Don’t leave me unattended in COSTCO

Early this year I signed up for a membership with Costco so I could get a few things I wanted around the house in bulk (eg washing powder and dishwasher tablets). Usually the items I always wait until I’ve run out of and desperately need to run out and get. At my last visit there I noticed a lot of the bulk supplies of food would be great for a dinner party or just a party so I was a bit excited to go shopping for supplies for the spawns Birthday party.

Yep it’s been 3 years since I squeezed a watermelon through a pin hole (pin hole that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). So to celebrate her turning 3 we decided to throw a little birthday party on the Sunday before her birthday. Her actual birthday was on the Monday but that was a day for just us three to enjoy. On the Saturday before the party I headed of to Costco, with a list in hand of what I needed to buy. I figured going alone would be best because I could get things a lot quicker without two people stopping for every sample available. Big mistake.

Ive been to Costco many time over the years, but never by myself. So I had no one to hold me back whenever I saw a bargain. Let me first say this, when you shop at Costco (well Melbourne Costco Im talking about- I can’t speak for USA or other countries) you have to know the prices of products or roughly an idea of prices to know if your actually getting a bargain when buying in bulk. I know people who have gone to Costco and gone oh I bought all this dishwashing liquid for cheap but really you could buy more for same price or cheaper at the supermarket. Since I knew that Costco at Melbourne Docklands was well known for always being ridiculously busy, I decided to go first thing on Saturday morning when the doors just opened. I was pleasantly surprised pulling into the Costco carpark to find it only had a handful of cars parked around the place. Usually this carpark is an absolute nightmare with cars everywhere. I was so happy when I managed to grab a spot right near the elevators up to the entrance to save me having to push a heavy trolley to the car by myself.

Once I had parked the car I skipped up the stairs to the entrance thinking only 3 or 4 people would be waiting out the front for the doors to open. Boy I was wrong! It was packed with people waiting by the door with their trolleys ready to go, its looked like the supermarkets around Christmas with how many people were hanging to get inside. Once the doors opened a flood of people stampeded in as if there was limited stock for sale. From the word go, a rude person had begun to test me. An elderly woman decided to stop in a walkway (the main walkway) and park her trolley while she walked off to a display. Side note  it pisses me off when Im shopping and people park their trolleys across walkways blocking isles off to people, take your trolley with you or just move it to the side. These people always crack the shit when I move their trolley out of the way too.

As I walked into the busy ass Costco, I was instantly greeted with many many bargains. I walked past them staying strong and just thinking to myself I’m just here for party stuff. As I walked from isle to isle crossing items off of my list I began to loose my will to fight the urge to buy things off of the list (you know the stuff you don’t actually need but try to justify with a stupid excuse to buy). As I was struggling to manoeuvre the oversized, heavy  trolly through all of the customers I began to pick up a few items that I didn’t really need.It began in the bakery section when I came across the bagels, mentally made up an excuse to buy them “oh hubs will love these as an easy breakfast” (he never makes anything for breakfast weekdays just drinks UP and GO ) so I ended up getting 2 bags of bagels. As I finished collecting all of the items I needed for the party I went walking around Costco again and started looking for other items I may need – really I had lost the fight and began to pick up random crap to buy.

As I was walking around you could tell that more and more people were entering the store and were starting to grind my gears with dumping their full trolleys in walkways and ramming into me. For some reason trolleys kept bumping into my butt (thank fuck it wasn’t my feet). Before I go on I don’t have a big butt, no big booty like you see all over Instagram – I just hunch over and poke my bum out (unknowingly) when Im pushing a trolley. After the 3rd trolley slammed into me I lost all will to care and headed to the wine isle. Still is shocking when I only came out with 6 bottles of Prosecco when I had so many to chose from and how much I was getting the shits with people.

After I put my wine in the cart and started to push the trolley I was becoming clear it was beginning to get pretty heavy to move so as I was heading to the register I dropped a few items off at their stands to try lighten the load. Still didn’t empty out enough I bill got over $400! When I got home and was emptying my car out, the hubs was shocked that I managed to restrain myself and not get as much as he thought I was going to come home with. I think next time Ill go with someone to Costco to make sure I keep my eye on the list and save me from coming home with random food/ items that I really don’t need. Prosecco supply will come in handy in a few weeks for my SISTERS NIGHT OUT evening.

Stay tuned for that tale…..



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