Down the Rabbit Hole

Alice in Wonderland has always been a classic tale that I’ve loved for as long as I can remember. I loved the Lewis Carroll story as soon as I heard it read to me by my nana when I was little. I even loved watching a few of the film and television adaptations of the classic story – sorry unfortunately not the 2010 film with Johnny Depp in it (wasn’t my cup of tea). So when I learnt that there was an Exhibition in Melbourne about the Story and the many adaptations I was ready to see that shit!

Of course I wanted to be smart about my timing, since I knew the second the expo began it would be packed. Dealing with a large amount of people all trying to squeeze in to confined spaces to see a display, eh sounds like a nightmare. So I waited a few weeks to make sure I arranged to go on a weekday in the morning to save any craziness. So I bought tickets on the ACMI (Australian Centre for Moving Image) website. Just a little FYI the tickets are timed, so when you buy a ticket you have to select a time that you will be going in. You have to make sure you arrive at that time! So I booked in for the 1130am time because I knew that by then the peak hour traffic would have died down and the trains would be not as full. Good thing I drove in though- because that day the train lines happened to be down and there was massive delays. So I drove in and had parked at DISTRICT DOCKLANDS outdoor shopping mall and caught a tram to ACMI which was in Federation Square in Melbourne CBD.

img_6596When I had arrived I had just made it with a minute to spare – always cutting it close! So anyway when you walk into scan your ticket you head down some stairs with Alice images already on show to make you feel as if you have ventured sown the rabbit hole to Wonderland.  When reaching the bottom of the stairs we were greeted by a staff member who provided us with maps that we could also put on scanners around the exhibition and view animation on. We then entered through the door to a small room with 3 different doors (this confused the shit out of me but it turned out two lead to the same place and one put you ahead in the exhibition) so I just went through one at random. We then were in a room with two large mirrors, many doors and framed facts about the Author. Two of the doors lead to small rooms in which shared a little info about the background of the Author and the story. We also were treated with many older versions of the book. As you can see all of these displays are creatively presented to keep in theme with a bit of a Wonderland experience.

We then left all of the small rooms behind and entered through to the sections introducing us to all of the older film adaptations of the story. Looking at a lot of the older films (this is including films from all over the world) a large majority of them looked creepy as fuck! In the displays they had featured some clips from the films and oh god they were terrifying, some of them were stuff of nightmares. But looking around, there was costumes from some of the earlier films swell as story boards, film posters, props and much much more.

When venturing into one of the rooms I came across a display with the Disney’s animation version of the tale. It had clips from the film playing up upon a big screen with framed drawings from the film. I loved this movie when I was little, I loved the adventure that I was taken on. Seeing the hand drawn artwork and paintings framed up on the wall took me back to when I was younger and watching the film on a rainy day (obviously back in those days I was outside all the time).

After going through the rooms I approached what like like a waiting room, with stripped walls and many many clocks and a lot of people looking like they were waiting for something. It turns out it was a Mad Hatter Tea Party (not an actual tea party just a visual show – I had to wait until afterwards for a hot beverage). I thought Why not check this out. Now I wasn’t sure what to expect when walking into this room, the staff had simply said take a seat at the table, make sure you don’t touch the table and no flash photography. Walking in to this room all I saw was a dinning table with black walls and black table and a white tea set on the table – honestly I didn’t know what was going to go on. Once the door shut the adventure began. Music began and the black walls had white writing appear and gradually created images all throughout the room taking you from a black a white room to a fully coloured room that was sending us through the story. Event the tea set began to develop colour and even images on food on it as if we had actually joined the Mad Hatter for tea. The whole experience took all of 4 minutes, although it was quick it was absolutely amazing I seriously felt like I had ventured into the book.

After the unique Mad Hatter experience we then ventured onwards to the more recent films (yep the Johnny Depp one) and also a few music videos, advertisements and TV shows that had an Alice in wonderland theme to them. I can tell you there is ALOT! We all know Gwen Stefani had a music video and shows like the Simpsons (Treehouse of Terror Episode) have a Wonderland to it but it was insane how many TV shows, advertisement and music videos all around the world have done this theme. It blew my mind the many different versions of one story. As for the more recent film adaptation of the story they ddi feature some costumes and props from the film which was pretty interesting to see in person – but like I said I wasn’t really into that film and I didn’t even bother with the sequel.

The last section of the exhibition consisted of a room with TVs circled around you showing many many clips throughout the years of the Alice in wonderland story. From black and white films to music videos to anime it was all there.

The exhibition didn’t disappoint me, I absolutely love going to these to learn something interesting and be blown away with all of the colourful displays. Below Ive included the ACMI website so if anyone is ever in Melbourne wanting to look at something besides the usual touristy spots check this out for sure. The expo is around until October so still a lot of time to check it out!



Valentines Day Characters

Valentines Day is almost amongst us. The one time of year when people get all loved up and really this is a day for the ladies, in the way that the guy has to show emotion and love for one day. In the return. Majority of the time. Us ladies will put out, if they did well. In my years I have come across a few types of people that come out of the shadows on Valentines day…..

The Social Media couple:

The day doesn’t mean shit if it hasn’t been posted, every second of the date is posted online with photos that were obviously well thought out on how it would look.

The Vulgar couple:

This is the couple that have no filter and enjoy dirty jokes with each other. The hubs and I are guilty of being this couple. This is the couple that gets the X rated card or the card with the dirty joke on it “To my LO_E , you get the V later” 

The OVER the top couple:

The couple that splashes out heaps of money on gifts to an insane degree, you know the couple…..the guy floods the girls house with flowers and teddies.

The sad single:

Come on we all know this one, the person that posts non stop about Valentine’s Day in the lead up about how lonely they will be blah blah blah. They are lonely every day what’s one extra day really?

The GIRL POWER single:

This is a single that raves on that they don’t need a man to be happy and try to arrange singles parties and refers to it as GALENTINES DAY, we all know you just want a man to appear with a bit bouquet of roses for you.

The couple that forgot:

I really don’t know how you could forget this day all of the stores are jamming this day down your throats trying to sell shit

The couple that gets engaged:

Cliche…..I mean come on have your own day guys

The couple that need to just end it: 

This is the couple that obviously need to call it quits! They obviously don’t want to be around each other or even be out in public together, but they are out at a fancy restaurant having dinner because society dictates it.

The Single Sleaze 

This is the guy to stay clear of ladies! He hangs out in places were all the sad singles go to have a drink with friends to forget the fact they are single. This guy likes to tell ladies everything they want to hear in order to get some sumfin sumfin .



Cheers to 30 years 

Well it’s happened today. I turned 30. I’m officially out of my 20s and entering a new era, older but non the bit wiser. When I was 18 I never knew why people on TV or in Movies would act all dramatic about turning 30, I still don’t. Turning 30 to me isn’t a bad thing it feels like another birthday really.

Fun Fact: I share the same Birthday as Scottish poet Robbie Burns, born January 25th 1759. I only know this because my Grandma is Scottish and every year my dad tries to feed me Haggis to celebrate. 

Sure it is a big birthday, but I don’t get why. When I turned 18 it meant I could legally drink, vote and that I could get my Probationary Drivers Licence, so turning 18 is a big thing. Turning 21 would usually mean you would be seen as an adult and usually you would be coming off of your probationary license and be a full licensed driver (thats obviously changed now with the new licensing, they get it later). Also if your traveling to USA you can drink. But I don’t get why 30 is a big birthday, what are we celebrating besides leaving our 20’s ?

Its a milestone! Your now seen as an adult. Yes I know Ive been an adult since I turned 20/21, but for some reason people (especially older people) don’t really regard you as an adult. I don’t know why this is but I’m guessing whenever anyone thinks of any 20-year old they think of a young party animal who isn’t really interested in relationships or anything serious professionally. Either way I’ve made it to thirty in one piece YAY!

Well anyway I’m now in the 30 zone and Im not afraid to share it. Because in a few days I will be heading off to the States for some celebrations, Im just having a low key birthday with the family. Have some cake……and of course a glass of wine or maybe a LAZY COLADA.


Another Cringeworthy Experience

Yes everyone I have yet another Cringeworthy experience to share with you all. I have a lot. This is another one with someone I dated who was a bit well…..different with how he wanted to express himself towards me.

So I was dating a guy who decided a very unique way to do something ummm sweet for me. So what happened was I was out having a coffee with my mum and I received a text from the guy I was seeing. it read ” Hey I got a special surprise for you”. I absolutely hate it when people tell me they have something for me and tell me I have to wait to get it. I prefer when people just surprise me with the gift or gesture rather than tell me I’m going to get it. Getting off topic, so I wrote back “what is it send me a pic”. He told me he couldn’t send me a photo because he wanted to give it to me in person that night. So when I saw him that night I was ready for the surprise…..what was the surprise your wondering. Well he had shaved all of his pubic hair apart from a small patch which he had shaved into a G for me.

I will never forget his face when he dropped his pants to show me what he had done. He was so proud of himself and was acting as if he had bought me an expensive luxury car.I guess in a way I’m kind of impressed he was able to shave a G out of his public hairs. But my face said it all…pure shock! All I could bring myself to say was “awww your so sweet” , really I was trying to hold back laughing hysterically.

I mean seriously, the guy shaved my initial out of his pubes!!

It took every bit of strength not to piss myself laughing into his face. I did hold it in until I got into the car then laughed the whole 15 minute drive home. Then as I played in bed……I laughed a bit more.

The relationship obviously didn’t last, but it was a learning moment for me. Be prepared for any crazy manscaping…

I’m not a bitch, just awkward

Many years ago I came to the conclusion that I’m just an awkward individual, especially in social situations. I wouldn’t say I’m a shy person but for some reason when in a social situation I tend to put my foot in my mouth a lot or say something inappropriate or just get tongue tied.

I know I’m a bit of a weirdo, I have no clue why I am this way. In job interviews I am completely different, Im focused and have absolutely no issue talking to potential employers. But meeting new people or catching up with people that I’m not as close to, Im just a different person.

So what I started doing was instead of opening my mouth and basically making a dick out of myself I would just stand back and suss people out, be on the listening end of the convo. In theory this method was a good idea. BUT, but this did have a down fall. I came across as a snobby bitch. I already have a bit of a resting bitch face and adding the anti social element to it, it didn’t look very good for me. I would look like a stuck up bitch that acts as if no ones good enough to talk to me. This couldn’t be further from the truth I don’t think like that at all!!

Another factor against me is the fact I don’t smile a lot, after a lot of my childhood with horrible messed up teeth followed by 5-6 years with braces its been stuck in my mind not really to smile. PLUS  I don’t really have a good smile- great teeth but not a good smile. Yes I hear constantly “Don’t worry if you smile your face won’t crack”, Im getting on in age my face will crack if I smile. Don’t you know we get wrinkles from smiling they are called Smile Lines for a reason. Punishment for smiling.

So take this as a little warning when seeing any photos of me or meeting me in person Im not a stuck up bitch who thinks her shit don’t stink (I’m woman enough to admit it, it does stink). I am just a very awkward person that keeps to herself…..unless I have a glass of wine then my awkwardness would disappear.

Alright kids Ive got the house to myself and some Modern Family episodes to binge on with a cup of iced tea.