Merry Christmas

I am going to keep this short and sweet because it is Christmas Day and we are hosting Christmas lunch. God I wish I could drink! Anyway I thought I would share with everyone who reads my posts  MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you all enjoy the day with all the special people in your life. ( … More Merry Christmas

Christmas AF

For this year we will be hosting Christmas lunch at or place and I wanted to decorate the house to make it look very festive (besides having the tree in the corner). So I decided to make some decorations myself (well with the help from the spawn) to make the house look FESTIVE AS FUCK. … More Christmas AF

Gift ideas for the gift giver who is lazy as F**k

Christmas is the time of year that everyone all of a sudden becomes INSANE! Every shopping centre is flooded with aggressive adults rushing around and children throwing tantrums around every corner. Its enough to make anyone want to stay home and not venture out into the world until the Christmas period is over. BUT WAIT! … More Gift ideas for the gift giver who is lazy as F**k