F**K OFF 2022!

AAAAAnd that’s a wrap for 2022 friends!!! Posting this nice and early since I will be either celebrating later or in bed- It could go either way at this point. I just want to come on here and say that you to all of you that read what I write, I enjoy doing this and … More F**K OFF 2022!


The Boujee Camper

In one of the many random purchases my husband has made and surprised me with this take the cake. A few months ago my husband came home and told me he had bought a caravan for some future family holidays. As much as this was a surprise it’s honestly wasn’t a bad one, I had … More The Boujee Camper

From me to you

I would like to say…. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Thank you to everyone who actually reads my written insanity. Have an amazing holidays, eat drink and be merry…….and stay out of family drama – just get a good spot to watch it. IM OUT!!!!

Boozy Candy Cane

Hell yes we are trying the Christmas themed Billsons. This flavour I received in the advent calendar (which I checked out every day to see what flavours I got). As it was my absolute delight getting this unique flavour in my calendar, I was going into this a bit wary on how the flavours would … More Boozy Candy Cane

Starbucks Christmas

With it being December and the lead up to Christmas a lot of places are bringing out their Christmas collections of products. One place in particular that captures my attention is Starbucks. A few years ago I went and tried all of the different Christmas drinks available, they haven’t really changed up the selection in … More Starbucks Christmas