Along with Christmas, Easter is the time of year we’re all of the people on a health kick or weight loss journey seem to drop the ball and give in to the temptation of eating something naughty. Why wouldn’t they? Everywhere you turn there are Easter eggs and Hot Cross Buns as far as the eyes can … More EASTER VS DIETS

Me vs Birds 

Ok I’ll admit it, I’m scared of birds. I have been afraid of birds since as long as I can remember. But, having said that my fear isn’t without reason. Birds fucking hate me! I swear its not all in my head they try to get me every chance they get and its even moving … More Me vs Birds 

The Junk Food Ninja

Fuck waiting until my little girl goes to bed to enjoy my chocolate,lollies, cakes and basically all the things bad for you . I could share my treats with her, but I would like her to reach kindergarten with teeth. Sugar is like crack for kids, they have it once and your fucked! They will never … More The Junk Food Ninja