Valentines Challenge

So Valentines Day is coming up, sorry guys no ascetically pleasing house decor, food or gifts coming from me. I will however be providing a Valentines Challenge inspired by a Tik Tok trend. I came across the Couples Target Challenge, were couples are given categories in which to buy gifts for their significant other and … More Valentines Challenge

Ooooo Gingerbread

Of course I had to kick off this year with a Billsons post. This particular one I have been curious to try since I pulled it out of my Christmas Advent calendar. To me this could go either way it could taste just like gingerbread in liquid form or could just be a lazy interpretation … More Ooooo Gingerbread

I’m back!!!

Hello friends, I’m back after my brief hiatus. First off Happy 2023! I honestly was planning on returning sooner but, School Holidays. I crap you not it has been non stop with the spawns in my face, following me everywhere I go – I go to the toilet I will have a set of eyes … More I’m back!!!

F**K OFF 2022!

AAAAAnd that’s a wrap for 2022 friends!!! Posting this nice and early since I will be either celebrating later or in bed- It could go either way at this point. I just want to come on here and say that you to all of you that read what I write, I enjoy doing this and … More F**K OFF 2022!

One Day Cleanse

I thought I would mix it up and try something new, a juice cleanse. I have been feeling a bit off lately and it hasn’t helped that the second spawn has decided she no longer wants to sleep. The precious little turd has been giving me the worst broken sleep. You’d think I have a … More One Day Cleanse