Chocolate PIMMS

To me nothing says Summer like a delicious jug of a Pimms cocktail. I saw these in the supermarket and thought YESSSSS I need this! I actually always like that around Christmas time they bring out chocolates with alcohol flavours (but don’t actually contain alcohol), it always catches my eye because I’m curious on how … More Chocolate PIMMS

Eggnog Again

That’s right friends…..we’re trying eggnog again!! Some new flavoured eggnog has been released this year and naturally I had to try it out to fill myself with Christmas spirit. This year PAULS have released two new flavours of Eggnog along with the original flavour. I managed to get my little hands on ones to take … More Eggnog Again

Kombucha Lollies

Not long ago I gave Kombucha a try just to see if it was all worth the hype. Ehh it wasn’t too bad but nothing spectacular. So one day while waiting in line at the supermarket and looking at all of the chocolate and lollies that re strategically located right near the self serve counters … More Kombucha Lollies