Another round with OLAPLEX

I’ve been using OLAPLEX for a few years now. It’s one of the products that I personally have found to help with my hairs overall health. I started off with the NO.3 Hair Perfector back when I was bleaching my hair, I used it as a mask before washing and conditioning my hair with my normal shampoo (salon brand products- no supermarket/chemist shit for me). It helped my hair significantly and because of my regular use it’s helped my hairs overall strength. Back then OLAPLEX had a few steps system with the products in order to help with hairs health at home between salon trips. Over the years more products have become available and the step system has gotten a bit bigger. I thought why not try a few of these products and see what happens to my hair.


NO. 0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment

So this is the first step, this is meant to prime the hair to give it a deeper repair. So this one and the NO.3 I got in a smaller size travel pack. Mainly just thought the kit looked cute and I also wanted to try the NO.0 (the small size only came in a pack). So with this step you have to make sure your hair is nice and dry. Apply product to all of the hair and saturate it. Leave it in your hair for 10 minutes- don’t rinse! Jump onto step two.


No.3 Hair Perfector

This stuff I have used before and it does do wonders for hair repair. Now I really want to put this out there, this stuff does repair hair but if your hair is absolutely butchered as in your now on YouTube for an epic hair bleach fail which has resulted in hair hanging by a thread- this won’t fix it. I’m not a hairdresser but I have seen some people who have bitched that this doesn’t do a thing and I’ve seen the quality of their hair before-hand and it has been in a horrible state that most hairdressers would say “we need to chop off your hair”. When I first used this year’s ago my hair wasn’t damaged to the point of no return, it was a little damaged from the bleach but it was salvageable. What this stuff does is Repairs damaged and compromised hair, Strengthens and protects hair structure And Restores healthy appearance and texture – as stated on OLAPLEX website. It does just this but remember to be realistic if your hair is completely dead it’s not going to bring it back to life. That said I was excited to try this with the primer. After leaving the primer in for 10minutes I covered the hair with NO.3 and left it for a further 10 minutes. As soon as the 10 minutes we’re up I rinsed and shampooed.



After you rinse out the first two steps give your hair a good shampoo.


NO.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

This has become my regular conditioner, it smooths down my hair and helps keep my frizziness down. This is great as a regular conditioner, it keeps adding to your hairs overall health. After shampooing apply to hair and leave in for 3 minutes then rinse.


NO.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask

This intense mask is to “adds shine, smoothness & body while providing intense moisture to treat damaged hair” –Olaplex Website. This was an interesting mask while a lot of the other products tell you to be generous with how much you apply with this product. With damp hair add product sparingly to the ends and work through with fingers. Best to start with two pumps (shoulder length hair) and add a little more if your hair is thick or long and less if you have thin or short hair. Leave in for 10 minutes and rinse.


NO.6 Bond Smoother

This is the final step to my little experiment. This one you are out of the shower and dressed. This is the final product, this will help the hair prepare for the day. “N°6 strengthens, moisturizes, and speeds up blow-dry times. Excellent for all hair types, including colored and chemically treated hair, and eliminates frizz and flyaways for up to 72 hours” – OLAPLEX WEBSITE. With this, again use only a small amount. Apply small amount to damp or dry hair mainly focus on mid length to end then comb through your hair. Style as usual. With this definitely apply a small amount I went a bit nuts the first time I used this and it made my hair an oily mess. Less is more.

So obviously the OLAPLEX NO.4 Shampoo was missing from the little experiment. That was done on purpose, this was purely down to a bad experience with the shampoo. While I do like OLAPLEX earlier this year I decided to try out the shampoo with the conditioner since I’ve had such a great experience with the conditioner and the hair perfector. But the shampoo didn’t mesh with my hair, it caused me to get a reaction. I started to get an itchy flaky scalp- I looked like I had dandruff BAD. It wasn’t great I was paranoid I had head lice because there was an infestation at the spawns school and it turned out to be a freakin reaction to my shampoo! This was my own personal experience the shampoo didn’t go with my hair but everything else, perfect. So from using all of the products I was happy with the end result for sure, amazing! The only two things that I have a slight problem with is; one the price. It’s $50 for such a small bottle while you are paying for a quality product that actually works it is expensive I will say that. Two in order to do the step system correctly you have to make sure you have time to do this I mean you leaving product in your hair for a period of time before you rinse and add the next product. Three of these require 10 minutes and one for 3 minutes for the products to sit in your hair before you rinse. This explains why people can’t make plans sometimes because they are “washing their hair”, it because they’re using OLAPLEX. Although it did take a bit of time and a lot of in and out of the shower situations because I didn’t want to waste water I did like this whole experience. I did notice a significant improvement in my hair and it just felt all over better. It actually encouraged me to put some effort into my appearance, I had the best hair in the…..lounge room (still in lockdown). I’ve left the OLAPLEX website below check it out for what would suit you best. For people who don’t have the time for the long process maybe try the conditioners begin with and see how you go.



Nails at Home

I don’t know why but lately I’ve just wanted to have nice long nails. Maybe I’ve officially lost my mind and decided that I need my nails done, even though well before lockdowns begin getting my nails done was a really rare occurrence. I mean rare! The last time I got my nails done was in 2019 right before I went on holidays and I literally had them removed the day I got home and have had my stumpy nails painted at home ever since. But I thought to myself why the hell not try out some press on nails since I am in lockdown and need a little pick me up and to try to get myself a little less like trash- one day I will be coming out of lockdown and will need to look respectable for being seen in public. So on my search online I just came across two different brands of false nails to give a little go. Today I’m trying SHRINE.

I must admit the whole reason I wanted to buy these was the colours they look so cheery, I like it. So these ones are pretty long (virtually claws) but I did think I might see how I would go with long long nails. I see so many people with long nails and it’s alway made me wonder how the fuck do they do anything with them on. So moving on when applying these nails the instructions were fairly simple just make sure you have clean, dry nails. Measure up the correct nail and apply nail glue onto the false nail. Press glued nail firmly onto actual nails and hold for 15 seconds. Application was really easy and quick. I was expecting the worst and for this to take a few try’s but it was great- the application process that is.

The final result was not what I was hoping for, they seriously looked like I had photoshopped nails onto a photo. So hilariously terrible (the photo below I’m trying to hold back the laughter at how bad they look on me. Why did I think this was a good idea? This was a bad idea I don’t get why I thought these would look as if I’ve been to a salon…I’ve obviously lost my mind. When it came to function I couldn’t do a bloody thing, they kept stabbing me I had to eat with a fork in the most bizarre way. I looked like Beast in Beauty and the Beast when his trying to use the spoon (resulting in them both eating from the bowl). Off topic does anyone actually know what the Beasts actual name is? Needless to say the nails only lasted close to two hours after I lost my patience while trying to type for work. They had to go.

Removing them was interesting, as the instructions stated all I had to do was soak them in warm soapy water for 10 minutes then remove slowly. Yeah that didn’t happen. I followed the instructions and waited 10 minutes for these nails to soak. After 10 minutes they hadn’t budged, so I put more heated water in and soaked for a further 10minutes and kept pressing onto them to try release my nails. After they were released I did have a few chunks on my nails from the glue, it’s been a few days and I’d say most of the glue has come off but fortunately for me I’m constantly washing my hands.

This little experience with the long nails didn’t last anywhere as long as I thought I would. I would like to know how do women or men (I’ve seen men rock these with no issues) do daily tasks with no issues. For me simply using my phone was a struggle. Long nails do look good in comparison to my chode fingers, they make them look long and lovely- but they just aren’t practical. Well for me that is. I will mention that I am sorry for this post not being posted on Wednesday night usual, last week there was internet difficulties and this week Melbourne had an earthquake. Yes you read right a freaking earthquake! One minute I’m bitching because the glass door is rattling thinking the house is falling apart then the next the whole house shakes. So that was my Wednesday morning, my first earthquake experience. It was either a 5.8 or 6 magnitude it keeps changing but anyway it was an experience I hope to never go through again (despite it being minor compared to the catastrophic ones around the world). Anyway add it to the list of experiences I’ve had in my lifetime.


Lets make some Heat-less Curls……creatively

Hello friends so I had been seeing a lot of videos online showing ways to create heatless curls for your hair. One of which is numerous women using a what looks like a bendy foam tube and rolling your hair over it (yes one big tube) and they wake up with these amazing curls. Now I did want to try this because honestly I thought this looks like a load of crap. I mean yes it would curl the front of the hair but what about the back. I wanted to prove myself wrong but I really didn’t want to pay money for a foam tube that really looked like a giant bendy foam curler. Does anyone remember those curlers? So I started to see other ways in which people curled their hair without heat or with you know curlers and I came across a way similar to the foam tube but instead using a dressing gown cord.

So with this technique really all you needed was a Dressing Gown Cord and some Hair Ties or Scrunchie. It was kind of different from person to person with how you would do this, some people were saying with wet hair, others said hair about 80% dry and others said dry and spritz it when wrapped up. But I decided to do this with dry hair, mainly because it was supposed to be kept in overnight and I honestly didn’t want to go to sleep with wet hair in Winter plus my hair can curl really well because of its texture I guess.

With this all you had to do was put the cord on your head and start wrapping your hair around the cord. What I did was (by following a video direction) was start at the top with a smaller section of hair wrap it around the cord then as I’m about to wrap again add another section to the hair and wrap. So basically adding to the hair as I’m wrapping it around, kind of like what you do when doing french braids, adding until all of the hair is up. It was a little weird at the end when trying to keep it together a lot of videos didn’t show that part but I did see some just simply tied it up at the ends so that what I did with scrunchies. A few other people put hair spray in after it was wrapped, I didn’t do it mainly because I didn’t have any handy and I don’t really like putting hair spray in my hair when I curl it.

I will state this I don’t like having my hair up or in braids or anything I like my hair out so this was already looking to be a bit of a challenge. When I went to bed it wasn’t that bad to sleep on my back it was actually oddly comfortable. Because the way the end of the hair in the scrunchies fell it kind of felt like I was wearing a neck pillow. I was so comfortable I stayed on my back the whole night as if I was on a flight. I did attempt on my side but it wasn’t comfortable. In the morning I released my hair and I was really surprised with he quality of the end result. It actually looked good (minus the fly ways). It did look good didn’t look AMAZING but it worked, I will say that the back wasn’t as good as the front but I kind of was expecting that because how it was done. But it didn’t look that bad I woke up and my hair was essentially done and I looked like I had my shit together.

This was a pretty interesting experiment, I am shocked it worked and the curls didn’t look bad at all. The back I would tweak a bit but other than that I really was pleasantly surprised with this. If you do this before you go to sleep keep in mind that you do have to sleep in this so make sure you make it so you can sleep with all this on your hair. By the way after reviewing the photos for this post I really need to think about retiring this pyjama top its looking rough!


These Masks Giving me ALL THE FEELS

Hello friends it’s been a hot minute since I’ve pampered myself and tried out some masks. So over the last few weeks I’ve been making some time to mask up and enjoy. I had got this mask pack a while ago from Mecca as a freebie. Stupid me didn’t realise it was 3 MASKS! I seriously thought it was one mask in a nice extra packaging, it says it contains 3 masks on the front! Anyways my stupidity aside this mask pack is from Patchology , I have tried one and had a positive experience with these so I’m not at all worried about any negative results. I have done some of this post in the past so enjoy.

The Good Fight

So this 10 minute mask is meant to make impurities and inflammation disappear which was 100% what I needed, my face has broken out something shocking. Damn being a female and hormones causing pimples every few weeks. So first of this mask smelt so good and I did feel so relaxed with it on. I felt like I was in a spa being pampered. God I wish that was true instead I was sitting in bed with an OODIE on with a mask on while watching Raya on Disney Plus.

Now I know I wasn’t to expect any miracles, I know masks don’t make the pimples disappear like that after one 10 minute use. But I will say this did help reduce the appearance and redness of some of my much larger pimples and any other gross crap on my face, they were still very much there but they weren’t as in your face about it. The next day however I saw a massive improvement in my skin all of the impurities were virtually almost gone and my skin looked so much more even tone to it.

Just Let it Glow

So I did review this mask last year after having spawn number 2, I wanted to try this again to see if the results would be a bit different because my hormones ares bat shit crazy. I wanted to use this mask before I put my make up on to see if it gave me that little bit extra glow. Also the fact I hadn’t had a decent nights sleep all week and was looking like total garbage and wanted to pamper myself a bit before I had to be social with people. So this mask is meant to help you look like “the ray of sunshine you are” in 10 minutes. Thank god! I needed it because I looked HORRIBLE!!*

So I put the mask on while I was starting my hair. Once the ten minutes were up I removed it and massaged the mask liquid/residue- I can’t make this not sound gross so I’ll roll with it by making it more gross. So I rubbed the masks jizz into my face and let it dry then began my makeup applications. This mask was the perfect pre-makeup mask, my skin looked amazing! This second time proved that this mask didn’t fluke it the first time with making my skin look brighter and feel nothing short of perfection. Yep I’m being that arrogant, it just made my skin look great and it even made my makeup sit so much better on my skin. I will for sure be stocking up on this mask.

*This mask was used before the Victoria lockdown number 5, back when I could see people

Get Dewy With It

This mask I will be absolutely honest I didn’t need to have any moisture to my face, my skin Ive been able to keep nice and hydrated lately. Keeping it very MOIST. Sorry had to do that, I still find it entertaining that people are so grossed out by the word. But anyway this was a little cheer up pamper because we were thrown back into a fifth, yes FIFTH lockdown. Yep its ridiculous Victoria in its fifth lockdown, at this point I don’t know why I keep up my skin care and keeping my weight down. I feel like I should just let my freak fly and eat everything and just rub bacon grease into my skin and see what happens. But I can’t do that, knowing my luck we will be released out of lockdown and I look like Fat Bastard from Austin Powers unable to leave my house. Plus I can’t let myself go what happens when I don’t fit my clothes anymore I can’t wait for my new larger clothes to arrive in the mail. Damnit Ill just have to continue to take care of myself (with my alcohol indulgence of course!).

Rambles over! This sheet mask goes on for 10 minutes and gives you a massive hit of hydration. So I put this on in the morning after I washed my face. It was really relaxing and calming while wearing it. After the 10 minutes were up I removed it and rubbed in the excess product into my face like the other masks and it was so smooth and fresh I seriously felt like I was on a skincare commercial. I seriously didn’t think my face was dry at all but after this mask it felt so amazing a fresh. I felt like I’d gone back in time and was a young duckling again.

So these masks were just what I needed my skin was nice and refreshed after each one, Im actually thinking I might buy a pile of these masks to keep in my bathroom just to give my skin that little extra BAM or just when I feel like giving myself a little pampering.


What What Perky Butt

Now this product was bought purely because my phone kept telling me to buy it. Its very obvious someone is listening to my whinging to my friends through my phone, because for months I was receiving advertisements for this B-Tight Anti Cellulite Boots Mask by Maelys Cosmetics. I admit my legs are top of the list for my worst feature. So I do complain about them to a lot of my close family members and friends. So I saw that this magical potion reduces cellulite, restores and tightens skin, effective at burning fat and increases skin firmness and elasticity. I mean come on by the sound of that it sound like amazing witchcraft! I had to try it.

So I saw online best to order 2 jars of the product because it takes up to 2 months to see results and a jar should last up to a month or so. So I bought 2 jars, it worked out ok with price because I was getting it shipped international I wanted to make sure I didn’t just get one little thing. It actually came pretty quickly which I was pleasantly surprised about (it came quicker than product I bought domestically). The jars are surprisingly large. When opening up to look at the product it smelt really nice, it had a sweet scent to it and was a really pretty pink colour. Now lets get into it. I applied the product every morning and night (side note wait 20 minutes before you apply after having a shower or working out), when applying it goes on nice and smooth and eventually heats up to create a increase in blood flow- basically the heating effect helps it work. On their website it said there was a gently warming sensation when you applied, for me it was very hot and it stuck around for hours! I felt like I had applies Deep Heat to my legs and the hot sensation just would not go away.

No with this heating situation I just left it throughout the day, it was hot but it wasn’t painful. I didn’t mind it too much due to the fact we are in Winter and it kept me nice and warm. At night that was a different story, I followed the recommendations and waited to apply after having a shower but I found that my skin was hot throughout the whole night I felt hot and not comfortable at all. This product did make my skin feel smother and I did notice slight changes in my legs I couldn’t stick it out for the whole two months I barely made it to one month. The heating sensation that they called “Gentle” wasn’t pleasant at all for me. This was a great product apart from the heating aspect it was just not good,It wasn’t comfortable I felt like I could feel the heat through my pants. I did give it a while to see if I would get used to it I couldn’t get used to it. Its a shame I couldn’t continue to see the final results since I did see a lot of positive reviews regarding this product so I do take it down to this might not be the product for me. I have included the website below for you to check out yourself they sell heaps of other skincare products.


Will this help my Winter Lips???

Lanolips is a brand I always see when shopping at Mecca and I for some unknown reason never think to look at any of the product properly. Im not sure why I never think to just give it a little try out (not try out the lipgloss in the store, even before Covid I don’t know who’s touched it). So when I received this lovely little tube as an extra with my most recent purchase I was curious to see if it would help my current situation. My current situation being my lips have become so dry and sore since winter hit here in Melbourne. This happens every year, once winter hits I need something powerful to fix my lips because my normal lip balms can’t cut it for the first few weeks of winter. So why not try this stuff out.

I figured right now is better time than any, Victoria was thrown into a snap 7 day lockdown no thanks to cases shooting back up again. So if it gives me a little reaction thank god I don’t have to go out in public with a rash or any physical reaction. So anyway looking online at some of the reviews, it seems to be all really positive which I find pretty reassuring. So apparently this is “soothes and nourishes chapped lips, dry cuticles and dry itchy skin”. Sounds perfect for me. I am curious though does anyone use lip balms/ ointments on their nails? Is it any good? I know a number of brands say you can do it but I never thought to try it- Im not a fan of hand/ nail treatments.

Opening up the tube I had to of course have a good sniff, strawberry scented I mean why wouldn’t I. Smelling it, it didn’t smell bad at all I liked the strawberry scent it was really sweet. When I sniffed it, the smell gave me major flashbacks to some of the lollies I had when I was a kid, it’s killing me right now I can’t remember the name guarantee once this is up I’ll remember. So the product itself was very thick and a bit of a struggle to get out of the tube, it did say on the tube to warm up in your hands. It also was a little sticky, so I wouldn’t were this outside on a windy day. It wasn’t as sticky as some of the other lip glosses/balms that Ive tried in the past ( I have had some STICKY products). But after a while I didn’t notice it as much. After using this for one day I noticed a massive improvement in my lips. Before they were dry, scaley, red and just overall sore. After they looked so much more hydrated, the colour had gone down and the dry skin scales on my lips had gone, in one day! I used it for a whole day re-applying when I remembered didn’t go over the top with it and this helped a lot.

I definitely will be buying this again, apart from the sticky product its a winner. This will probably be an indoor and night time treatment for my lips, only because I do not want to have to fish out all of my hair of my lips- I have the odd curly hairs don’t want to have people thinking I have pube mouth. Ive attached the link t the Lanolins page for you to check out, you can also find these at select online beauty stores as well as Mecca, Ulta (if your in the States) and Sephora (Canada stores). Theres a list of stockist online if you want to buy in person.

IM OUT!!!!

Trying out ALL of my Samples- Take 9

Hello Friends. Here we are the ninth samples post. Funny thing is I have been doing the samples for a year now isn’t that crazy. Lets get into it!

TOO FACED Better than Sex Mascara

So I am aware that this sample is nothing new I’ve actually had this sample before and purchased this mascara. But it has been a while since I used the mascara and I have found that makeup brands do tend to tweak formulas to keep improving the products so I thought I would give this a go again. Too Faced is always a brand that I like, there are only one or two items that didn’t agree with me but honestly if we really get down to it nearly every brand has at least one item that just does agree with my face. We judge on whether the good outweighs the bad. So this mascara is said to give dramatic volume, longer lashes and create a false lash effect. So if you look at the box that the product came in you would notice a picture of lashes wearing the mascara and you can see a big difference in the lashes. So obviously the mascara lashes look fuller and longer but one thing I do like about this is the brand included in writing under the photo that they did 3 applications of the mascara to achieve that look. Now that is some good honesty right there I’m sick of brands showing women with these big lashes and they say oh it’s the mascara and we can tell they are clearly wearing false lashes.

So originally I didn’t mind this mascara it wasn’t too clumpy and made my lashes look great. Using this again same deal it doesn’t seem like they changed the formula at all and if they happen to it must have been really minimal. I only use one or two applications of this just to make sure that I covered every lash. It went on smoothly and I didn’t have any issues with too much or too little product coming out. Still a winner for me.


Oh yeah another perfume, I kinda like getting perfume samples from brands I never think to try. From this brand I only have one fragrance and that was the Black Opium. I only ended up getting that a few years ago when I was waiting at the airport and started sniffing perfumes in Duty free to pass the time (ahhh travelling freely those were the good old days). I don’t mind this brand when Ive had samples I always kind of steer clear of it because I feel like its a more classier brand and Im too white trash for it. So anyways this scent is made up of orange blossom flower, lavender and white musks. I think this is a very unique scent I can definitely smell the musk in it. I like it I find you can smell the musk first off with the floral scent following. It a very elegant scent I think it would be more for people who are going to nice affairs where they are dressed up nice. I wouldn’t wear it as a daily scent but I would like to keep it as something to wear for if I went out for a nice dinner minus the spawns.

LAURA MERCIER Rouge Essentiel Silky Creme Lipstick- Rouge Ultime

Ive always wanted to try Laura Mercier products. I know that the translucent powder was the must have for a while, but honestly I don’t use translucent powder (Im a basic B). So according to its online description It delivers high-impact colour with weightless decadence and also Lasts up to six hours without bleeding, feathering, drying, fading or settling into lines. So lets see how we go, I do love a good red lippie and this colour is beautiful. So on application it was very smooth and creamy. It was very easy to apply and I didn’t have any bleeding or having to spend a great deal of concentration to apply it and not make me look like a clown. I wanted to put this to the test and I wore it for 6 hours to see if it lasted. so wearing it it honestly felt like I was wearing my normal lip balm, it was great. But it did not last at all it came off very quickly. I was hoping it would stay but it needed a re-application. I will say it didn’t dry out my lips which was a bonus but I found that my lips were kind of stained when I tried to remove the lipstick at the end of the day. Stained sounds good right, it means the colours stayed. No, it looked like Ive been downing red lollies and my lips were stained from eating.

I am a bit shattered this didn’t last because it is such a nice red and it looked great with my vampire skin tone. Despite it not lasting very long I will use this lipstick re-applying wont be so bad to be honest.

DRUNK ELEPHANT F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Masque Hydrant

“This cooling, quenching overnight mask plumps and restores with an electrolyte cocktail while helping to strengthen the skin’s acid mantle.” With the Melbourne weather cooling off and drying my skin out this sound perfect to fix my situation. So according to the tube I have to apply to skin as the last step in my nighttime skin routine And it can be worn as an overnight mask. Putting it on my skin it was very light weight and not oily at all. I was very happy that it dried quickly so I wasn’t having to lower myself into bed while waiting for the mask to dry. pretty much once the mask dried I did feel like my skin was a lot more hydrated and smoother. The next morning my skin again was hydrated, smooth and it did look brighter as if life has been put back into my dead skin. I didn’t mind this mask it did make my skin really nice and I didn’t have any reaction or issues with it. But I honestly think I prefer another over night mask brand just out of preference.

There we go friends number 9 samples is done. Like I mentioned these samples posts have been going on for a year. I remember the very first post thinking that people would hate it because its literally me trying out samples and sharing how I feel about them. I was honestly worried but seeing that you guys like reading out my opinion is great. These samples posts have been great for me to broaden my horizon with products and brands that I would have never thought to try. A lot have become apart of my skin routine or joined my makeup collection. Plus its cleared out heaps of my space in the bathroom cupboard. Stay tuned for me rounding this off to samples number 10!!



So the one downfall to having pink in my hair is the fact it washes out more and more overtime I wash it. I don’t mind it washing out because it washes out so nicely giving me a different shade of pink after each wash. Although I would like the pink just to stay longer, so I went on a search for a shampoo that would keep the pink in a bit longer. Kind of what you do do when you have light blonde hair , you use purple shampoo to keep the colour looking fresh. I came across this product from KERACOLOR (the brand that actually was used by my hairdresser to colour my hair).

KERACOLOR Clenditioner (light Pink) condoning cleaner : cleanses,nourishes and deposits colour onto your hair. So it gradually adds more colour each wash making the colour last longer.. Pigment can last up to 10-15 washes, depending how porous and light your hair is. What you do it apply it to your wet hair and leave on for 3-5minutes then rinse. As you can see in my first photo below my hair still is pink but its defiantly faded. I put the clenditioner in my hair and left it for 5minutes before I rinsed……..

So the product is in a pump bottle which I honestly think all hair cleaning products should be in. Its so much more easy to make sure you don’t pour too much out. Anyways this didn’t have to much of a scent to it but the product colour was really pretty I admit like the weirdo I am I did pump it into my hand and stared at it for a bit. Yep weirdo. It was pretty good that it didn’t stain my skin (even though the instructions did say it could). Keeping it in my hair for 5 minutes was nothing its getting colder here in Melbourne so Im not fussed about staying in my hot shower for a bit longer. Once rinsed and dried I defiantly could see a difference in my colour it looked a lot more vibrant.

The pink is even (obviously not on the roots-going for the pink balyage look here). I am happy I can keep the colour fresh-ish for longer my hair feels smooth a really refreshed overall I am pretty happy with it. I know its looking a bit dry at the ends that down to my air drying and hair dryer mix. I have sheep fur hair (cheers genetics). I will keep using this once a week alternating with my olaplaex treatments – with it getting colder here in Melbourne I have to make sure my hair doesn’t dry out. So you can buy this on many different online hair product stores but I’ll include the link for the Keracolor website below to check out.


Trying out ALL of my Samples- Take 8

We are on round 8 of these samples and believe it or not there are still plenty more ready to go. I did have plenty more samples sitting in my bathroom but honestly some of them I had to throw out just because they look like they lived in my bathroom for a long time. Enjoy….

FRESH Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask

I’ve tried Fresh products a number of times and I can tell you these are fantastic. I always love them, they always smell so good you would want to eat them and they always make my skin feel as if I’ve been to a spa. So I was excited with this mask since I’ve always had positive experiences with Fresh. What this mask is supposed to do is brighten and exfoliate. Of course the big draw of this mask was its full of fruit to provide skin with the natural vitamins that can give the skin a glow. This mask to use was very straight forward, just apply to freshly cleansed face. Massage on skin and leave for 10 minutes and then remove with warm water.

Naturally I had to give this mask a good sniff, I mean seriously if it’s full of fruit I want this mask to smell phenomenal. It had a sweet fruity scent that again would make you want to eat it. When applying the mask it was a bit chunky i kind of felt like i was applying jam to my face. not complaining tough it actually felt really nice- it makes me wonder if putting actual jam on my face would feel as nice (no doubt will make me break out). After the 10 minutes went and I removed the mask my skin felt a little fresher and cleaner but nothing different frown I clean it. It wasn’t until the next day when I actually saw some real difference in my skin. It did make my skin look significantly better and hate to say this but yes it glowed (should have f**king glowed when I was pregnant). A lot of my little hormonal zits completely went down and cleared up. I really liked this mask, I did find the results weren’t instant but the delayed results were worth the wait.

MECCA COSMETICA To Save Face SPF 50+ Superscreen

Finally I don’t have to chose between protecting my skin and looking good. Im liking that there are more and more brand bringing out sunscreen suitable to put under makeup that won’t make you feel like you have layer upon layer of products on your skin and won’t make your skin feel greasy swell as look greasy. In the past I have worn sunscreen under my makeup when going to outdoor events but I’ve found that its made my makeup sort of rub off my skin and look really oily. So it never worked in my favour. I tried this product both as a sunscreen on its on and with makeup. So as a sunscreen I found it didn’t go on greasy like normal sunscreen and dried really quickly. There wasn’t really any scent to it and out of all honesty I forgot it was a sunscreen I kept thinking it was some sort of moisturiser or mask, it made my skin feel so good. Both times wearing this I did walk in the sun and no sunburn what so ever. This was great but the other perk was the fact that after wards my skin didn’t break out the next day like it does with normal sunscreen. Seriously any sunscreen makes me break out in zits- its a pain in the ass!

EVO The Therapist Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

Ok so these are technically travel sized bottles but because I got them extra with an order I’ll count them as samples. I mean seriously these bottles were empty after I used them once! Yeah my thick hair caused this. So anyway this hair care is meant to hydrate my hair and is full of protein and moisturisers to achieve this. Using this, its not rocket science you wash your hair with the shampoo and rinse then condition then rinse. Easy peasy! So here is where the fun part begins. Once I rinsed out all of the products I felt like my hair wasn’t really anything different. I didn’t feel like my hair had improved. But I have been fooled before so I gave it a chance to show me the magic once it dried. My god I am so glad I held off judging this until my hair was nice and dry. When my hair was dry it was so shiny, smooth and soft. My hair felt and looked so refreshed and all of the fly aways were pretty much gone. It looked like I had a little visit to the hairdressers, its pretty good for a shampoo and conditioner combo I would have expected these results from a mask or treatment.

LE LABO Santal 33

Yes friends we are trying out perfume. It’s a sample that needs to be tested. I don’t know what it is about this samples packaging, it’s so basic that it looks like could honestly be something homemade and sold at a market but I love it. It makes me think it’s an old timey package that urgently needs to be opened. So looking up this scent it’s a unisex scent which does make me a little nervous. I find that a lot of unisex scents are more on the masculine side (my personal opinion) and it’s never a scent I would wear. A lot of the time I feel like they would be more suited to my husband rather than me but let’s see how we go. Ok so according to the website the “Fragrance Notes” are: Australian sandalwood, cedarwood, leather, cardamon, iris, and musk. Already sounding like it would be more suited to my husband. Ok so I don’t have an issue with these scents at all and if you like the scents on you that’s great but me personally I’m not a fan to wear these scents on me. I’d like the scents in my house or on my husband but I will still give the perfume a chance.

So the little bottle in comes in has one of those plastic cork deals- you know the plug thing (sorry don’t know the technical term for it) can sometimes make the perfume just fly all over you if you don’t remove the lid carefully. Fortunately I managed to get it off without product flying all over the place. Now the scent really caught me by surprise, it wasn’t bad. I actually liked the smell it wasn’t an obvious gender scent , like I mentioned whenever there is a unisex scent it usually is more towards the males target audience. But this was really nice. I definitely picked up the woody and musky scents in this but it wasn’t too overwhelming. I actually got a few compliments on this scent while out. I think this is something that it for sure depends on person to person just judging by the mixed reviews.

So there we have it friends, some samples were tried and they weren’t fails. Be prepared for many many more samples posts coming up- Im moving house (hopefully over the next few weeks) and I need to give my bathroom a little clean out. Ill get into the house situations soon so stay tuned.

IM OUT!!!!

Trying out ALL of my Samples- Take 7

SAMPLES!!!! Here we go the first samples for 2021! Im excited I have begun a clean out of my bathroom cupboard and I’ve put all of my samples into one box. We are ready to kick this off.

SEPHORA La Collection Nude, S03 On Fleek Lipstick

Sephora brand makeup is usually a hit or miss for me. Especially when it comes to the lipsticks. I got this sample with an open mind because when I first saw it I did like the colour and also I love these little sample lipsticks instead of the lipstick in a cardboard sleeve. Honestly when I get little sample lipsticks like this pretty much most of the time I will keep them even if Im not 100% happy with it. I just like the small size, I like travel sized items and if makeups in travel size i love it even more because I can take it with me in small bags easy. Plus when I have heaps of travel sized makeup if I go away it means I can take a small makeup bag and not have to hear my hubs go on about how I pack loads of makeup. So anyway I did like the colour a lot its a nice nude and it looked great with my skin. With this sample, I was a bit iffy about using it. Only because I have been more into matte liquid lipsticks. This one is more, not glossy but satin. I think thats the term to describe it. So it was a bit different for me.

So wearing this it went on beautifully and didn’t dry out my lips what so ever. The lipstick itself felt creamy and smooth. The only fault I’d give this is the fact that it almost instantly came off. Im a person who likes to wear lipstick for occasions when I’m all dolled up so I need my lipstick to lat more than one sip of wine. This came off all over the glass and somehow on my chin. This would be a great lipstick for times when Im not eating or drinking because it did compliment my skin so well. I am shattered it didn’t take really anything for it to come off though.

THIS WORKS Deep SleepPillow Spray

I saw this sample and thought this actually was a pretty interesting little spray. So basically its a spray to relax you and help you get a good night sleep. Looking at this spray its really just a combination of essential oils of lavender, camomile and others. So what you do is spray it on your pillow before you go to sleep. I guess this spray has caused a few allergic reactions based off of the warning that was pretty much instantly in your face when looking at the details of the product. Now this product did have a nice smell to it was pretty pleasant to smell, it covered up the husbands mouldy egg farts lovely.

As for it doing anything, it did nothing for me. I wasn’t anymore relaxed than usual and it didn’t help me sleep. I feel like this sounds like a great product and a good idea but it really didn’t do a thing. I felt like it was more of a bed deodorant rather than something to help sleep.

SAND AND SKY Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask

So this mask has been plastered all over social media for a while now and I admit I have wanted to give it a try. So when I received this little sample I jumped on the chance to try this out. So this mask has so many rave reviews; it detoxes skin, smooths skin, tightens pores, clears skin, brighten and evens complexion. Well this sounds too good to be true, I have to see if this actually does something.

How to use: Cleanse your skin before applying your face mask. Usually the actual mask comes with a brush to apply but obviously this being a sample I used my fingers to apply the mask. I then left it to dry for about 10 minutes and then washed it off. Apparently my skin was supposed to feel a little tingle but it didn’t feel it. Not complaining though. So this was a perfect mask, it was quick drying and wasn’t terribly messy. While wearing the mask I couldn’t find anything to say whether I should put moisturiser on afterwards or just leave my skin- so I was just going to see how my skin came up as soon as it was washed and dried. After washing the mask off I was definitely shocked. My skin looked AMAZING! I was seriously not expecting my skin to look like this. Usually after masks I tend to get a little splotchy just after the mask is removed (obviously it goes down and reveals clear skin). But this mask, my skin looked instantly clear. All minor blemishes were virtually gone and my skin tone looked so even. I almost looked like I had an Instagram filter on.

This mask was for sure worth every bit of hype. If I had known this was legit and not talking crap I would have gotten this sooner. It probably would have helped me when my skin was at its absolute worst. For sure get this mask it seriously made my skin feel amazing, I didn’t need any moisturiser afterwards and I felt like I had just had a facial.

ULTRA VIOLETTE Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Facial Sunscreen

This product I feel like it was created for the pale people. This is a 3-in-1 product that is sunscreen, moisturiser and makeup primer. I don’t know about anyone else but whenever I had to go to an even I would start to stress if it was a sunny day because I’d either have to ditch the sunscreen and risk a deadly sunburn or wear the sunscreen under makeup and feel my makeup was slowly melting off of my face. I admit I’ve been a bit naughty this summer and have been regularly not wearing sunscreen outside in the sun. sometimes i just forget it and other times I just don’t want to have to deal with my skin feeling oily and dirty. But after a little bit of a nasty face sunburn I thought I better start taking care of my skin (although I now have a slight tan- by that Im now a darker pale).

So I used this one sunny day and it did surprise me. I swear it smelt like fake tan which was strange- I did keep checking that I didn’t accidentally cover my face in fake tan. The product itself didn’t feel too heavy on my skin like normal sunscreen does and I didn’t breakout from it. BONUS! It protected my super pale skin and my makeup sat nicely on top. I did look at some of the reviews online and based off of a lot of them as great as this product is, if you have oily skin thats prone to break outs I would avoid this. A lot of the reviews did caution you against this product if you do have skin that is prone to breakouts.

TARTE Maneater Voluptuous Mascara

Another mascara from TARTE, I do like Tarte mascaras I’ve owned my fair share of them. I can’t fault them. This one is the ManEater Voluptuous Mascara, its supposed to volumes, lengthen and curl your lashes. To be honest mascaras to me seem to be pretty much the same they all claim to do different spectacular things. The only thing that sets them apart is some are clumpy and some go on neatly. The brush on this mascara had smaller bristles and it felt like more of a rubber spooly (sorry don’t know the technical term). This mascara wasn’t too clumpy it actually went on smoothly and I didn’t find I had any issues with applying it. Im honest here, whenever I apply mascara I always get a tiny dot on my face- its like I can never get the stupid stuff on my face without having to make a mess. This is the one time I applied it and I had not a spot on my face which was a massive shock.

That was one big bonus, another was the look this mascara gave my lashes. It looked like each lash was individually coated with a perfect amount. Did this make my lashes look as good as they would while wearing fake lashes? Nope. No mascara makes my lashes look like that. But this did make them look great and they did look noticeably better than my other mascaras. The husband, who never notices anything complimented them.

So this was a great first samples adventure. I do have many many more coming soon. Im in the process of cleaning out my bathroom cupboard so many samples are being tested and put towards future posts. Stay tuned.

IM OUT!!!!