After one of the longest sleeps I have had in the last two years, I felt like a new woman. I got up hit the gym, showered and glammed up for the day. Well what was left of the day.

We had planned to go to Fremont Street that night. We’ve never been there at night, we would always go during the day and you can’t really see show on the roof. So we took our time getting ready and had a few pre gamer drinks. I seriously felt like I had so much energy I was ready to go and I bandaid-ed up my feet to an insane level to wear my wedges. Yes I know its dumb but Im a short female and I wanted to look normal height and look good.

So we caught a cab to Fremont Street, it was dark by then. Walking Fremont Street at night was a whole different experience, lights everywhere and loads of people. I loved it. I’m not usually a fan of big crowds but this I could live with because I was so distracted by the roof display I couldn’t care less about all the people. We strolled through some of the casinos and even had a bit of a gamble. It wasn’t my night I WON NOTHING! Of course I was feeling mischievous and I bought a 30th Birthday plastic necklace at a pop up stand (come on I had to advertise my birthday), I’m surprised Im still married with how cheeky I was wearing that necklace also I kept asking to borrow my hubs cigarette to pose for photos…..because I couldn’t be serious for one photo that night. I think also I didn’t want to take a serious photo because I had a reaction on my lips causing them to dry out and look like I had a disease. But it didnt hold me back.

We headed back the strip after our adventure in Old Vegas, but we were in no way shape or form ready to go back to our hotel. What we did was get dropped off at NEW YORK NEW YORK, that way we could walk back going through each hotel and stop at each bar. We started at Coyote Ugly in New York New York. This is the second time Ive been here and I forgot you have to pay to get into this bar! PAY! Yes i sound like a cheap fuck but it was just weird to me. We stayed for one drink to, the atmosphere wasn’t really that enjoyable. You’d think going to a bar where chicks dance on the bar and theres a dance floor for patrons it be awesome. Nope, everyone was boring that night and my hubs and I were the only ones busting out moves on the dance floor while everyone was sticking their noses up at us. Screw that we went elsewhere.

We went across to the MGM, we walked around there and had a few drinks. Side note I do like the MGM it looks like a really good place to stay. Maybe another future trip, hehe. We walked around from place to place trying to find somewhere to sit for a while and drink rather than have one and leave and walking around with traveller drinks.

Once we had made it to the Planet Hollywood, we went for a stop at TWIN PEAKS (if you don’t know what this place is, its like Hooters but its got a lumberjack theme) where we sat at the bar with a few drinks and for some chicken wings – I needed food. I like these places, yeah the girls are in skimpy outfits but I find they are the nicest pretty girls Ive ever met – even if they are just trying to get tips.  After we stuffed our faces and had a few cocktails, we decided to walk around the Miracle Mile and have a few drinks while we had a look around. While walking we noticed that it was strangely quiet. A lot of stores were closed and it was pretty much deserted. Of course in my mischievous state I was having a riot dancing around. But I was getting a bit creeped out to why everything was closed it wasn’t until I looked at my phone I realised it was 3am! YES 3AM! I can’t remember the last time is was up that early (well that wasn’t because of a crying child).

Once we realised that it was early hours of the fucking morning, we were out as if were were 18 years old able to party til 7am. We decided to start heading back to the hotel. When we hit the Flamingo we made a stop to go the the bathrooms, normal people would have gone to the bathroom and continued heading home. We didn’t. We explored the hotel and ended up at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville. They had some Beer Pong tables that you could use, you just had to go to the bar and ask about it. Of course we had to play it- I mean why the hell not! We notice two guys in suits were playing on another table and asked them if the wanted to join us once they finished their game. We didn’t realised we had challenged two Irish businessman to a game of Beer Pong!


Well it was a pretty close match we were leading by one cup, but then they just got our cups one after the other. They also figured out I bounced when my turn. Needless to say they smashed us they had 2 cups left at the end of the game. After the match we all sat down at the 5Oclock Somewhere bar with our Irish competitors and had a few drinks together. It was good chatting with people from another country and I actually learnt a few new things about Ireland, I really don’t know much to be honest. While enjoying our drinks they Irishmen mentioned they needed to head back to their hotel as they had to get ready for a flight in a few hours thats when we decided we really needed to get back and finally go to sleep otherwise we will be wrecked for a few days.  So we stumbled back.

Well we finally made it back to the room and I took a look at the time and it was 6:30am!! I thought it was an achievement that I was able to last that long without needing a nap. I haven’t gotten home from a night out at 6:30am since I was 18 years old. Pretty good effort I thought. But around 8:30am-9am I started to feel shit I woke up after barely any sleep with my stomach churning err it was about an hour in the foetal position before I eventually fell asleep again. We were in bed the whole day, it was a right off but we needed to recover.

Well Ill leave it here for now stay tuned for Part 3 of MY VEGAS ADVENTURE for the last few days in Vegas. Enjoy some pics of me channeling my inner white trash…..



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