like this and if I ever want to avoid alcohol at Christmas (and it’s not a hot day- remember it’s summer at Christmas here) but still wanted the flavours this would be the go, it’s like a mocktail almost. But I still prefer the good old eggnog with a bit of booze added to it. Fortunately for me with the weather going from hot to cold I was able to take this eggnog for a test drive on a cooler day I could think of nothing worse than milk on a hot day. Anyone automatically think of that scene in Anchorman when Ron Burgundy goes “Milk was a Bad Choice” or just me? So PAULS Eggnogs, give them a try if you want to give Eggnog a little go. Warning please do not cheap out and buy eggnog flavoured milk, trust me I have tried that and it’s a train ride to the toilet. Buy the proper stuff!


Christmas Themed Yoghurt!

While walking through the fridge section of the supermarket some specific yoghurt caught my eye. Christmas flavoured Greek yoghurt and not just any Greek Yoghurt, CHOBANI Greek Yoghurt. This brand Greek Yogurt’s hands down the best, for years I’ve been buying this brand. I love the flavours and I never feel heavy or overly full from the diary. I had to buy these yoghurts! Now apart of this Christmas collection they had a FLIP Yoghurt, pouch yoghurt and a pot yoghurt all different Christmas themed flavours. For those who are watching what they are eating over the holidays ( I’m not! I’m ready to party!) I have included the calories for each yoghurt. So let’s get into it shall we….


Ok so Chobani Flips are a flavoured yoghurt with a small section of crunchy goodness to add to your yoghurt. It’s more of a dessert yoghurt. This is Low Fat Cookies Flavoured yoghurt with Graham Cookie, Butter Graham Crunch and Milk Chocolate. It’s 157calories so not to bad for a Christmas cookie treat. I only say that because usually at this time of year (and Easter) social media is flooded with posts about how unhealthy certain holiday foods (and alcohol) are as a way to kind of shit all over treating ourselves these holidays. I am very much aware that shortbread and sugar cookies aren’t good for you but who cares live a little! Anyway, this delightful sweet treat was so delicious. It wasn’t overly sweet that it was sickening, the crunch in the yoghurt was just the perfect mixture and the crunch didn’t go soggy. I liked the chocolate chips, it was a nice mixture of cookies and chocolate chips it added that little extra to the mix. I think that if it didn’t have the chocolate chips mixed in the cookie mix could have been a bit boring in the flavour department. The chocolate helped add a bit extra texture to the mix too.


So I find that people either love fruit mince pies or they hate them, I myself love myself a mince pie at Christmas. I always get so excited when they bring them out with all of the Christmas stock in at supermarket (you know in early September). So this I am excited for. This pot is Spiced Raisin Greek Yogurt which is 159calories. Just a little FYI If you have never had this brand before, with their pot yoghurts the yoghurt itself is plain Greek yoghurt with the flavour at the bottom of the pot. So you have to mix up the pot before you eat it. With this flavour I could tell it was fruit mince pie flavour and it wasn’t bad at all but I did find that it felt a little diluted. It wasn’t as in your face as I would have hoped. Mince pies have such a big flavour that hits you and this was a bit bland. Because it was yoghurt I could assume this was why and maybe they wanted to keep the calories down or something like that. Don’t get me wrong this wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t making me want more and more like I would with a normal mince pie (I’m a crack head with those).


This pouch yoghurt is Gingerbread Greek Yoghurt which is 102calories, not bad for a snack . Ohhhh this is the one this is delicious! I was squeezing so hard to see if I could get every drop of yoghurt out. It was deliciously creamy with the distinctive Gingerbread taste. I wasn’t searching for the flavour and it didn’t taste like a fake interpretation of how it should taste. Instantly I could tell it was gingerbread I definitely loved this one the best.

These yoghurt treats were a great way to start off the Christmas countdown. I am so ready to kick off the Christmas celebrations, I’m so excited! I’m feeling in the mood to celebrate this year (which is a change) I’m still not too keen on the Christmas store crowds. I mean seriously the second it hits December everyone goes insane. Anyhoo what’s your favourite Christmas Holiday food? Mince Pies are mine hands down, come to think of it I really need to get some!

IM OUT!!!!

Cocktail Hour with JELLY BEANS!

So the countdown is on for Halloween. If your wondering HELL YES I am celebrating that shit I’m so excited, both the oldest spawn and I have actually. So what is one of the things that go with Halloween…..Treats! Sugary deliciousness that makes everyone hyper and with adults some enjoyment followed by regret because there was no adult to stop you from over indulging. So anyway while in the supermarket I was looking through the front display that happened to have all of the treats for Halloween and I came across this one item that stood out of the rest. It wasn’t a multi pack of mini chocolate bars- perfect size for trick or treating. No it was a box of Jelly Beans, cocktail flavoured jelly beans. I had to get them! To make this even more amazing these Jelly Beans were from Jelly Belly.

I love Jelly Belly jelly beans they just are so delicious. These and the starburst mini jelly beans (which I cannot find anywhere!! If you know where to get them in Melbourne please contact me with the details) are my favourite types. These mini jelly bean I love mainly because as a kid I used to have the no name brand large jelly beans, oh god I hated those. I think that’s why I stayed clear of any jelly beans for years- well until my adulthood. Anyway Jelly Belly’s are so good but the price for what you get is a bit insane so this really is a treat. So back to the little box of deliciousness, these beans flavours are all inspired from Classic cocktails. The cocktails included are: Margarita, Peach Bellini, Pina Colada, Pomegranate Cosmo and Strawberry Daiquiri. This is one top notch line up right there, all the amazing flavours taken from those iconic cocktails- let’s dive in!

I originally wanted this box to last the entire week with me only tasting one or two of each flavour. Yeah it didn’t pan out that way. I slammed that shit down like there was no tomorrow. Eat bean tasted like I was eating a non- alcoholic version of that particular cocktail. I’m amazed that they were able to capture the flavours of each cocktail and put them into treat form. With each one of them they didn’t just give us a fruit flavour and just try to pass it off as a cocktail (eg. Pineapple flavour for Pina Colada). Each bean felt like they were more than just a plain fruit flavour they felt like they had more depth to them. From Pina Colada to Margarita I could instantly identify each bean flavours.

These are a perfect non-alcoholic edible alternative to cocktails. They were so delicious I really wish I had some right now! These are perfect for the adults wanting to indulge this Halloween on treats but can’t enjoy a cocktail. Also, The box itself looks really nice and would be great to include with a gift (yep I’m already thinking about Christmas) as that little extra. This was a fun sugary treat. Apologies for the delay in posting this.


Air Fryer Doughnuts

Still refusing to install Tik Tok on my phone, especially now since pretty much every tik tok videos is now on Instagram reels. I did come across a food hack on Instagram. I love these hacks they are different and I’m always curious to see if they work. So this one really caught my eye. It’s how to make your own jam doughnuts in the air fryer! So apparently these are low calorie doughnuts (I don’t care about that), with the original recipe I required coconut oil, stevia and sugar free jam….I have none of those and Im really trying to avoid going to the supermarket multiple times in the week. But I did follow the hack (sort of but tweaked it a little, I will say these are not low calorie doughnuts these are fatty fat fat – but really if you have one or two every now and then its not bad.


Buy some Brioche sliders from the supermarket and hollow them out through a small hole. If you have a meat injector (I’m not 100% on what the name for it is- if I’m right please tell me), it looks like a giant needle you use for adding flavour to meat- my husband loves to BBQ. So what I did was insert the injector and kind of move it around a bit so then the bread inside was kind of pushed to the side and made a spot for the jam without having to make a massive hole on the bun.


Now originally on the hack they used coconut oil. Mine seemed to have gone walk about so I lightly spread some margarine over the buns.


I slightly melted some raspberry jam in the microwave and put it in the injector and injected the buns with jam. This was the fun part.


We put the buns in the air fryer and cooked them for a few minutes. The hack didn’t give any specifics on the temperature or time for this so we had to wing it. These cooked quickly so make sure you keep and eye on them just aim for them to be nice and crispy. Once ready remove from air fryer and dip into Cinnamon sugar and enjoy.

So with this little food adventure, it actually worked they tasted a lot like a deep fried jam doughnut that you can buy from markets or fairs or anything like that (basically anything that involves stalls and being outdoors). It was so delicious, I was really surprised how well it worked. Ours did get a little dark in colour because we left them for a minute too long. It looked over cooked but seriously by the taste you couldn’t tell at all. This was actually a great hack give it a go.

If you want to take a look for yourself at the hack Ive included the Tik Tokers link below :



Kombucha Lollies

Not long ago I gave Kombucha a try just to see if it was all worth the hype. Ehh it wasn’t too bad but nothing spectacular. So one day while waiting in line at the supermarket and looking at all of the chocolate and lollies that re strategically located right near the self serve counters a bag of lollies caught my eye. Kombucha lollies, wait what?! Yes you read correctly kombucha lollies. Of course I had to take these for a test drive but saying that I did buy them throw them in the pantry and totally forget about their existence. That was until I was searching for an M n M that slipped out of my hand I came across this unique bag of sweets.

So the brand that made this actually make really nice lollies I love the party mix, it’s great for eating all to yourself because seriously I can down a whole bag if left unsupervised. So this could be dangerous with the kombucha lollies. So with these lollies there are 3 different flavours: kombucha original, strawberry hibiscus and ginger peach. All totally unique flavours for lollies. So pulling them out of the bag I didn’t get any strange or overpowering smell from them they just really looked and smelt like a normal bag of lollies. I could tell they were kind of like those bursts lollies, that they are normal gelish lollies but when you bite into them a kind of liquid is inside (my bad if it’s a bad description- just look up starburst gummy bursts and you’ll know).

Now let’s talk about the flavours. So the strawberry just honestly tasted like a standard strawberry lollie I really wouldn’t have thought it was a kombucha one. The other two flavours however I could tell were kombucha related. The original flavour I definitely had the apple vinegar cider taste coming at me like when I was drinking it, obviously not as intense but I felt like it was coming back to me. The ginger peach I definitely had the ginger hit me as well. These two were kind of like watered down kombucha with the sweetness kicked up a notch. These all weren’t bad lollies to eat the flavours were just very different to what I would normally expect.

These weren’t too bad I would more likely prefer these to the drink but saying that I am giving a big caution. So because I wasn’t offended by these sweets I did go a little nuts with them- not a whole bag nuts but more than the recommended serving size (which was 4 lollies by the way). Now normally that wouldn’t be an issue (apart from the self loathing for being a gluttonous sugar fiend) but in this case it caused an emergency trip to the bathroom. Technically multiple trips it was a real shit-uation, these confectionaries really good at detoxing everything you’ve eaten in the last 24 hours. Ok sorry TMI……..Poop. Sorry I am a child. So just let this be a warning DONT OVERSTUFF YOURSELF ON THESE YOU WILL POOP…..LOADS! But apart from the clean out these weren’t too bad in the flavour department please just listen to my warning if you eat too many you will poop…a lot! But other than that they aren’t bad at all, check out the Natural Confectionary Company Kombucha lollies for yourself.

IM OUT!!!!

Hot Cross Bun YOGURT!

Say whaaaaat! Chobani yoghurt is my go to snack. I always have tubs or pouches of their greek yoghurt in my fridge just because the flavours are go good. They do have a FIT range that is more targeted at people trying to drop a few KGs I guess. But I prefer their regular greek yoghurts. One thing I really like to indulge with is their limited edition Flip Yoghurts, which is one side with greek yoghurt and the other side with a crunchy flavour to it. It always feels like a small dessert without guilting yourself too much. Wow Im almost sounding like I’m trying to be healthy. Anyway they bring out some Limited edition flip yoghurts at specific times of the year around holidays. These flip yoghurts for me are always hard to find in supermarkets because only certain supermarkets near me seem to stock the specialty ones. This yoghurt I got out of pure dumb luck, its a special flip for Easter (well of course). This did come out last year but because we were all in lockdown and everyone was going mental at the supermarket I didn’t really jump on the opportunity to get these (hell no! was I going to be apart of the supermarket insanity).

This Flip is the Hot Cross Buns Chobani Flip, it has creamy spiced raisin low fat yoghurt paired with cookie crumble, pie crust and white chocolate. Apparently its like a Hot Cross Bun but better. Lets see about that! So mixing these two up I like because I like the yoghurt with a little crunch to it , the yoghurt by itself wasn’t too bad Id have liked it to have a little more flavour it but then I guess it would no longer be low fat. The mixture together while I did like the flavours I didn’t really get the Hot Cross Bun feel to it. I seriously wouldn’t have said its hot cross bun flavour it would have assumes it was some sort of interpretation of a pie or something but not a hot cross bun. The chocolate was a nice touch to break up the flavours.

Overall I did like this yoghurt, I wish the flavours would have been a bit more in your face screaming THIS IS HOT CROSS BUNS!!! But thats me I do like my hot cross buns- the fruit filled ones. NOT the plain and defiantly NOT the chocolate ones. Come on guys we eat enough chocolate at easter we need hot cross buns to break it up a bit. I did like this yoghurt but I just didn’t feel like it tasted like hot cross buns. I wonder if I’m the only one who thinks this.

IM OUT!!!!

Oreo Mug Cake

This TIK TOK was sent to me by one of my friends. Apparently you can make a mug cake with Oreos and milk. What a cake!!! So of course I had to try this two ingredient mug cake and lucky for me I already had the ingredients on hand. So the recipe used normal Oreos but all I had on hand was double stuff (I’ve become a bit of a double stuff crack head since I discovered how amazing they were) but I’m not too worried it shouldn’t effect things too much. I hope. So of course I gave this a go one late night when I was really wanting some cake or slice while watching NETFLIX but didn’t have anything like that in the house. Healthy me went shopping and only got oreos as a treat, should have known fat ass me would have a craving for something sweet.

So the recipe was for 4 Oreos and 1/4 cup of milk, mash and mix everything up and then throw her in the microwave for about 90 seconds. Nice and simple. I actually used 5 I felt like the mix was a bit too runny the first time I did it, I think this is all depending on how you like your cake to taste and its consistency. So I mashed up the cookies and threw it into the microwave. I honestly wasn’t expecting much fro this but hot milk with cookie chunks inside. But I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled my mug out of the microwave to see a little chocolate cake inside.

So trying the cake it wasn’t too bad, the consistency would be a little rubbery. Saying that though pretty much any mug cake Ive ever tried tastes a little rubbery. In this case it was just slightly. I will say it did need a bit of whipped cream or ice-cream to go with it. I always find chocolate cake needs a little cream or something to break up the flavour.

This was a nice little experiment for a late Saturday night. These little Tik Tok experiments are interesting it does make me wonder who thinks of these things. I still haven’t bought myself to jump on the Tik Tok wagon, actually it did download the app but I just couldn’t bring myself to start Tik Toking so I ended up deleting the app. I honestly don’t think I need to get the app since everyone keeps sending me videos for hacks and something funny. I mean really why bother when everyone sends me the good videos. Anyhow I have put the recipe below for you to try out yourself. I am tempted to try it with some of the flavoured Oreos maybe that can be a little adventure for another Saturday night.




4-5 Oreos

1/4 Cup Milk


  1. Put Oreos and Milk in a mug. Mix well.
  2. put in microwave for 90 seconds
  3. Enjoy!

H2Coco Cold Brew

I’ve drank H2coco Coconut Water for YEARS, it’s always been my go to brand. I like coconut water in smoothies or sometimes just by itself- yes I know coconut water is so out of fashion it’s all about Kombucha now. But it’s a nice refreshing drink. First off I will say I’m not overly a fan of coffee drinks, I mean they taste nice but I’d rather have a proper coffee than have a coffee milk (or as I call them coffee milkshakes). I feel like coffee flavoured things don’t give me the caffeine hit I want. But saying that I did like this brands coffee and coconut water drink, I found it had a great taste and gave me that caffeine hit I love. Now this new beverage kind of threw me a bit when they first announced it. Because H2coco already have a coconut water and coffee flavoured drink available, I’ve had it and enjoyed it many times. Why are they releasing the same bloody drink?! Well after a tiny bit of research I found that they are now discontinuing the original coffee and coconut water drink (coco espresso) and have bought out a cold brew. This is a little interesting.

Ok so just looking at the packaging here and it’s definitely appealing for people who want the caffeine hit but are also trying to keep their health in check. So this drink is 100% natural, Nothing artificial, Not from concentrate, No added sugar, gluten-free, fat-free and lactose-free, No cholesterol, Vegan friendly and has 12 month shelf-life Ingredients. It obviously contains caffeine (it better!!) but it always makes me laugh a bit with caffeine warnings that say to keep it away from kids. I mean no chance in hell would I throw fuel on that fire, kids have enough energy as it is add caffeine in the mix they’d be nightmares! Whoever would give their kid caffeine you must be tough as guts you handle that shit storm because I couldn’t handle that crap. Anyhoo let’s see if this bad boy is worth it.

First of all this is in a can compared to all of their other products which are in cartons. I’m not sure why they did that I’m assuming so it stands out and no one confused it with the old product I guess. Alright now the flavour, ok so the coffee flavour isn’t as in your face compared to their espresso flavoured coconut water. I can taste the coconut water with just a hint of the cold brew, it’s a nice flavour it’s just not screaming COFFEE as I was hoping it would. The thing I liked about this drink was I felt hydrated and energetic after drinking it. By energetic I don’t mean buzzed as if I’ve downed Red Bull (seriously that shit makes me mental) but more alert as if I have had a decent sleep. I do tend to feel like I need some water after a coffee sometimes, depending on how I am that day. But this drink I felt totally fine.

Overall this was a pretty refreshing drink, the flavour was pleasant and I’m not a massive dairy drinker so the fact that this iced coffee beverage is dairy free is a bonus. I have actually bought more to keep in my fridge as a bit of a treat or if I need a caffeine hit in the morning while walking the spawn to school. I tried walking with a coffee and it just made me sweaty as all hell. Ive included the H2coco website below for you to give a little look.