Just a little Strawberry Glow

This product I have been excited to try ever since I saw that it was being released. Ive recently gotten back into using GLOW RECIPE products and while looking at the Glow Recipe Instagram page, looking at what I can try next I came across Strawberry Smooth BHA and AHA Salicylic Serum.

A powerful, yet soothing AHA+BHA acid serum that gently smooths rough texture, clears breakouts & refines pores for clear, hydrated skin. Formulated with a 10% Clarity Acid Complex including 2% salicylic acid and 1% mandelic acid blend to clarify, decongest, soothe, and prevent blemishes.

MECCA Website

So I looked at the reviews and they mostly seemed to be pretty positive, so that’s a bonus. So first of all another beautiful packaging design from GLOW RECIPE, I always love how their packaging looks. It’s unique and cute without making it look like it’s something for kids or tacky. Now the product itself pumped out pretty easy and seemed fairly creamy for a serum, not that’s a bad thing I find it’s easier to make sure I pump out the recommended two pumps and no more. Now smelling the product, for some reason I’m not sure why but I had it stuck in my head it would smell exactly like that early 2000 strawberry body spray I used to bath in pretty much. Did anyone else use it? Seriously I put so much of that spray on you could smell me from streets away. Probably killed a lot of brain cells- would explain a lot. Well this product didn’t have that scent it was a more subtle strawberry scent to it, to me it wasn’t an overpowering scent that once you pump it you can smell it, it was more of a light scent that wasn’t too in your face.

After washing my face I applied 2 pumps of the product (as recommended), I patted it- not rubbed it in. I will say that after applying my face was a little sticky but it calmed down and was absorbed fairly quickly. After a week of using the product it improved my skin a few scars I had on my chin had gone down significantly. Even when the odd zit popped up it was very minimal you could barely notice them (well obviously I could Im always up close staring at my face). The instructions stated to use it 1-2 times a day I found that using it morning and night was a bit much for my skin to handle and it dried it out a bit. The direness wasn’t bad it was easy fixed after I started using the serum just at night.

Overall this really is a great product and I have kept it in my regular skin routine. My skin look amazing now- well currently I look like a pale sick mess (fucking winter giving me a bastard cold) BUT no zits or discolouring. I look like a nice equally pale canvas. Silver lining! This is a great product to incorporate into your daily skin routine, if you have sensitive skin maybe try what I did and only use it once a day to avoid any dry out of your skin. In Australia this available in MECCA stores and online and international in Sephora.

IM OUT!!!!


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