Starbucks Christmas Beverages ROUND 3

Here we are round 3, the final round! Now I was going to try the hot/ cold versions of the drinks I’ve already tried but frankly leaving the house to get to Starbucks lately has been a nightmare. Stupid location being bright next to a busy ass road and a mall! Anyhoo we are here for round 3, I decided to post this closer to Christmas because hey a few posts in the lead up to Christmas – WHY NOT!


How Starbucks Described it…..

“Shots of rich espresso dance together with the heartwarming flavours of sweet toffee, which are delicately balanced by notes of toasted nuts. The crescendo is a whipped cream peak sprinkled in a crunchy crystal topping. Sip it hot or have it blended with ice for a creamy, Christmassy treat” – STARBUCKS AUSTRALIA Website.

My Thoughts on the Beverage….

I got the hot version of this drink, wasn’t in the mood for the frap. I have to say this surprised me. The latte was so nice to drink, it was sweet so best to stick to the smaller side or the size choices. But it was really really good. Again this was a hot drink with whipped cream put on top (still think its weird) but I had the whipped cream before it melted and became a creamy mess. It was actually tasty with the crunchy topping, it really reminded me of a creme brûlée in liquid form. It was fairly sweet but it wasn’t unbearable to the point where two sips in I felt like I had drank nothing but straight sugar. I actually dank it all. Like I said I couldn’t go a larger size because it would be a bit of overkill. Drinking this right before Christmas I think is my warm up to the thrashing my guts will take when I consume all of the desserts. Of course I didn’t take a photo of this beverage frankly because it looks just like a normal latte, it was just in the standard cup.

Overall this was a win for the Christmas beverages. I have to admit the list this year was pretty small which was a bit disappointing but I’ll take what I can get. Anyhow check out last years round three post – link below. Christmas isn’t that far away get ready everyone.

Trying Out Christmas Beverages – Round 3



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