Trick or Treating during a Pandemic

With the way things are at the moment I could only say that trick or treating in my neighbourhood would be pretty unlikely to happen. Of course not every house participated in Trick or Treating because well it’s really an adopted holiday, technically not a holiday for us here. But many of the houses in my area liked to give out treats to kids in costumes (and some NOT). But honestly even if people still did I wouldn’t feel 100% doing it since we still have restrictions here in Melbourne.

So being as this is one of the two events my spawn has being looking forward to all year (the other was seeing Trolls World Tour but since cinemas are closed yeahhh we’ll wait for the DVD) I thought we could improvise with Halloween this year. Because Halloween falls in a weekend we have plenty of activities we can do to make sure she enjoys herself in her costume. Well we are all dressing up and are planning to do kind of a chocolate bars scavenger hunt kind of like Easter but with mini chocolate bars and lollies. I will make sure that I remember where I hid them though, don’t want my fat dog finding some forbidden goodness while we sleep. As well as the scavenger hunt we’ll be doing other games with sweets prizes (posts coming soon).

Its pretty shit that this is how we will have to do things this year but you know we gotta do what we gotta do.

IM OUT!!!!


I know I’m jumping the gun a bit since today is Good Friday. But I thought Id share a bit of Easter and Good Friday love to everyone who reads my posts. I just wanted to jump on here and wish everyone a safe and Happy Easter! Being me I thought I would throw in my yearly tips, so remember…….







and throwing in a tip for us to only use this year…….


IM OUT!!!!

Who NOT to Be on Valentines Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought I’d share who NOT to be. This short list of 3 people are who I have encountered at some point in my lifetime or people have told me about. ENJOY!!

THE PERSON WHO EXPECTS TOO MUCH : Ok so you’re excited about Valentine’s Day with your significant other and you’ve been on Pinterest or have seen footage of significant others making over-the-top Valentine’s Days for their special person and BAM! You get it in your head that your going to get it. So many people have had this idea that they are going to have their man/ woman do something totally amazing on Valentine’s Day only to be disappointed when they have a small simple celebration (that most likely ends in a fight). First of all people, don’t expect these grand gestures! Just enjoy the fact you have a special someone to be with. If they do spontaneously do something big it makes the surprise even more special but if you force it on them it’s really you bullying them into doing something nice for you. Another thing, if they never really like or do big extravagant gestures for anything else eg: birthdays, Christmas or even anniversaries. What makes you think they will start with this day?? Come on don’t be one of those My Super Sweet 16 Brats.

THE SOCIAL MEDIA WHORE: ohhhh god! This one I think everyone has witnessed at some point. The person trying to be a social media influencer that shares every little detail of the day. Yes it is great to share what an amazing time you are having or the extra mile your S.O went (give credit when credits due) but don’t literally show it play by play. For example your husband set up a lovely dinner with all of the petals, candles, all that shit. Your there walking in and recording the whole moment for Instagram, I’m sorry the moment loses romantic for the person on the other end. Imagine you did all of this hard work to make an amazing evening and your other half is on Instagram stories the whole time while you stand there grimacing, No thanks. Some people like talking to other people while the have their phone up….not me.

MISS I HATE VALENTINES DAY: We get it this isn’t really a day for everyone. A lot of guys hate it (a lot don’t…..a few hours being sweet and romantic = brownie points) but the women that are very vocal about their dislike for this day. Sit down and shut up. Sure you can keep it to yourself OR just say it in passing but don’t be the dick that goes the extra mile and shits on everyone else’s day with endless comments like “My S.O and I don’t need a day to tell each other how much we love each other” or “wow he got you those flowers” or “you know this holiday is just stores trying to make extra money”. Crap like that. This individual is creeping on KAREN territory and wants to speak to the manager about canceling the day. Don’t be a Valentine’s Day Karen and just let people enjoy their day.

Alrighty then so that the 3 people who you shouldn’t be this Valentines Day, what am I doing for good old V-Day? Having a spawn free lunch with the husband followed by us having awkward pregnancy sex. Try get that image out of your head…..


Merry Christmas

I am going to keep this short and sweet because it is Christmas Day and we are hosting Christmas lunch. God I wish I could drink! Anyway I thought I would share with everyone who reads my posts


Hope you all enjoy the day with all the special people in your life.

( and have a glass of wine and eat a heap of deli meats and soft cheeses  for me)


IM OUT!!!!


Starbucks Christmas Beverages ROUND 2

ROUND 2! So this year there aren’t very much on the menu for Starbucks Australia Christmas drinks compared to last year. So because the pickings are slim I will be trying out hot and cold versions of drinks if they have both options. Sometimes drinks work better as a cold drink and taste like shit as a hot or vice versa.

This week we are trying out a:


How Starbucks Described it…..

“Inspired by everyone’s favourite Christmas cookie, the sweet and spicy flavours of gingerbread are the perfect match to our bold espresso. A special spice-infused whipped cream is then lovingly drizzled in golden ribbons of brown sugar sauce.” – STARBUCKS AUSTRALIA Website.

Well I was already sold on this being as I love gingerbread.

My Thoughts on the Beverage….

To start off sorry there is no photo, I ended up getting the latte through the drive through and it was a hot beverage so it really looked like any old latte. With something Ive never done which was have whipped cream and syrup put on my hot drink! I thought why not try it on top. this will taste great I will enjoy it for sure a bit of extra sugar might perk me up. A little bit of info I’m not a person who likes the idea of putting whipped cream on hot drinks (that includes hot chocolate) I find it weird. Sure its ok on warm desserts or cold drinks but I feel it doesn’t have any business on top of hot drinks.

Anyway about the drink. Smelling it straight away I had that Christmassy gingerbread scent that I love so much (seriously I want to bake gingerbread just so my house smells of it). Now the first sip I got a big ass mouthful of the cream and syrup mixed with the drink, it didn’t have the gingerbread taste I was expecting. It was a pretty strange taste to be honest it started off with a faint gingerbread taste but then morphed into something off. I thought it was the cream and syrup so I scooped the cream and syrup off to see if it had made any difference in the flavour and no it didn’t change a thing. It kind of tasted like the milk was bad or someone got the mixture wrong but it wasn’t pleasant. I was looking forward to this being similar to the chai/pumpkin spice lattes that they have with the spices all working together so well – some of them taste more like a freaking gingerbread cookie anyway. So this was a bit of a disappointment as in the flavour was not good, I will try the frappuccino version of this to see if it works better as a cold drink rather than a hot. Well see.



Also: If you are wanting to check out last years round two beverage adventure the link is below, since some of the drinks (not all) are on this years menu 



Surviving Halloween

Even though Halloween isn’t really an Australian holiday the spawn likes to celebrate it. She likes dressing up in costumes and spooky things (G rated spooky). Originally I was thinking of getting a pumpkin and making a Jack O Lantern with her and that would have been our Halloween fun. But really who am I kidding I’d have done all the work with her watching me. But I remembered a few years back buying a pumpkin and it was expensive to buy PLUS when I cut it open there was barely any meat so I couldn’t use the insides to make anything.

So I ended up doing some research for homes that participate in Trick or Treating near us. Lucky me I found a fair few houses – some in my street. She had her costume (she had many to chose from after her doing some damage in the Disney store), she ended up dressing up as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. So we were set. So I thought. With the costume, it came with a wig which I thought was enough. WRONG! She wanted me to put makeup on her to put her costume up to the next level. Because I wanted her to look like the character and not just a kid in makeup (she probably would have loved that shit – she loves makeup a little too much for a 4 year old) I went and bought some face paint to achieve her Sally look.

Now her costume consisted of a long sleeved dress, leggings and a wig. It was a good costume and being that it’s not always warm in Melbourne I thought it would be a perfect costume for at night when it got cooler. Like the idiot I am, I also forgot that living in Melbourne meant that we pretty much have every season in a week and Halloween happened to fall on a hot ass day! To top it off the temperature wouldn’t be dropping over night because the next day was going to be just as hot. Yayyyyy.

But my spawn was set for her Sally costume so of course we just left her in the dress without the leggings, wear sandals and I would carry around the biggest bottle of water imaginable with me. When it came to painting her face I did it right near a fan to make sure she stayed cool and that it would dry nice and quickly. I had a picture of the character on my phone and did my best to re-create the look. The end result I think was a success, we were happy and you could tell it was the character, I of course used red matte lipstick on her lips and not face paint – knowing it would last longer and if she licked her lips it wouldn’t smudge. There was an issue, the paint wouldn’t dry! She sat in front of the fan for 20 minutes and the fucking paint didn’t dry at all. I didn’t want it to rub of moments after she stepped out the door so I had to think quickly to keep everything in place.

I had to crack out my makeup supplies. First thing I did was go over the black painted stitching with some liquid eyeliner, I knew it would stay longer. I then had to dab some setting powder and setting spray to her face in hope it would preserve the look for longer than a few seconds. It sort of worked and we managed to get her wig on with no issues. It was actually a pretty good wig for a costume…..I may use it one day if I need a disguise for some reason.


The Trick or Treating experience was actually really good and surprising how many people got involved. We went with my cousin and her spawn. The kids had a great time we lasted close to two hours when my spawn called it a night and took off her wig. I knew it was coming to the end of our excursion by looking at her, she resembled me after a night out. Hair a mess and makeup smeared all over my face while holding a bag full of junk food. Like mother like daughter. I will admit I am pretty proud of the fact she lasted that long with a hot wig on and refused to take it off. She really will sacrifice for beauty.

Overall it was a good night and she absolutely loved this whole night. Next year I will dress up to so I can join in on the fun. I totally forgot to do something for me and just wore black cat ears (which I stole from my kid) and called it a night. Next year I’ll put some effort it I think. I do get this is kind of an adopted holiday and not technically an Australian holiday. But who cares the kids love it and it’s a bit of fun. I will say this though….if you are going trick or treating WEAR A GOD DAMN COSTUME! I saw so many teenager walking around doing this not in costume. Alright I’m going to start a rant if I keep going so Halloween was great!



Well Easter/Good Friday is creeping up and all of the Eater products are out in force – well technically all of the Easter shit has been out since December 26! But anyway I do like to enjoy Hot Cross Buns around Easter and by that I mean the week of otherwise eating that many in the lead up would just be over kill. Now when I say I like hot cross buns i mean the traditional fruit ones. NOT those stupid chocolate hot cross buns! We have chocolate eggs – we don’t need to add anymore chocolate to the celebration! I like the traditional buns they are the best and the original. So in the lead up to Good Friday I thought hey why not try Hot Cross Buns flavoured treats….


These I was pretty curious about. I mean there aren’t really any flavours of M and Ms that Ive tried that I didn’t like. So I was fairly confident that they would taste pretty good.  The Colours they had were obviously to look like they were hot cross buns flavoured – but when looking at them they kinda looked like coffee. I think the colours just reminded me of coffee m n ms (Or I was really in need of a latte). These tasted nice and I did eat the whole bag – yes I’m a pig! They had the spices that go into a hot cross bun but I kinda felt like I was eating small chocolate flavoured hot cross buns. I think that if your a big fan of the chocolate flavoured buns go for these, but if your more into the traditional ones these won’t be your jam. But if your a big M n Ms crack head and never really have any issue with the flavours GO NUTS!!!img_9339

Ok so this ice cream caught my eye one day at the supermarket sculking through the freezer section looking for good ice cream on special. In my mind when buying this I thought for some reason it would be a lot similar to a doughnut ice cream I’ve had that had chunks of doughnuts in it (it was amazing!!). But instead of doughnut, hot cross bun. I admit without actually looking at the damn tub before eating some of it, I realised that there was cookie dough mixed in with the ice-cream swell as sultanas which was pretty good. But a surprise because I didn’t read the tub – like an idiot. The ice cream was good, adding the sultanas in it was great swell as the cookie dough. BUT. I felt that it kind of tasted a lot like gingerbread ice cream with sultans in it. As if it was just re-labeled christmas ice cream (probably was). The ice cream itself wasn’t bad at all I just felt it tasted a lot like gingerbread ice cream.

So I tried these hot cross bun flavoured sweets…..I suggest just going to buy the actual buns instead. I am curious if any other country celebrates Good Friday with hot cross buns. I know you eat fish on Good Friday (thats why every open fish and chip store has a line out the door) but I want to know if any other country has hot cross buns? I have never seen anyone outside of Australia make these or eat them.

IM OUT!!!!



Happy New Years!

I will try to keep this short and sweet because Im sure that everyone will be out and getting up to shenanigans by now



Enjoy welcoming 2019 and try not to get too crazy, ya know like steal a tiger. To all of the people that have been following my blog thank you for taking time to check out my page.




Alright, ROUND 2 with trying out Starbucks Christmas beverages. The first drink I tried I did like so when I looked up my next coffee tasting adventure I came across the Holiday Spice Flat White. The following taken from the Starbucks AU website describes the drink:

“Freshly drawn shots of espresso dance together with sweet, warm holiday spices and soft citrus undertones of tangerine essence. An Aussie coffeehouse classic with a heartwarming Christmas twist.”

This did intrigue me, because Christmas is in summer (well in Australia it is) you kind of want to move towards a more fruity taste in your drinks. Its always a struggle with me considering I don’t really drink those Frappes with the fruity flavour, so I wouldn’t actually mind coming across a coffee with a bit of a fruity undertone to it. OOOOOO thats an idea maybe an orange and spice coffee (its probably already been done) I remember having a tea once that was orange and spices and it was so delicious and wasn’t too overpowering with taste. If it hasn’t been done and you run a coffee shop theres an idea right there kids.

Anyway back to the beverage, I was hoping this would, be a completely different flavour. You know something that you haven’t really tasted ever before. I was a bit disappointed not going to lie. When taking my first sip its really just tasted like a chai latte, it really did. Which made me wonder if they just re-packaged a chai latte as a christmas beverage. But I continued on drinking it because i really wanted to taste a bit of tangerine with this drink. After I had a few more sips of my latte I did get a very very slight aftertaste of something, I wouldn’t say it really tasted a lot like a tangerine aftertaste or really any undertone – I can’t really put my finger on it but it wasn’t tangerine. So the drink wasn’t bad in itself, it was sweet – so anyone who likes sweet hot drinks would like this. I think i was hoping for a kind of new flavour than the standard flavours that come with coffee, you know – cinnamon, chocolate, caramel etc. I wanted it to be a mixed up you know something different and outside of the box.

I was looking for a really WOW factor drink but, it fell flat for me. Oh well I tried it, not a fan, movin on. I have one more drink off of the Christmas menu Im going to try and I am nervous as fuck about trying it. Stay tuned….


Gift ideas for the gift giver who is lazy as F**k


Christmas is the time of year that everyone all of a sudden becomes INSANE! Every shopping centre is flooded with aggressive adults rushing around and children throwing tantrums around every corner. Its enough to make anyone want to stay home and not venture out into the world until the Christmas period is over. BUT WAIT! You do have to venture out into the world to go out and get gifts for all of the family and friends, because no one can tell you what they want for christmas in October.

So with all of this chaos plus preparing for Christmas Day it becomes a bit draining and all you want to do is lay on the couch watching trash TV, drinking wine and eating your weight in fruit mince pies. With all of the mental people preparing its seems like too much of an effort to go out into the world and not to mention it becomes even harder when the person you are buying a gift for pulls the “ohhh I don’t mind just get me whatever” line. NO! Overtime people say this line I know they know what they want but they just don’t want to say it . Then it becomes a guessing game, and frankly you always end up spending heaps of money on a gift they hate.

So Ive made up a list of a few ideas for gifts for the people are lazy as fuck and just want Christmas over and done with…….



These are a lifesaver! You can buy these at the supermarket and they have a large range for many many stores and even sell a VISA gift card which works as a credit card. These are great so then the person receiving can actually buy what they want and not get a gift they aren’t too keen on.



This is a gift more for the females (or the men who are really into their skin and candle products).  The bonus is the packaging is usually really beautiful and requires just a simple bow on top to add to it.



Anything that could make them have a giggle is always great, whether it being a coffee mug or magnet or T-shirt. It could even be something that represents an event or someones quirks or personality. Its not too hard to find anything like this you can get a gag gift pretty much anywhere and don’t have to break the bank. The great part is it won’t hurt your brain to figure out what to get.



I mean really this is a super easy one. Since your at the liquor shop anyway getting your holiday drinks why not get one extra bottle. Most bottle shops sell gift bags with cards too so your pretty much sorted without having to go to several stores. Who doesn’t love a bottle of wine given to them.


I like giving gifts to my loved ones when they are straight up with what they want for Christmas. Well as long as its not ridiculously expensive. Or something illegal. Not to mention I’m a total freak, I love to wrap gifts. Only because I’m an absolute perfectionist and have to have gift looking so perfectly wrapped you would think its off of a Pinterest board.

Well happy hunting for Christmas gifts kids