Working out in HEELS

Weight training with women has become more mainstream now, with women wanting to tone up their bodies rather than aim for a swizzle stick appearance. I’ve done weight training and it was good for getting my body the way I wanted but one big flaw….sharing the gym with meat heads grunting and hogging all ofContinue reading “Working out in HEELS”

Death to Dory

When my daughter was about 10 months old we decided to take her to the Melbourne Aquarium for a family adventure. I figured she would most likely enjoy it because of all the colourful things moving around, she loved it! So it became a treat to take her to the Aquarium or even a petContinue reading “Death to Dory”


This beauty was actually created on my birthday, I was hanging for a cocktail but I didn’t want to have to look up recipes and then have to go out to collect all of the ingredients so I basically worked with what I had. I am pretty proud of this drink as a Pina ColadaContinue reading “Lazy-Colada”

Different Types of Drunks

Whenever you go out drinking you will always come across some characters in your drunken travels. Ive created a list of some characters you may encounter…… The Trapper We all have this friend or are this friend, the wasted friend that pulls you aside for a D & M (deep and meaningful conversation). They areContinue reading “Different Types of Drunks”