5 Days Full Glam!!

Ok being stuck at home, with the spawn and pregnant has not been kind to me. I very much resemble a villainous witch in activewear daily with my new unkempt look. So in my own personal challenge to clean myself up and maybe see if a little glam helps my overall mood I decided to make sure everyday my hair is done (brushed and styled as if I was meeting friends out) and Im wearing a full face of makeup. I was going to throw in dressing up as well but thats too much work in this swollen body point of time. So just the makeup and hair for now. But doing this I threw in another challenge, since my spawn is so into makeup I will let her decide certain directions my look will be going e.g. eyeshadow and lip colour, glitter or no glitter. I may start looking like Ive entered a drag queen competition. Don’t worry Ill include photos. Enjoy……


Not a good start to this whole experiment. I had one of the worst sleeps ever and was in such a foul mood it was not pretty. So in my extremely grumpy state I managed to pull together my makeup. So the makeup look today was PINK that is all the spawn had said she wanted me to wear. She then proceeded to rummage through my makeup collection and hand me what she thought would work.

Again in my tired moody ass state I honestly didn’t do a good job with this look. I admit it, its not my finest makeup look. But it did make her happy when she saw me for the first time in a long time with makeup on. She stopped in the doorway gasped and said “mama you look like a beautiful princess”. I mean really as if that won’t put you in a better mood, my kid is savage and she will let you know if you look like trash. My hair on the other hand I was going for a little ballerina bun look to kind of make my pink eyelids look a little less like I’m a die hard Barbie fan but my hair wouldn’t co-operate today (I think it needs a wash) but I managed to put it together and make it show that I did put effort to my appearance today.

I do admit it was weird walking around the house with a face full of makeup but after a while I kind of forgot about it and went on with my day. I did however ditch the lipstick because I was just getting it all over the place when drinking my coffee and eating. I just didn’t want to keep re-applying because I would drink loads of water. Tomorrow I am hopeful will be a much better day and I will be hitting bed early tonight and washing my hair first thing tomorrow. Ive included both looks with and without lipstick AND even thrown in the brands I used.

Primer: TOO FACED Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, Face: NARS Natural Radiant longer Foundation, Concealer: COLOURPOP No Filter Concealer, Bronzer: TOO FACED Milk Chocolate, Highlighter: JEFREE STAR COSMETICS Skin Frost, Eyeshadows: COLOURPOP Chasing Rainbows Palette, Eyebrows: BENEFIT Precisely My Brow Pencil, Eye liner: KAT VON D Liquid eyeliner, Lips: JEFREE STAR COSMETICS Velour Liquid Lipstick, Mascara: TARTE Lights Camera Lashes , Setting Spray: URBAN DECAY All nighter Setting spray


Today was a bit better. I woke up in a good mood and after washing my hair I felt less like a sewer rat. Ok so the spawn really just picked the palette this morning, screamed NO LIPSTICK at me and walked off. So I did decide I wanted to kind of do a slightly “natural” look. If we could call it that, I mean really you can tell I have makeup on. More of the add a bit of colour and make me look like I’m not so washed out look. It was a very simple look and I wanted to put on the tinted moisturiser because out of honesty most of the time when Im catching up with friends during the day I tend to lean towards the tinted moisturiser instead of foundation (apart from it I have horrible skin that I need covered up) just because its lighter and I like to wear foundation if I’m going out for something a bit more formal like a date night/day or drinks, not just coffee with the girls. I ddi finish the look with a bit of lip balm but because I want to make sure I always have my lips hydrated I have different brand lip balms strategically placed around my house so I don’t have to go looking.

My hair because I let it dry naturally when I wash it ( not cold enough here to blow dry it) I let it go through the motions with drying. Once dry I gave it a bit of a quick straighten in patches because for once in my life it didn’t look too feral when it dried. It sat perfect and was super smooth when I touched it and with my hair and makeup combo I honestly was feeling myself today, I wasn’t overly cake faced with big hair but I felt I looked like Ive seen a bit of sun compared to my usual vampire look. Plus the way my fringe feel it kind of made me feel a bit like a cartoon bombshell all mysterious with one eye exposed (god I sound like a douche).

By the way I haven’t worn the same thing each day I actually bought 4 lose black gym tops from the COTTON ON maternity range (I really suspect these are just large workout tops they labeled as maternity) to wear from day to day because frankly I didn’t want to stretch out a lot of my clothes. Also I bought 2 maternity/ feeding jumpers and a pair of maternity leggings from proper maternity stores and they cost me over $400 all up!! So Ill just stick to the loose black tops that makes me look like Ive given up and wearing the same thing every day. At least when I no longer have the baby gut I can wear the tops to the gym because Im the person who wears daggy clothes to work out because I’m planning on sweating.

Primer: TOO FACED Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, Face: NARS pure radiant tinted moisturiser, Concealer: TOO FACED Born this way Natural radiant concealer, Contours and Highlighter: TARTE Hamptons weekender Contour Palette,Mascara: TARTE Lights Camera Lashes, Eyebrows: BENEFIT Precisely My Brow Pencil, Eyeshadow: TARTE Glam on the Go  eyeshadow Palette, Setting Spray: URBAN DECAY All Nighter setting spray


So being Saturday I thought I could go a bit out and pretend I’m headed out. Plus I was going online for a virtual trivia night. This Time the spawn picked out a red lipstick because she loved the red lipstick. She actually had to wear it as well to match me. So with wearing red lipstick I thought why not add in a bit of a more dramatic winged eyeliner. With the eyeshadow I honestly was battling back and forth with what colours to use. Part of me wanted to have a nice light pink look on my eyes but I ended up using more tans/browns only because with the winged eyeliner and lips I wanted to keep those the focus.

The wings I used an eyeliner stamp which I have all of the sizes to, it basically an eyeliner with one end that looks like a marker and the other the shape of the wing. Stamp your eyelid with the wing and fill in the rest with the other end. Below is the link from my post about Quick Flick eyeliner.


My Hair I just kept nice and straight but looking at the photo below I bloody wish I put something in it to smooth it down afterwards, I mean my god FLY AWAYS! But Having my hair straight did feel good that I could run my fingers through it all day and not worry about it too much. I am a bit shattered I can’t get it done at the hairdressers at present. I mean I technically can they are allowing hair salons to still run but I honestly didn’t want to risk it so I can just tell everyone Im going for the ombre/ Balyage look (honestly someone tell me the difference).

This so far has been pretty good when it comes to making me feel motivated to putting a bit of extra effort to how I look. Plus I do feel a lot better about myself. Yeah it does feel weird putting effort to how I look at home but you know what if anyone of my friend or family want a FaceTime catchup with me……This bitch will look good.

Primer: TOO FACED Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, Face: COLOURPOP No Filter Foundation, Concealer: TOO FACED Born this way Natural radiant concealer, Contours and Highlighter: TARTE Hamptons weekender Contour Palette, Eyeliner: QUICK FLICK Eyeliner Stamp 12mm, Eyebrows: BENEFIT Precisely My Brow Pencil, Mascara: TARTE Lights Camera Lashes, Eyeshadow: MORPHE Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow Palette, Lipstick: STILLA Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, Setting Spray: URBAN DECAY All Nighter setting spray


Ok todays look is bought to you by me hiding from my family and dry shampoo. So I think today I just needed a break from them, so I did end up chilling in the bathroom for a bit of time with a cup of tea. As much as I love my little one, I really do. She has a little issue called DOESN’T SHUT UP. Now I do love talking with her and joking around, BUT she does have this habit when she literally cannot stop talking and I mean she cannot. From 5am til the time she goes to sleep at night she will not stop talking. The conversation doesn’t even have to be with her I could be talking to my husband about work and she will stroll in and talk over us. Before any mums come at me first of all we address this with her regularly we don’t let it slide and second of all for all those parents whose children happen to be delayed Im not trying to throw any offence at you (I only say this because one I complained my kid wouldn’t shut up and a mother of a delayed child screamed my ear off). I get that you want your little one to be talking non stop BUT do you like when you are working or say even trying to eat lunch and you have a person telling a story that doesn’t have and ending or a story where big chunks of it is “Hey mum did you go to to to to to to to to”. It can be a bit mentally challenging at times. Right now Im exactly the meme of a mum pouring a glass of wine and her child telling an endless story.

So anyway I needed a little time to hide out just for the sake of my sanity. So she had no say in my appearance today. Because I honestly can’t commit to washing my hair I am trying to see how long I could go with just using dry shampoo. With dry shampoo becoming apart of me now I figured why the hell not curl my hair since apparently the curls stay intact longer in dirty hair. So I gave myself some hair straightener curls today, I was originally going to pull out my hair curling wand but I just wanted to keep it quick with the hair straightener. Does anyone else start to regret their decision to curl their hair half way through? So the curls went in with no issues and yep they stuck all day, but saying that my hairs texture is the type that can hold curls really really well. I mean back when I had my wedding hair trial the hair stayed in tact for 2 days afterwards and it survived my Hens (Bachelorette) sleep and steam from the shower. A little gross though.

So with today I did start with my hair first, I did have a completely different idea on how I wanted to do my makeup but I kind of bailed and saw the purple eyeshadow and thought to myself yeah why the hell not! Ill say this inspiration comes from my love of Tim Burton films. I did throw in some pinkie/purple sparkles to try not make me look totally like Im rocking a gothic look ( reckon I could easy) but this was fun. Im not really a person who goes for purple eyeshadow but yeah it wasn’t too bad. I do wish that when taking the photo with my phone that the lighting didn’t correct itself because its made the eyeshadow look a lot lighter than it actually was. It almost looks pink but I can tell you it was purple. You get the gist. I did finish it with a tightly tinted lip gloss that from what I see in the bottle has a bit of glitter but I didn’t really see any when putting it on.

After my little time alone I emerged from the bathroom to my family looking like a human and full of coffee. I felt way better that time away and really I think they were glad that I was in a good mood to carry on with the day. Really sometimes you just need a little space in your bathroom with a coffee and some makeup to make you less of an asshole and to mentally reload.

Primer: TOO FACED Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, Face: COLOURPOP No Filter Foundation, Concealer: COLOURPOP No Filter Concealer, Contours and Highlighter: TARTE Hamptons weekender Contour Palette, Eyeshadows: COLOURPOP Chasing Rainbows Palette, Eyebrows: BENEFIT Precisely My Brow Pencil, Lips: TARTE H20 Gloss , Mascara: TARTE Lights Camera Lashes , Setting Spray: URBAN DECAY All nighter Setting spray


The final day of this little experiment. Its also the day I am having a long awaited catch up with one of my friends. Well online that is. For months we have been trying to organise a coffee date together and we could have our kids play date but you know how it goes. Someones sick or something comes up so shit happened and time got away from us. We actually had planned to catch up on a specific date but then the stage 3 restrictions kicked in and that went out the window so its good old FaceTime and coffee.

So I decided to go for Peach eyeshadows from my peach mattes palette. I only got this idea from Instagram with how a few brands are bringing out peach themed products. The spawn agreed the peach palette was the way to go because it was her favourite…….all makeup is her favourite. Any way I thought a nice peachy colour to my eyes with a small winged eye would brighten up my face a bit. With it I did add my peach lip gloss I thought it would be something subtle to wear and it also wouldn’t smudge or come off while on my coffee date.

With my hair I tried to do a kind of messy low bun like I’ve seen on Pinterest but sadly for me my hair isn’t the length the models had and it did prove to be a bit difficult. The one thing Ive noticed over these last few days is I don’t think growing my fringe out is the best idea. Because I have such a big ass forehead it just dent look good I look like I’ve got a receding hairline or its really greasy even when its washed. I think I may have to give it a trim ( most likely post what happens) just to make me feel less like a balding weirdo. Thats my husbands role in the household. My hair up looked presentable and I would have no doubt worn it out in public. it just looks a lot like a style Id rock when working out.

Primer: TOO FACED Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, Face: NARS pure radiant tinted moisturiser, Concealer: TOO FACED Born this way Natural radiant concealer, Contours and Highlighter: TARTE Hamptons weekender Contour Palette,Mascara: TARTE Lights Camera Lashes, Eyeliner: QUICK FLICK Eyeliner Stamp 8mm, Eyebrows: BENEFIT Precisely My Brow Pencil, Eyeshadow: TOO FACED Peachy Mattes Palette, Setting Spray: URBAN DECAY All Nighter setting spray, Lips: TOO FACED Sweet Peach creamy Peach Gel Lipgloss.

So this wasn’t what I had originally planned to be posted this week but I thought it will be a little fun and different. Plus it got to give me a chance to be a little vain which is always entertaining to watch. Yes my makeup isn’t perfect and neither is my hair but Im not a professional I’m just a woman who managed to slap some makeup on her face to feel a bit pretty. Hope you enjoyed this and maybe it inspired you to maybe try doing it yourself just for a bit of fun and maybe a way to get you out of a funk.



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