Baileys Cheesecake Balls

Do you like Baileys?? 

Baileys has always been something I could never drink, because of the milkiness of the liqueur its just never sat right when I’ve drank it. Its probably the sort of drink teenagers drink because its pretty much a milkshake. But saying that I love to make desserts with it because its got such a nice flavour to add to the treats. An treats I like are the bliss balls/ truffles whatever they are called they are a perfect sized to eat and enjoy.

These are so tasty even Old Greg would approve – If you haven’t seen the MIGHTY BOOSH check it out! Theres a character in one of the episodes called Old Greg, his a sea monster that loves to drink Baileys, paints and has a MANGINA! Im not making that last bit up. Any way theres a photo of him below, sorry if it causes nightmares…….



225g cream cheese

60ml Baileys Irish cream liqueur

300g white chocolate melted

2 x 165g packets of white chocolate coated cookies

OPTIONAL – milk chocolate melted for a drizzle decoration

  1. Place white chocolate cookies into a bowl and crush until they are fine crumbs. This is a great way to take out your anger- therapy and cooking. If your feeling lazy goss the cookies in the food processor and crush them up.
  2. Add the cream cheese and Baileys to the cookies mix up in food processor make sure everything is mixed up
  3. Put mix into the fridge for 30 minutes to make sure the mix hardens up and is easy to roll up
  4. Once mix is hardened roll into balls and put onto baking paper lined oven tray or plate
  5. Put balls back into the fridge again to harden up. The mixture would have gotten a bit warm with you rolling it around with your hands
  6. Melt white chocolate in a microwave safe bowl
  7. Put balls in the chocolate and cover them completely, use two toothpick to move them around and place back on tray
  8. Put a little blob of chocolate onto the tiny holes on the balls from the toothpicks
  9. Put the balls back into the fridge to set for at least an hour – I left these overnight
  10. If you want to give the balls a little extra decoration once the balls are set you can drizzle a little milk chocolate on top of them – as you can tell I didn’t make any decorations


With how cold my house was when making these I did end up with super runny chocolate that would go thick and hard pretty quickly. So I ended up with messy white chocolate balls in the end. It dint effect the overall taste of the balls I just had to chip away at the bottom of the balls where the chocolate had melted down to. Im not here to make Pinterest worthy food, Im here to help you guys make stuff thats easy. Oh yes Im aware that the image of one of the balls looks like a nipple…..I kept that in the image just because it looks funny. 



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