What’s all the Hub Bub?

LOTUS Biscoff is something I have seen everywhere, from cafes to protein shakes I have seen the Biscoff flavour. Over the last year maybe year and a half I have seen it everywhere! All these places selling this flavour. For this who aren’t familiar with this product, the LOTUS Biscoff is a biscuit with aContinue reading “What’s all the Hub Bub?”

This Calls for a Marg

Lately I’ve been really hankering for something a bit more on the lemon/lime flavours. After a few homemade lemon flavoured cocktails and a terrible Limoncello experience (I really need a good cocktail recipe for it) I realised the flavour I’m wanting is a margarita. I don’t know why but I’ve just been craving that bitchContinue reading “This Calls for a Marg”

Now this is a classic

So recently the husband thought it would be fun to bring back a blast from the past from the liquor store. A Vodka Mudshake. This is basically a very milky alcoholic beverage that I remember drinking when I was a teenager and had no idea that alcohol and milk do not mix well. Well aContinue reading “Now this is a classic”

Lets See if this Works…

So with the beautiful Melbourne weather of late (freezing my tits off weather), we’ve started to use our fire pit in the backyard a bit more to try warm up, cook marshmallows and maybe burn some evidence of any online shopping (if theres no boxes how will the husband know that I bought anything…..I couldContinue reading “Lets See if this Works…”

Hard Cold Brew

Recently while looking for another product at the liquor store, I came across this can thinking it was espresso martini in a can. Listen to me trying to sound fancy and all, let’s say how it is – I went to the bottle shop and came across something that caught my eye. When I stoppedContinue reading “Hard Cold Brew”

Brunch in a Bottle

So this I’ve had my eye on for a while now, overtime I see it I keep going “Oooo I have to try that out” and I always forget to. A bellini is always such a nice cocktail to enjoy at brunch or in the afternoon when you want to feel fancy, but its aContinue reading “Brunch in a Bottle”

What What Perky Butt

Now this product was bought purely because my phone kept telling me to buy it. Its very obvious someone is listening to my whinging to my friends through my phone, because for months I was receiving advertisements for this B-Tight Anti Cellulite Boots Mask by Maelys Cosmetics. I admit my legs are top of theContinue reading “What What Perky Butt”

Just a little NOSH

I came across NOSH Boozy Seltzer came to my attention one late night on Instagram. To be honest what intrigued me was the cheeky description. It felt like it was made for me. Below is a description from the Nosh website: “Nosh is No Shit. There’s no shit in our drinks and we stand forContinue reading “Just a little NOSH”

Just a little Rant

Hey friends, a small disclaimer this post won’t include me trying anything out or reviewing anything so I totally understand if you want to skip this weeks post. I was planning on just not posting anything this week but I didn’t want to throw myself into bad patterns like I did in 2019. So recentlyContinue reading “Just a little Rant”