Berry Berry Nice

I had a heap of frozen berries in the freezer and needed to make room for a shit load of home made chicken soup, so I went ahead and made up a berry smoothie. I’m not a massive fan of berry smoothies, I don’t know why but I was feeling like something different. It actually … More Berry Berry Nice


Get that sexy body you have always wanted while still getting your buzz on. Here are a few workouts to get you looking supermodel ready……if these don’t work just throw back a few bottles until you look supermodel ready.    The Drunken Bike ride This is a perfect workout for women who like vertical bike riding, … More Winercise

Dirty Green Smoothie

This is not the prettiest green smoothie I’ve made up, usually you get the lovely deep green colour, this one came out a horrible light green. Don’t let it put you off of it, it actually tastes really nice and has a nice level of sweetness to it, which helped me a lot with my chocolate craving……..yeah sometimes … More Dirty Green Smoothie