Home Makeover Sessions : Recycled Artwork

I felt like it was time to re-fresh my house and give it a bit of a makeover and maybe get rid of some of the crap laying around. 

While cleaning out my home office I came across a number of large canvases that Ive had for a few years, that I never got around to hanging up on the walls. When Looking at one of them I found that It didn’t look as nice as I remember and frankly it looked like shit now. I did make it up when I was pregnant and my brain was mush when I had it hanging up for the 18 months so maybe back then I actually thought it looked ok. but non the less I didn’t like it and I didn’t want to just throw out the canvases because I no longer liked the artwork. So I decided to re-use the canvas and replace the artwork with something I would like hanging up in my house.

First things first I, have to make a somewhat of a blank canvas so I can cover up the original artwork. I Just got out the white paint and painted over the original – you can see its not entirely covered up but its enough in order to paint over it. I left it to dry for a day or two, it obviously took ages to dry because of the freezing weather at the moment and I had to keep the wet paint canvas in the garage out of the way so no accidental brushing against it.


I decided to create a kind of liquid effect to the canvas using HIGH FLOW acrylic paint. I used Global Colours – High Flow Paints with a medium to create a liquid effect to the painting. What I dd was make sure the canvas was on something to protect the floor from any paint mess. I then selected all of the paints I wanted to used and put them all in individual cups – I then mixed in medium in each of the paints to make sure it could create the liquid effect when on the canvas. Then poured the paints all on the canvas in spots and once all of the paint was on I tilted the canvas to move the paint to mix up and until I was happy. once I was happy with the overall look I left the canvas to dry.

The final product I was happy with it looks like I have a whole new piece of artwork in my house and it brightens up the room. Stay tuned for more Home Makeover Sessions posts, this will be ongoing for the next few months. Hopefully will give you ideas or inspire you for your own home makeovers.




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