Hair Colour DIY

In a complete moment of boredom I decided to freshen up my hair. It hasn’t been done since earlier this year, these are dark times people! So anyway in my skulking through my bathroom cupboard I came across some temporary hair colour my hairdresser gave me last year. It’s nothing outgoing it’s really a silver … More Hair Colour DIY

Making Scrunchies

It’s no secret sewing is not my strong point. To my mums disgust it’s never been my strong point. Its bad for her being a person who could whip up clothes on demand no questions asked and me who impaled her thumb with a sewing machine needle (seriously I did that – hurt like a … More Making Scrunchies


I am really jealous of Americans getting to celebrate Halloween! It looks like such a fun event with everyone in costumes and little kids trick or treating. OH SO JELLY! Over the last few years in Australia, well where I’ve lived, stores have tried to bring Halloween over here. But it’s not the same you … More My HALLOWEEN MONTH

The Junk Food Ninja

Fuck waiting until my little girl goes to bed to enjoy my chocolate,lollies, cakes and basically all the things bad for you . I could share my treats with her, but I would like her to reach kindergarten with teeth. Sugar is like crack for kids, they have it once and your fucked! They will never … More The Junk Food Ninja

Berry Berry Nice

I had a heap of frozen berries in the freezer and needed to make room for a shit load of home made chicken soup, so I went ahead and made up a berry smoothie. I’m not a massive fan of berry smoothies, I don’t know why but I was feeling like something different. It actually … More Berry Berry Nice

DIY Coasters

Recently while cleaning the lounge room, I was wiping down my coffee table to find the paint had marks all over it from cups of hot drinks and god knows what else. It looked like shit. I couldn’t have this, so after I fixed the coffee table I decided to get some new coasters to keep … More DIY Coasters