Look of the Week

Not going to lie my stupid ass forgot to post last weeks look. I seriously thought I posted it but I really should have checked. I went out to enjoy some delicious Greek food with the family. THIS WEEKS LOOK IS……. Bitch is GOING OUT…..for Greek Food LOOK DETAILS: Leggings from Victoria Secret , Top … More Look of the Week

Never too early….

I don’t know why but I feel like this year is flying and I’m also reached the half of the year I feel I should start thinking about the end of year celebrations. By end of year celebrations I mean Halloween! The oldest spawn and I have been hanging for the spooky celebrations all year. … More Never too early….

Look of the Week

Yessss Spring weather has made its appearance this week. FINALLY! Two days of sunshine and just overall pleasant-ness I’m happy. Taking what I can get. The pink hairs making a comeback. I put a pink wash through to suss out if I wanted to commit to pink hair and yeah I do. I’ll do it … More Look of the Week

This Calls for a Marg

Lately I’ve been really hankering for something a bit more on the lemon/lime flavours. After a few homemade lemon flavoured cocktails and a terrible Limoncello experience (I really need a good cocktail recipe for it) I realised the flavour I’m wanting is a margarita. I don’t know why but I’ve just been craving that bitch … More This Calls for a Marg

Museum of Ice-Cream

Located right near Union Square in San Francisco lives the Museum of Ice Cream. It’s a fun, colourful and tasty experience with interactive displays and loads of treats. Walking into the building we were greeted by an endless amount of pink. From the decor to the guides its PINK PINK PINK. To begin your adventure … More Museum of Ice-Cream

Disney On Ice

I have been wanting to see Disney In Ice since……as long as I can remember really. So when I saw they are having it in Melbourne I thought HELL YES! I’m there. The spawn is four now so she’s at an age where she’ll actually enjoy Disney On Ice and won’t have a tantrum at … More Disney On Ice