Going out as a MUM

I am a horrible friend, recently my oldest friend had a birthday and this was the first year that I hadn’t organised anything for her. Every year I have organised a little girls night/day for us to enjoy celebrating her moving forward on the oldermeter . Even when she was pregnant I organised a breakfast … More Going out as a MUM


So Ive seen a few MUMS or MOMS movies were the mums seem to have these awesome nights out and they have them quite regularly with their mum friends. I have never had one of these nights in the two years of being a mum. So having a mums day out was well overdue. In … More MUMS DAY OUT

The Junk Food Ninja

Fuck waiting until my little girl goes to bed to enjoy my chocolate,lollies, cakes and basically all the things bad for you . I could share my treats with her, but I would like her to reach kindergarten with teeth. Sugar is like crack for kids, they have it once and your fucked! They will never … More The Junk Food Ninja

Living with Toddlers is like living with Little Drunks

I live with a tiny drunk person. My 2 year old daughter! It seems the memes I’ve seen on Facebook comparing toddlers to drunk people couldn’t be more spot on! Mothers real think about it. Compare your little toddler in their day to day life with a person thats had a bit too much too drink. It … More Living with Toddlers is like living with Little Drunks