Can these Make a COME BACK

Ok so I know I am not the only one who does this, keeps items of clothing for years (cough, ten years) and blatantly refuses to throw out that item…..well I have a lot. Anyway what I thought I would do while moving is finally see if these item are worth keeping or if they ran their course and need to go to a new home. I modelled these items (yes I am aware I don’t have a model body…..I am a potato) so keep the nasty comment to yourself I am aware how I look friend. Oh and apologies for the stupid pose…..I channeled my inner male catalogue model for some reason.


Well start off with these oldies I bought when I was 18!!! Just let that sink in for a minute 18!!!!! I’m 33, they have been living in my drawer for over a decade. Pulling these out I thought yes these look like the MOM JEANS that are so much in style at the moment. Yes perfect putting them on the went up my legs no issue. It was once I buttoned them up I realised the big problem. No they did button up, they fit fine. But and this is a big but, they were hipster pants!!! I forget these were in style in 2007. These pants were too low for one my higher underwear and two they rubbed like hell on my c-section scar. SERIOUSLY how did women wear jeans after a c-section then! So sadly these pants had to go.


Um these pants I bought on my very first trip to the US. I was excited about going to Victoria Secret and I admit I went a bit stupid buying things. I honestly don’t know what was going on in my head when I bought these. I wasn’t a huge fan of the colour pink back then, I probably had one or two items in my closet that were pink and why the hell would I get such bright track pants. The only this is the cut of these pants I like because I am so short they sit at a good length when its coming out of winter to a bit warmer weather but still has a chill in the air. I almost kept these but the giant PINK written on the butt I couldn’t get past it just took me back to the early 2000’s and made me think of Paris Hilton in those Juicy tracksuits. Plus the husbands constant jokes about me showing my PINK were getting old. Nope sorry these had to go.


These maroon jeans were another pair I loved these were so comfortable, I honestly can’t remember when I bought these I know I was in my 20’s but I can’t remember when. Anyway they still are pretty comfortable they are more of a mid waist fit which was good but the second I moved they started to drop a bit and we ended up with c-section scar rubbing, underwear showing hipster pants. I really do forget the 2000’s were the years of the butt-crack. Again sad to see these go but its just not happening, Ive got to pick up the mini antichrist the second I bender Im opening myself up for a coin being dropped in the crack.


These jeans were my good going out pants I loved these pants. I think what made them special was the fact I bought these when I was at my heaviest and I bought these as a goal so that one day I’d fit into them and yeah I hit that goal. Unfortunately for me these looked good, it was more mid waist and wouldn’t rub, but they were a little lose around the waist and the butt. Im guessing because my body has changed and the proportions have changed I have no idea but I didn’t want jeans that Im hitching up every two steps because they were falling. Good luck at your new home my friend you shall make your new owner look great.


I bought this dress in late 2019 when I had just found out I was pregnant with number 2. I thought this was great to help me not feel as self conscious when I hit the stage that I don’t look pregnant I just look like Ive had a bad breakup and wanted to heal the hurt by filling the void with food. This then became my potential birthing dress/top only because remember back then lockdown was happening and I honestly didn’t want to pay for a shitty old top/nighty that I knew I’d throw out immediately after the birth. Well obviously I didn’t use it for birth because I had an emergency c-section. I have this in black as well and it looks a lot nicer than this, I wear it for that time of the month when kicking around the house or just before I go to pole class in the summer (easy on and off). So this colour just made me look like I was wearing a sack so it had to go.

So as you see some items it was a little hard to part with but in the end they all went off to a new home. I can’t Marie Kondo my clothes (then I would say everything SPARKS JOY) I just have to be honest with myself, will I wear it. These I just know I had to give away. So we have moved into the new house this is why this post is a little delayed because we have had one thing after the other happen when its come to moving into this house. So anyhow the posts will be up and back on schedule next week so stay tuned kids.


Look of the Week

This week look is…..

Mentally Preparing to Ditch the Loungewear

Things are looking up her in Victoria, restrictions are easing and things are opening up. The cases have been at zero for 14 days (thats a lot of doughnuts). But as things are opening up I need to think about wearing proper clothes. While hiding out in my Pole room in my house (yes I have one in my house- its also my office) I came to the realisation that I will have to slowly ditch the clothes that are really for bumming around. I have no excuse Im not longer pregnant (slowly losing the baby weight- not far off what I was before) and we are reaching the warmer months. Girl its time to clean up. For this weeks look its me slowly transitioning into becoming a human again and not the hot mess trying to figure out which track pants to wear. Of course this look had to be done on my small stage because its basically showcasing the uniform of 2020 THE YEAR OF SWEATPANTS. The look is totally fabulous with the topped off look of undone, re-growth hair and a pose that says ”I know theres a camera but I’ll pretend I’m mid conversation”.

LOOK DETAILS: Top from H & M, Pants from BAE The Label, Shoes from Converse, Stage pole from X-Pole and Swollen Face from Lack of sleep.

Smells Like Halloween

In my house I’m always burning candles or wax melts, I don’t know why but having a nice smell burning makes the house feel cleaner than it actually is. I used to use those plug in smelly defusers but I found I would go through them so so quickly. It also wasn’t practical for my house since for some reason my house is scarce with power plugs so I’d have to constantly remove the smelly to plug something in, fuck that. I moved onto those timed air fresheners that spray after a certain amount of time. It was good for a while but in the days I was home alone the spray would always go off at the worst time so it would almost be thrown across the room just out of fright. So I moved onto candles and melts. As well as making the house smell so beautiful it also sets a great relaxing mood. Anyway for years I’ve made my own candles and melts and I have had a pretty extensive supply with various scents that I’d burn depending on what I felt like. It’s only been recently that I realised I was almost out and honestly I just don’t have the time or ability to pay attention to what I’m doing with it so I thought I’d venture out to other brands to try out their ranges. I found the brand COCOSKIN on Instagram that was an Australian based company that sells melts, candles and many other bathroom essentials.

I have been wanting to buy some melts from them for a few weeks now but what really got me to buy them was the release of their Halloween Collection which included a trio of melts. 3 Melts all themed out for Halloween, Hell Yes! Thank god the only melts I had left we’re mistletoe and it’s too early for that shit. So within the trio was Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Trick or treat (Rainbow Sour Straps) and Sugar Skulls (candy Apples). With each of these melts when receiving them holy shit these definitely smelt amazing and made me crave some sugary goodness. Because all of these smelt so good I needed to figure out which one to burn throughout the house on Halloween so I did a little pre-burn testing to figure out which one would be the lucky melt. So I went through each one individually.

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Straight away I could tell what scent this is the Pumpkin Spice just smacks you in the face. When using the melt it made the room feel cosy and warm. This is a great melt for those miserable days outside and want to stay in. Sure Melbourne has those days often but its Spring now let’s try to get out of the stretchy pants, take our Claritin and enjoy the more sweeter or floral scents. I do like the smell of this melt but hey I do like the smell of pumpkin spice, it’s a very homely scent. But when I smell it I honestly don’t think Halloween. Yes I know pumpkins are apart of Halloween but to me the scent just makes me think Pinterest home.

Trick or Treat

Oh god this melt smells like lollies! This one I swear will be my undoing with my weight loss. It smells as if someone has opened a bag of lollies in my house. It’s a delightful scent that I think sits perfectly with spring (even if Melbourne spring is bullshit hot one day cold the next). I did associate this with Halloween because the scent just seemed cheerful and fun and the spawn loved it straight out of the box. All I could think of was all of the sugary goodness we’ll be enhal

Sugar Skull

This one didn’t smell bad but it wasn’t my first choice for a scent. It has a sour/ sweet scent which again wasn’t to bad but it kind of reminded me of those fancy soaps people give you from school fairs or markets. They smell good and are nice gifts but never seem to get used. They always sit in a bowl or the bathroom draw and are never used as the intended purpose to clean. Yeah I’m rambling, but yes it smells like that.

So I have settled on the Trick or Treat scent for Halloween. Since I have a few wax burners around the house I’ll use the remainder melts on Saturday and get my house smelling like I’m trying to lure Hansel and Gretel. Probably is a more fitting scent anyway. So of course I’ve included the website below, check them out they sell more than melts of course. Things like soaps and lip balms and all the essentials for a pampering session.

IM OUT!!!!

Too Faced Sweet Smell of Christmas Matte Lipsticks

For a while now i’ve stayed clear of Matte lipsticks/liquid lipstick only because I had a somewhat bad experience with one. It was from a high end brand (not going to name the brand) and it was a beautiful colour. But when I used it I found that it would dry out my lips really really bad (you know to the point it would leave chunks on your lips) and would just look disgusting. It also would smudge on everything it wouldn’t take much to move the lipstick. You’d think with it getting so dry on my lips it would stay, NOPE! So yes  I stayed away from Matte lipsticks for a while, that is until I tried my luck with the Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid lipsticks and my faith in Matte lipsticks was restored.

Being as Christmas is coming up a lot of holiday products are being released, one of which being the the Too Faced, The Sweet Smell of Christmas matte liquid lipsticks set. I do like Too Faced products, with everything I’ve bought from them I can’t fault so to me they can’t do no wrong. I recently received a matte liquid lipstick sample from them when making a big order from MECCA. I actually loved the lipstick it didn’t move and it didn’t dry my lips and make them look disgusting. So I was on the lookout for some matte liquid lipsticks from them and then I came across their holiday collection. Straight away I was sold 4x liquid lipsticks All colours I would wear. I admit Im not very adventurous with lipsticks I prefer to go towards very neutral colours and reds. Which actually works out good for Christmas with parties and events. So of course I bought the set.

Because I didn’t want to venture out into the world with the Christmas crazies I just waited until it arrived in the mail. Didn’t wait to long so I was happy. First of all when I opened up the box from MECCA, holy crap they put in the extra touch in their online deliveries! I opened up my delivery box to find a shiny rainbow box, it was like a gift, it was so beautiful – This wasn’t even the products packaging this was from the store! So once I got through the tissue paper (I most likely will use this box for wrapping a Christmas gift for someone) I got to the Too Faced box. Its a very cute packaging with all of the Christmas stockings hanging off of the top. I do like all of the Too Faced Packaging its very girly and its very sweet.


So lets get to the Liquid lipsticks. The lipsticks were all different flavours with different scents, to go with the Christmas theme. The different scents/colours consisted of: Pumpkin Spice, Sugar Cookie, Cinnamon Bear and Hot Buttered Rum. All of these had there on individual designs on the lipsticks lid that reflected the flavour. I actually saw online someone had reviewed the lipsticks as not really a good match fro people with pale skin, I couldn’t disagree more. I have very pale skin and a lot of lipsticks tend to work against my skin and make me look like I’m the living dead or that I have no lips at all, you know just doesn’t suit me. This is the first time I have gotten a pack of lipsticks were all of the colours actually work with my skin tine and that I actually like. So trying out each one they scents for each lipstick smelt so delicious I was so close to eating them, they smelt soo amazing.


Go check these out in your closest cosmetics/skincare store try them out on your skin to see if they suit you (don’t put testers on your lips like some weirdos do- highway to herpes town). They are a good combination of day and night shades and will mix in well with Christmas celebrations. The only problem I have with these is now I have to decide what one I’m wearing to what event – errr Dramaaaaaaa.


Weight Loss Coffee


Yes you read right my friends. WEIGHT LOSS COFFEE! In one of my late night online shopping sprees I came across an advertisement for coffee that apparently assisted with weight loss. SKINNY COFFEE CLUB. Of course I was sceptical. Over the years I’ve tried out many “weight loss teas/ coffees” that apparently would help you lose weight. But turned out to be liquid laxatives that made you feel as if you were on ecstasy. I mean sure they would make me drop a few KGs but it would just be water weight and it be only temporary – I could have saved money by buying a pack of laxatives. So with the list of benefits this coffee has it was intriguing:

  • 94% lost weight fast
  • 92% seen visible results
  • 97% had increased energy levels
  • 92% had an improved complexion
  • Free weight loss & exercise plan
  • 95% experienced a reduction in appetite
  • 96% maintained weight after weight loss
  • 97% reduced bloating fast
  • 99% said it tastes amazing!
  • 99% felt better in themselves

With all of the product reviews about the coffee on the site I thought hey why not try it, my wedding anniversary is creeping up and maybe dropping a few kilos wouldn’t hurt. So I purchased the 28 days supply of the Skinny Coffee Club Instant coffee. It took just over a week to arrive because it was coming from the UK, so it’s not too bad with timing. It really looked like black coffee, you have the option to put dairy free milk in it if your not too keen with black coffee – I just kept it black.


So for the first week I really stuck to my normal eating habits ( with the exception of some extra sugar due to being a female and that time of month approaching) and because I’m fairly active I didn’t add any extra workouts to my routine. So with the coffee all you do is drink one cup of the coffee in the morning and thats about it. The taste wasn’t too bad it just tasted like normal coffee, Im actually happy with that. I was worried that it would taste like watery coffee or be really bitter but it really just tasted like any instant coffee that I have in my kitchen.The first week I lost about 1/2 a kilo, which is good but really I didn’t follow the weight loss diet provided with the coffee so if I wanted to reach the level of results most of the reviews had I knew I had to follow the weight loss eating guide. The food guide wasn’t to dramatic to what I usually eat within a day so I didn’t have any issues following it – I usually don’t follow food guides well. I hate being told what to eat!

With the Skinny Coffee Club weight loss program I did lose weight, not a massive amount but I did loose some weight. Honestly this worked so well because I followed a weight loss meal plan for it, the coffee I reckon did help but I don’t really credit it for the over all results. For me if I wanted to lose a big amount of weight I wouldn’t rely on this because it does help but really eating healthy and regular exercise is what you need if you want to lose heaps of weight. If your reaching the end of your weight loss journey I reckon you could use this to help you push to those last few kilos. But don’t really follow what Im saying this is just my opinion – go to a professional who can tell you the steps. I didn’t show my results only because if say someone saw my before picture and Im portraying it as a negative, my before picture might be someones after picture so it would put them down. Anyway back to overall results my complexion didn’t improve and it didn’t change my energy levels. I think I will only buy this again if Ive had a holiday were i ate a lot of crap food and drank a lot and just need a re-boot once I get home. If you want to give it a try go for it, remember what may not have amazing results for one person may be fantastic for another. I’ll leave the link to the site below for you to check it out yourself.




I’ve seen Dermalogica for a while now in stores and never really thought anything of it, I think it could have been because of the packaging i associated it with hard core acne solutions like Proactive and all that crap. So Ive been using TARTE for almost a year now for washing my face and ESTEE LAUDER as moisturiser. I was happy with my routine and didn’t really have any plans to change it up. Until when I made a purchase online I received a few products samples one being Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a rice-based powder that exfoliates skin and helps create smoother and brighter skin. As the back of the jar states.

When trying the Micofoliant NO SHIT it made my skin look a lot better, it looked brighter and clearer after only a few uses of a sample. Yes a tiny sample that had multiple uses! So the sample sold me, I had to buy more. Because I was pretty happy with my TARTE Deep Dive Cleansing Gel I didn’t want to commit to buying all of the Dermalogica products and it turned out that only one product meshed with my skin and the rest stuffed it. So I went to MECCA and bought the Meet Dermalogica Skin Care Kit. This kit consisted of 4 x travel sized Dermalogica products to help create a great daily skin care regime.

4 products skin care kit included;

Special Cleansing Gel (50ml)

“Lathering gel-to-foam formulation deeply cleanses, removing dirt, toxins and impurities, without stripping the skin of it’s natural oils. “ I admit I was very hesitant with this because I was worried it would dry out my skin and make me have dry patches on my face. It didn’t (thank FUCK) it helped with a lot of my pimples, which was amazing because I was breaking out BAD at the time.

Daily Microfoliant (13g)

“skin brightening complex aids the process of balancing uneven skin tone, while rice bran and rice extract micro-exfoliate dead cells from the surface of your skin while regulating melanin production. In addition, the calming blend of green tea, ginkgo and colloidal oatmeal remedies inflammation to leave the skin feeling clear and fresh” This by its self was great with brightening my skin but it looked soo good when I used the Microfoliant AFTER the Special Cleansing Gel.

Skin Smoothing Cream (22ml)

“This medium-weight, antioxidant-rich emollient soothes and restores moisture with extracts of mallow, cucumber and arnica, lecithin and aloe vera, retexturises skin with silk amino acids and fights free radical damage with grape seed extract and vitamins A, C and E. Complexion is left smoother, more supple and even-toned” The moisturiser I only needed a small amount with and it did moisturise my skin without making it too oily. I have tried others that have made my skin feel uber smooth but it worked in well with all the other products.

Multivitamin Power Firm(5ml)

“Provide targeted treatment and combat fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity with this advanced firming formulation. Developed specifically for these delicate areas of the face, this powerful, antioxiant-rich complex is infused with vitamins A, C and E to soften fine lines and wrinkles, boost elasticity, firm and protect against free radical damage” They eye cream I think was great it did reduce some of my fine lines under my eyes (I’m not the old but after 3 years with very little sleep it looks like its taken its toll) like all eye creams it didn’t get rid of them completely but it did reduce the lines. I never get why people complain about anti wrinkle creams not getting rid of wrinkles, I dont think there is any that can get rid of them completely. Just get Botox if you want to get rid of lines completely.

(All details on products are from back of products as reference)

My overall skin routine now is; Dermalogica fab four products (as I call them) at night because I have a lot more time to concentrate on my skin and take my time. Where in the morning I stick to the TARTE Deep Dive Cleansing Gel  as a face wash and the Dermalogica Moisturiser to moisturise to keep it quick and simple. So far over the last few weeks my skin has significantly improved. My skin is more hydrated and the break outs are less dramatic. I still get a little pimple here and there but its not like I have a monster growth on my face. With my skin improving Ive found that my makeup is sitting better on my face and looking less patchy. Since I’ve gotten older Ive taken more consideration into my skin care, I know I should of been looking after my skin many many years ago but ya know I was a slack ass. So Ive actually bought the regular sized Dermalogica skin care products because I was just so so happy with my purchase. Give the Meet Dermalogica Skin Care Kit a go if you are wanting to start a skin care regime and not sure were to start.


Trying Kylie Cosmetics for the FIRST TIME

I admit it, Im not the biggest fan of the Kardashian/ Jenner girls. Its nothing personal I just never really got into their reality show so they kind of weren’t anything special to me. Don’t get me wrong I know a bit about them because nearly every article online or in magazines are pretty much about them and their lives- so I can’t escape them. Years ago when Kylie Cosmetics had first released I didn’t really care really. Lipstick/ lipgloss don’t care. So this line has never been a bleep on my radar, AT ALL.

So when my cousin had made up some purchases with Kylie, she had actually bought extras for me to try. If it didn’t like them she’d have them as extras (one for home one to go in her bag). So Ive heard mixed reviews about these from friends, some saying they are the best thing since sliced bread and others saying they can get better ones elsewhere. So I had got 2 nude coloured Matte Liquid Lipsticks (of course with liners). First of all, I usually own red/ plum lipsticks so this was a first for me. Second I tend to keep away from liquid Lipsticks at the fear that they tend to smudge a but and get everywhere. So she got the colours MALIBOO and KHLO$ (from the KOKO collection) for me to try. When she handed me the boxes she said take these home and give them a whirl these colours would look good with your skin tone. Have to admit the bitch was right ( she’s family we call each other bitch).

So I took these home to try out. When putting on these lipsticks they went on very smoothly and didn’t bleed all over my face they dried fairly quickly so I didn’t have to be paranoid about getting lippie all over the place. With some matte lipsticks I find that they dry out my lips and leave them looking dry and crusty as the day goes on. These actually stayed looking on point with no smudging at all or any dryness what so ever. I was pretty happy that while I was eating and drinking the lipstick didn’t come off only a tiny bit came off and I didn’t need to reapply nearly as much as I would normally have to with any other lipsticks Ive used normally. After the initial test runs at home – yes I was makeup-less in the comfortable clothes walking around the house with fabulous painted lips. Got a bit of a weird look from the mailman. I to the MALIBOO out for a test drive (with a full face of makeup and looking decent) out for a coffee date and was very happy with no lipstick going into my teeth and I did get compliments for my lipstick.

With trying these out and happy with the products I did end up contacting my cousin telling her that I had planned to keep these and that I was very happy that she had got these for me. She agreed that both of these were perfect shades and these were worth having.

After using these lip kits I do like them a lot and the colours are perfect for my skin. It hasn’t changed my mid about the Kardashian/ Jenner’s, Ill never get into the show I just can’t. But I will be defiantly checking out more of these liquid lipsticks  and making a few purchases. Good thing my cousin had bought these for me, I am behind with getting onto the Kylie Cosmetics wagon – but hey! Better late than never.


Fathers Day Gift Ideas- for the lazy spawns

Righto kids, Fathers Day is approaching FAST! This day is always the most stressful day for me when it comes to looking for a gift for my dad. I never know what to fucking get him! Whenever I ask I always get a grunt followed by “oh whatever you get me is fine”. Don’t fall for that line by the way. ITS A TRAP! So Ive created a list of last minute gifts for dad this Fathers Day….

BOOZE  Now like a few of the other suggestions this gift has come up in a few other gift ideas posts. This one is fairly easy, just go to the nearest liquor store and get your dads favourite alcoholic beverage. Try to not go for the cheapest choice her guys (unless he only likes cheap alcohol), example if your dad like scotch don’t go for the dirt cheap kind try to spend a bit more for a decent bottle- but not a ridiculous amount of course.

GIFT VOUCHER Another easy gift idea! This was he can go to his favourite store and buy whatever his heart desires! What I have gotten my dad in the past is a Bunnings Warehouse (Home and hardwares store) gift voucher and he is absolutely over the moon he loves to go spend a fair amount of time in in the Home hardware store. Another idea for a voucher is a VISA gift card its a voucher you can use online and instore at any store because it acts kind of like a credit card- with only the amount you put on it.

BBQ TOOLS KIT Please for the love of god make sure your dad actually has a BBQ! These kids are pretty easy to find and the prices range from about $15 + depending on the quality and also how many tools you get in the pack. Usually just go for the simple pack otherwise a lot of weird Bbq cooking tools will be just taking up space.

CAR WASH KIT If your dad car is his pride and joy this would be a good gift for him to keep his car clean and still his pride and joy.

DIY DAD SHOW BAG This one can be fun you can make up a show bag with all dads favourite treats, toiletries, a mini bottles of alcohol and whatever else you want to put in it. You just have to get a big gift bag and fill it with goodies. If you want to put that bit more into it maybe make up a label saying DADS BAG or something like that to add that personal touch.

A FRAMED PHOTO OF HIS FAVOURITE CHILD (you) This one is always a meaningful gift for dad maybe try to get a nice frame and find a good photo of yourself for him to have. If you don’t have any nice photos (or appropriate photos to give your dad) you can always wrap a photo frame up and when he opens it tell him you will get a photo with him. It be a nice photo on Fathers Day with Dad and child or children if you want to include siblings…….

One big thing here guys try to avoid getting dad the same gift every year. Don’t keep buying him a BBQ kit because it will be pretty obvious that you don’t put any thought into his gifts. Don’t forget to add the card with the gift! 



Just Peachy – Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette


Back in February when I was in Vegas I saw the Too Faced, Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette when shopping in Sephora. I remember looking at the palette with a basket full of products in my hand contemplating whether to get it or the Natural Matte Palette. I had been wondering around the store battling with myself on which one to get but I ended up getting the Natural Matte instead. I am happy I got the Natural Matte but I could stop thinking about the Just Peachy Palette.

So about a week after I arrived home I decided to go to Mecca to go in a buy the Just Peachy Palette. I was ready for the beautiful colours for my eyes and to be honest I needed a change up from the normal natural colours I always wear. Im very vanilla and stick to the same bloody colours when it comes to eyeshadows. So me actually loving the colours on this palette was a big deal. So when I walked into the store I ran straight to the Too Faced section of the store… Just Peachy. I went to a staff member asking if they had it in stock or were getting any in soon, the girl told me they didn’t stock the Peaches and Cream Collection. I was shattered (but I should have looked on the website before wasting a trip to the store, IDIOT) but I was optimistic, I could get it online from the Too Faced website.

As soon as I got home I hopped on my laptop and ventured to the Too Faced website, AWESOME!! They still had the palette online and in stock. I selected the palette and proceeded to checkout. When trying to checkout I realised Australia wasn’t coming up (what the fuck!) so I had look around the site to see why Australia wasn’t coming up. It turned out that Too Faced don’t ship to Australia. Bloody Hell, I choose to like a palette I cannot seem to get here. Looking around the internet I tried looking up where I could buy the palette and a few Ebay/ Gumtree pages came up. But I wasn’t game enough to buy any makeup off of someone other than a trusted store. Someone else could have used it before me (gross germs) or it could be a fake with god knows what ingredients in it (poop). So I had to settle with the idea that I may never get this palette unless Im back over in the US anytime soon.

Then one fateful day when scrolling through Instagram while on the toilet (we all do it) Mecca was advertising they were bringing in the Peaches and Cream Collection to their stores. My mind was blown I CAN FINALLY GET THIS PALETTE!!! After many months wanting it, I could finally get it. The release date was set for July 31st, I was ready and raring to buy this. The night before I was so excited I kept going to the website to refresh the count down to see how many hours/seconds left until I could buy it. When the countdown hit zero I was clicking away purchasing my palette. Success I finally have it, well until it arrived in the post 1-2 days later. It arrived very very quickly, I ordered it on Tuesday Morning and received it Wednesday afternoon (super quick).


I opened up my package to the beautiful small Too Faced box. Sure it crossed my mind that I was building this palette up in my mind as something spectacular and it turned out to be crap….This was not the case however. when opening up the palette the colours where as beautiful as Ive seen in pictures and as I remember from the start of the year. Not damaged or anything. The palette has a sublet scent to it of peach and fig. The smell wasn’t to overpowering that it would make you feel sick and it didn’t have a chemical smell to it either. Just perfect. Now time to apply the eyeshadow to my eyes. The eyeshadow was very pigmented so I didn’t have to keep applying it in order to actually see the colours on my eyes, they went on very smoothly and the eyeshadow didn’t flake off when I applied it.

I have had a lot of cheap and some more pricey eyeshadows leave flakes on my face when I’ve applied it to my face, but in this case it didn’t it went on nice and smooth. All of the colours blended well as I was creating my eye look. HA look at me acting like a makeup artist that knows what they are talking about. No I know the basics I am in no way shape or form a make up professional Im just a female who loves her makeup.I am aware this has been around for a while but like I said it hasn’t been in Australia, so this was very exciting for me.