Just Peachy – Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette


Back in February when I was in Vegas I saw the Too Faced, Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette when shopping in Sephora. I remember looking at the palette with a basket full of products in my hand contemplating whether to get it or the Natural Matte Palette. I had been wondering around the store battling with myself on which one to get but I ended up getting the Natural Matte instead. I am happy I got the Natural Matte but I could stop thinking about the Just Peachy Palette.

So about a week after I arrived home I decided to go to Mecca to go in a buy the Just Peachy Palette. I was ready for the beautiful colours for my eyes and to be honest I needed a change up from the normal natural colours I always wear. Im very vanilla and stick to the same bloody colours when it comes to eyeshadows. So me actually loving the colours on this palette was a big deal. So when I walked into the store I ran straight to the Too Faced section of the store…..no Just Peachy. I went to a staff member asking if they had it in stock or were getting any in soon, the girl told me they didn’t stock the Peaches and Cream Collection. I was shattered (but I should have looked on the website before wasting a trip to the store, IDIOT) but I was optimistic, I could get it online from the Too Faced website.

As soon as I got home I hopped on my laptop and ventured to the Too Faced website, AWESOME!! They still had the palette online and in stock. I selected the palette and proceeded to checkout. When trying to checkout I realised Australia wasn’t coming up (what the fuck!) so I had look around the site to see why Australia wasn’t coming up. It turned out that Too Faced don’t ship to Australia. Bloody Hell, I choose to like a palette I cannot seem to get here. Looking around the internet I tried looking up where I could buy the palette and a few Ebay/ Gumtree pages came up. But I wasn’t game enough to buy any makeup off of someone other than a trusted store. Someone else could have used it before me (gross germs) or it could be a fake with god knows what ingredients in it (poop). So I had to settle with the idea that I may never get this palette unless Im back over in the US anytime soon.

Then one fateful day when scrolling through Instagram while on the toilet (we all do it) Mecca was advertising they were bringing in the Peaches and Cream Collection to their stores. My mind was blown I CAN FINALLY GET THIS PALETTE!!! After many months wanting it, I could finally get it. The release date was set for July 31st, I was ready and raring to buy this. The night before I was so excited I kept going to the website to refresh the count down to see how many hours/seconds left until I could buy it. When the countdown hit zero I was clicking away purchasing my palette. Success I finally have it, well until it arrived in the post 1-2 days later. It arrived very very quickly, I ordered it on Tuesday Morning and received it Wednesday afternoon (super quick).


I opened up my package to the beautiful small Too Faced box. Sure it crossed my mind that I was building this palette up in my mind as something spectacular and it turned out to be crap….This was not the case however. when opening up the palette the colours where as beautiful as Ive seen in pictures and as I remember from the start of the year. Not damaged or anything. The palette has a sublet scent to it of peach and fig. The smell wasn’t to overpowering that it would make you feel sick and it didn’t have a chemical smell to it either. Just perfect. Now time to apply the eyeshadow to my eyes. The eyeshadow was very pigmented so I didn’t have to keep applying it in order to actually see the colours on my eyes, they went on very smoothly and the eyeshadow didn’t flake off when I applied it.

I have had a lot of cheap and some more pricey eyeshadows leave flakes on my face when I’ve applied it to my face, but in this case it didn’t it went on nice and smooth. All of the colours blended well as I was creating my eye look. HA look at me acting like a makeup artist that knows what they are talking about. No I know the basics I am in no way shape or form a make up professional Im just a female who loves her makeup.I am aware this has been around for a while but like I said it hasn’t been in Australia, so this was very exciting for me.



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