From me to you

I would like to say…. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Thank you to everyone who actually reads my written insanity. Have an amazing holidays, eat drink and be merry…….and stay out of family drama – just get a good spot to watch it. IM OUT!!!!

Starbucks Christmas

With it being December and the lead up to Christmas a lot of places are bringing out their Christmas collections of products. One place in particular that captures my attention is Starbucks. A few years ago I went and tried all of the different Christmas drinks available, they haven’t really changed up the selection in … More Starbucks Christmas

Halloween Decor

Wow the title sounds fancy. I haven’t gotten all fancy on you don’t worry but I thought I would share my Halloween decorations Ive put up around my house. We are getting close to Halloween so I am a bit excited for that. Unfortunately as soon as Halloween is done I’m clocking over to Christmas … More Halloween Decor

Never too early….

I don’t know why but I feel like this year is flying and I’m also reached the half of the year I feel I should start thinking about the end of year celebrations. By end of year celebrations I mean Halloween! The oldest spawn and I have been hanging for the spooky celebrations all year. … More Never too early….