Oh hello friends, I thought I would just send out some love and wish you all a safe and Happy Easter! REMEMBER: If you still want to enjoy a little Easter hunt but feel that chocolate hunt is just a kids thing…..Get someone to hide some wine around the house in in the backyard andContinue reading “HAPPY EASTER!”

Cheers Sweetie!!

So every year for Easter my husband and I try to give each other something other than a plain chocolate Easter egg . Usually the reason is because we have be eating chocolate like were on a mission to get diabetes the week before Easter and we start to feel a bit over it. AlsoContinue reading “Cheers Sweetie!!”

Hot Cross Bun YOGURT!

Say whaaaaat! Chobani yoghurt is my go to snack. I always have tubs or pouches of their greek yoghurt in my fridge just because the flavours are go good. They do have a FIT range that is more targeted at people trying to drop a few KGs I guess. But I prefer their regular greekContinue reading “Hot Cross Bun YOGURT!”

Oreo Mug Cake

This TIK TOK was sent to me by one of my friends. Apparently you can make a mug cake with Oreos and milk. What a cake!!! So of course I had to try this two ingredient mug cake and lucky for me I already had the ingredients on hand. So the recipe used normal OreosContinue reading “Oreo Mug Cake”

H2Coco Cold Brew

I’ve drank H2coco Coconut Water for YEARS, it’s always been my go to brand. I like coconut water in smoothies or sometimes just by itself- yes I know coconut water is so out of fashion it’s all about Kombucha now. But it’s a nice refreshing drink. First off I will say I’m not overly aContinue reading “H2Coco Cold Brew”

These were a Surprise

Instagram advertising strikes again. I came across these cans of soft drink a while ago on instagram and saw that they make them in a small town in Victoria. So what so special about this soft drink? Well besides the fact it is and Australian company, they also make a soft drink range that hasContinue reading “These were a Surprise”