What I Packed for my Weekend Away….

My 6 year wedding anniversary is creeping up and to celebrate the hubo and I are spending a weekend away (child-free) to celebrate. Oh and did I mention we’re going to the Brown Brothers Winery!!! My favourite wine brand of all time, the man knows how to please his woman. We are driving to our destination, we will be there Friday, Saturday and coming home Sunday. Where the winery is is in kind of a country town, so it will be a bit laid back and I won’t need to be too dramatic with what I wear. So I thought I would share what I’m packing for this weekend away just so if anyone is going away with their significant other some ideas on what to pack.


Since its only a weekend away I don’t need to pack a large ass case, I had to write that I know an awful lot of females who pack as if they are going for months.Im packing my small carry on suitcase. This was a case I bought when I used to work as a manager for a luggage company, its such a pretty case with the black jacquard designs on it and the inner lining is pink strips. So Pretty. Its so superficial but Im pretty bummed the badge on the front of the case is bent – I had to check it in when I was on holidays years ago and we all know how luggage tends to get a bit bashed around. But the case still works so it could have been worse. Since its only roughly a two hour drive Im just going to wear what I plan to wear the first day.



(I’m not strutting naked around the winery…….although that be a great story if i did)

I planned my outfits with layering. This way with the unpredictable weather I can be comfortable. I stuck with simple high waisted black jeans, with these I can dress them up or I can casual them down. I also packed a pair of leggings just for when I want to kick around the hotel room and be comfortable. 3 t-shirts were packed, t-shirts I find can be dressed up or down and they are comfortable. At least with the t-shirts I can wear a jacket and if the weather warms up I can simply take off the jacket and be comfortable. Finally I packed a loose fitting strappy top, this is another simple top that I can dress up with jeans . Obviously I wanted to be comfortable on this trip with the MR, but still look nice. I also packed my PJs of course, but forgot to include them in the photo.



Because of the lovely state I live in, the weather changes throughout the day and some days you can go through all of the seasons. So it’s always good to take a jacket and dress in layers. I’m taking a cardigan. This cardigan is neat and not too heavy so I can wear it and look nice and if I get a bit warm I can take it off and not have to carry around a large jacket just sling it over my arm.



I don’t need to bring my everyday bag which is fairly big. So Im taking this small MIMCO pouch, its a nice size and can fit all my essentials I need. You’d know ID (even though I don’t get asked for it anymore I still take it), money, lip balm/lipstick, small perfume and small deodorant. I like this pouch because it just hangs off my wrist so I never loose it and it not getting in my way at all.



Well of course!!! Its a weekend away celebrating my wedding anniversary. As if I’m not going to bring out all the guns in order to guarantee sex. Plus rocking sexy underwear for the husband is my way of showing him yeah I still bring the sexy  for you after these years of marriage….I did pack my comfortable sexy stuff of course! Yes comfortable and sexy underwear are possible.



THATS RIGHT! 2 pairs. Dress up and casual shoes. I love to wear wedges they are dressy but easy to walk in, I would have worn nice flats but for this trip this bitch wanted some height. White converses are a nice simple shoe that looks neat with your outfit. I obviously packed socks to wear with these.



This is just only half of what Im packing for this trip…Yes I know its a lot, but I need to make sure I bring my A game with my hair and makeup. I also obviously packed deodorant, perfume, brush and hair straightener among other things. One of the things I like to have on trips is travel sized toiletries because it frees up room in my toiletry bag. Obviously not everything comes in travel size, but if I could manage to get the travel sized item why not. I used to get the small bottles and fill them up myself but I just couldn’t be bothered filling them up and potentially spilling product in the process.

So this is what I packed for my weekend away with the hub for our anniversary, stay tuned for my tales of our weekend. Hope you got some ideas for any small trips you are taking in the future. 



Home Makeover Sessions: Coffee/Tea Station

After my last home makeover session post, you will all notice that my makeovers aren’t a big spectacular event. My home makeovers are more small details adding to my house, because to me tweaking things around the house can make a big difference. These small makeovers are for anyone who wants inspiration for their own house and they don’t have to be totally handy with tools or be a Pinterest worthy interior designer. So continuing on with my home improvement, I moved onto my coffee/tea station.

I love my coffee and tea. I’ve wanted to have a display in my kitchen for all of my hot beverages errr stuff (as well as the kettle) so it’s easy accessible and welcoming to house guests. I used to just have everything piled up in the corner along with the kettle, it looked messy and made the kitchen bench look small. It looked like shit! So I went looking around for some shelf/ stand- something to store everything neatly that I didn’t have to screw into the wall and didn’t take up much bench space. It was pure luck I came across this L shaped shelf thing in a store for dirt cheap. I remember it was like $15 I can’t remember if it was from the Reject Shop or Kmart or Target. But anyway for the last few years its served as the beverage spot right next to the kettle. Its been great stored everything neatly and Ive had no issues, but I felt like it needed a little upgrade to make it look fresh.


I didn’t want to have to go out shopping for anything new I just wanted to update the overall look. I ended up using stuff I’ve kept around the house. Im a bit of a harder with things I keep bits of paper and random stuff just at the off chance that I could use it for something else. In this case I used some left over Vinyl that I had originally used to decorate a small kitchen for the little one and some hooks.

First thing I did was clean down the shelf, Make sure that it was spotless and free from any dust/coffee and sugar grains. I then measured the bottom shelf and cut out the adhesive vinyl. Once vinyl was cut out to size I slowly placed it on the bottom shelf trying to not to get any bubbles or creases in the vinyl. I made sure I put one corner down first and gradually kept smoothing out the rest of the Vinyl. Once that was done I put the shelves upside down and marked in pencil where the hooks will go for the small and large cups. To measure up the spaces would be between the cups I had to physically hold up the cups on the hooks to check the spacing (I had a hand with this one while I held up the hooks I had a friend mark the spot). Sure there could have been a simpler way to do this but this is the way I went with. Once I finished marking the hooks spots I got out the drill and made some small holes in the shelves ( making sure that the holes were the same size as the hooks) making sure that I didn’t do all the way through the shelves.

Once the holes were made I then screwed in the hooks (bigger ones on the higher shelf and smaller on the bottom shelf), I made sure that the hooks all faced the same direction – outwards . When everything was hooked in I gave the shelves one last wipe down and were done! The tea/coffee station is ready to go. This was just a minor makeover that made a significant difference to my kitchen. Im not MISS-FIX-IT with all of the handy know how, but I know how to work a drill (like most should) this was extremely easy to do and it created more storage in my cup cupboard (I have an obsession with buying cups). Anyone can do this really, now the kettle is boiled I have a coffee to make.



Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day is creeping up on us wicked fast and its reaching that time when you have to make sure you have a gift sorted BEFORE the day. Not having a mad dash to the petrol station to get some shitty flowers for your mum 30 minutes before your due to meet up. So Ive made up a list of ideas for gifts for mum to make sure that you don’t have a last minute panic and come out looking like the best child.


YES I know I said have this gift well thought out before mothers day, well order a nice bouquet of flowers ahead of time and arrange to have it delivered to your mums house. This shows you had this organised in advance and you put some thought into it. Also make sure you have a heart felt card with the flowers of course.


This one is defiantly for the people who absolutely loathe  getting their photo taken and the last photo mum has of them is back when they where awkward teenagers with braces and a horrible hairstyle choice. Have a nice empty frame planned and inside it have a small note saying “mum and me photo 2018”. Come on you can pose for one photo with the woman that carried you for 9 months.


Yeah I know I always say give wine or booze as a gift. But you have to admit its a pretty easy gift to give and it can be dolled up. From a nice box, pretty bow or even a personalised bottle label the world is your oyster to making a bottle look like you put some thought into it. Plus I think mum needs a glass of her fav alcohol and some time hogging the TV (most likely trying to find a movie with a shirtless hollywood hunk in it).


These can be pricey depending on where you go. Obviously if you can’t afford to get you mum a top of the line try GROUPON to see if you can get a decent spa vouchers for a decent price – just make sure you do a bit of research on the place your about to buy the voucher from. But this is a good gift for mum, as a little relaxing afternoon. This way she can choose a day to go by herself or you could set it up for mother and spawn date.


If going to the spa isn’t your mums thing and she just likes to pamper herself at home why not stock her up with he essentials. You can buy candles pretty much anywhere so they are a pretty good start to add to the spa goods and why not take a look in places like LUSH. Take a look in Lush and you can buy mum a whole heap of goodies for her to enjoy; from bath bombs to face masks shed be sorted.


This is definitely the fancy version of breakfast in bed. Always a good idea to arrange for it to be on another day because of course everyone would be thinking to do it on Mothers Day. A good idea is maybe arrange a printout of the location you are going to and put it in a card for mum and tell her well go on a day that suits you best.


This one is a little obvious, really. Sleep wears a no brainer, nice and simple. Just don’t be a lazy ass and go get the cheapest ghetto sleepwear you can find that looks as if you stole it off a crazy homeless person. Get some good shit you know she will like and make sure its appropriate for the time of year. Dom get her summer PJs when its about to go into winter.

So here we go guys, a lot of ideas for what to get for mum for Mothers Day this year. NO EXCUSES TO GETTING HER NOTHING! So don’t be little assholes and not bother putting any thought into it at all. What am I getting for my mum for Mothers Day? Well since she doesn’t read this I have no issue sharing, Ive got her favourite bottle of wine with a custom Label I made myself (Graphic Design skills are handy) and a mug Ive made up to look like a Starbucks logo mug but changed to her name.  Anyway I just put in an online order and received a email conformation, now Ill go wait out the front by the mailbox for the next few days.



Just a Little Stupid Advice

I admit it I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but I have my moments. Since I am getting a bit older I thought it be time to act a bit wiser and maybe share some tricks and hacks, whatever you call it, that I’ve picked up over the years. I’m here to pass on some wisdom to people who maybe like it handed to them to get them through the weekend when out on the drink. So grab a cup of coffee and take notes kids….

My Stupid Drunkie tip:

Buy a heap fast food (by heaps I mean way more than you could possibly eat in one sitting) before you start drinking and put it in the fridge. This way you have food waiting for you when you get home. This way you don’t have to be waiting forever in line with other annoying drunks and also so you’ll have some food for the next morning when your hungover and are unable to leave the house and need some greasy food. But make sure its easy to heat up food. Don’t get anything that requires an oven or stove. Drunks and ovens do not mix. Just make sure its easy to microwave up and your set.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and maybe give this a go