Look of the Week

Not going to lie my stupid ass forgot to post last weeks look. I seriously thought I posted it but I really should have checked. I went out to enjoy some delicious Greek food with the family. THIS WEEKS LOOK IS……. Bitch is GOING OUT…..for Greek Food LOOK DETAILS: Leggings from Victoria Secret , Top … More Look of the Week

Look of the Week

Yessss Spring weather has made its appearance this week. FINALLY! Two days of sunshine and just overall pleasant-ness I’m happy. Taking what I can get. The pink hairs making a comeback. I put a pink wash through to suss out if I wanted to commit to pink hair and yeah I do. I’ll do it … More Look of the Week


NEW YEARS EVE is upon us! Time to pop the Champagne and say goodbye to 2017. Now while everyone else is preparing to party the night away drinking over-priced alcohol in glamorous but uncomfortable outfits. Me, well I’m planing to spend the night in my comfy pants drinking cheap wine and binging on Netflix. I … More HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


So Ive seen a few MUMS or MOMS movies were the mums seem to have these awesome nights out and they have them quite regularly with their mum friends. I have never had one of these nights in the two years of being a mum. So having a mums day out was well overdue. In … More MUMS DAY OUT

The Junk Food Ninja

Fuck waiting until my little girl goes to bed to enjoy my chocolate,lollies, cakes and basically all the things bad for you . I could share my treats with her, but I would like her to reach kindergarten with teeth. Sugar is like crack for kids, they have it once and your fucked! They will never … More The Junk Food Ninja