So the one downfall to having pink in my hair is the fact it washes out more and more overtime I wash it. I don’t mind it washing out because it washes out so nicely giving me a different shade of pink after each wash. Although I would like the pink just to stay longer,Continue reading “MORE PINK!”

To All the Mother’s…..

To all of the Mums, Step mums, Mother figures, to really anyone that has taken on the Mother role…… HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! Enjoy your day

Kombucha Lollies

Not long ago I gave Kombucha a try just to see if it was all worth the hype. Ehh it wasn’t too bad but nothing spectacular. So one day while waiting in line at the supermarket and looking at all of the chocolate and lollies that re strategically located right near the self serve countersContinue reading “Kombucha Lollies”

Smirnoff Seltzer

Now I’ve kind of avoided pre-mixed Smirnoff alcoholic beverages for a few years, not because I don’t like them don’t get me wrong they make good drinks. It’s because whenever I would see any pre-mix Smirnoff drink no matter what it was it would always remind me of my younger days going out on theContinue reading “Smirnoff Seltzer”