Recently while sitting in the Starbucks drive through (yes there is a Starbucks drive through near my house!!) while waiting to order I noticed a sign with a new flavoured Frappuccino. A Banoffee flavoured frap. The name alone sounds weird of course it got me a little curious. What the fuck it this flavour??? So when … More Banoffee???

Weight Loss Coffee

Whaaaaaaat?! Yes you read right my friends. WEIGHT LOSS COFFEE! In one of my late night online shopping sprees I came across an advertisement for coffee that apparently assisted with weight loss. SKINNY COFFEE CLUB. Of course I was sceptical. Over the years I’ve tried out many “weight loss teas/ coffees” that apparently would help … More Weight Loss Coffee

Coffee Balls

As I’ve mentioned in past posts cooking/baking is not my thing. It is a gene that seemed to have skipped me. But I can make a few treats, that luckily I don’t have to bake and aren’t too complicated to make. Making truffles, rum balls and bliss balls are where I shine when making up … More Coffee Balls