Not Happy Jan!

So last week I was sick, it was bullshit! Runny nose, cough, night sweats (I mean it was BAD so many PJs changed) ear infection and headaches. Seriously when I was a teenager it would have been amazing because it meant a week off of school but in my 30’s its horseshit especially if you … More Not Happy Jan!

Well S**T

It finally happened, Covid hit my household. Out of honesty I’m pretty shocked this didn’t happen sooner but hey seems to be that everyone is having their turn lately catching this so it was bound to happen. The oldest spawn came home last week and tested positive- I rapid tested her because she had a … More Well S**T

Just a little Rant

Hey friends, a small disclaimer this post won’t include me trying anything out or reviewing anything so I totally understand if you want to skip this weeks post. I was planning on just not posting anything this week but I didn’t want to throw myself into bad patterns like I did in 2019. So recently … More Just a little Rant


Along with Christmas, Easter is the time of year we’re all of the people on a health kick or weight loss journey seem to drop the ball and give in to the temptation of eating something naughty. Why wouldn’t they? Everywhere you turn there are Easter eggs and Hot Cross Buns as far as the eyes can … More EASTER VS DIETS