Nothing Says Congratulations like a Face Mask

With spawn the second I had a lot of my friends send through gifts for me as well for the baby. This of course was a pleasant surprise to get presents for me – felt like my birthday. Knowing me so well, the girls gifted me a handful of skin care products (along with a few bottles of wine). I now have a selection of face masks to give a whirl!

A’KIN Australian Tea Tree Oil Detoxifying Face Sheet Mask

I didn’t select any of these masks in any real particular order it was just grab what I could and hope that it would bring life back into my face. So the mask claimed to combat impurities, hydrate, nourish and basically give me overall clearer healthier skin. SOLD! With a sheet mask it was a clean mask, by that I mean all I had to do was slap it on and carry on with my day not having to worry about making any mess with my face mask.

This mask was really straight forward with using: Just apply mask to freshly clean dry skin, leave on for 10-15 minutes, remove mask and massage the remaining serum into skin.

I had my mask on for 10 minutes, in that time I managed to make that time fly (changing a shitty baby takes up time). Once I removed the mask my skin felt so hydrated and it looked refreshed. I did have some small zits on my face, they didn’t go away completely but they did lose the redness. The zits were over shadowed by my skins glow it just looked way healthier. After wearing the mask I did have some slight redness on my forehead but it did go down after a few minutes. The serum soaked into my skin quickly afterI removed the mask and I didn’t feel oily or dry to the point that I felt I needed to put any extra moisturiser on. The next day my dry patches returned they didn’t feel as scaly as before but I still had dry spots (fucking hormones).

SKIN REPUBLIC Wild Purifying Charcoal and Green Tea Panda Face Mask Sheet

This mask made me laugh because its one of those printed masks. It was a sheet mask that was cut out and printed like a panda, it even had the ears. These type of masks are cute in theory, I mean if you had a flat round face they would look cute on your face. But with all the contours of your face it makes the whole mask look like a thing from nightmares. I thought it was weird it had ears on the top, really where was the ears supposed to go? In your hair?

To use this mask; just apply to dry clean skin, wear for 15-20 minutes and remove mask without rinsing then rub the remaining serum into skin.

With this mask it did make my skin look ok but I felt the results only lasted an hour or two and it kind of went back to my dry patchy skin. The results weren’t spectacular that I felt like it make my skin look amazing. Although I did cleanse my face before hand this did make my skin feel like I had a super clean, it felt like it had just that little extra clean. So my skin felt cleaner but it didn’t look really any different, the panda mask was great at scaring my dog when I walked out of the bathroom (that dogs seen some shit and THIS terrified her). It says that in order to get amazing results it’s best to the mask twice a week for the first month. I wouldn’t want to buy this multiple times a months in order to get results if I didn’t get some sort of small results the first go.

PATCHOLOGY Moodmask Just Let it Glow

This mask I have seen a number of times at MECCA in the last minute buy section. We all know what I’m talking about, the area where you line up for the register and they have heaps of items strategically placed there so while your waiting to be served you might pick up a few extra items. I admit I do like the colours on the packaging and I really don’t know why I never thought to try it before considering I see it virtually every time I’m in store. So reading the back of the package this mask seemed like it was made for a parent with a newborn as it was “Perfect for all nighter affected skin”, Makes me wonder if this was bought on purpose or just a co-incidence.

For this mask just apply to face (make sure it’s unfolded otherwise it won’t stick) leave in for 10 minutes, then remove and rub in remaining serum into skin. Make note with this mask (and any other sheet mask) make sure you remember it’s on when answering the door for deliveries, poor delivery guy got a shock of his life.

This mask had a light scent to it which I loved, it wasn’t to overpowering. The mask was so refreshing to wear while I was binge watching. I didn’t have any redness after the 15minutes were up (some masks have a habit of doing that) and my skin felt hydrated and refreshed afterwards. It definitely had a glow and when rubbing the serum in afterwards it made me wish I hadn’t tossed the packet in the bin otherwise Id try to hold onto the serum for the next few days. I was happy with how my skin looked after this the overall tone of it looked significantly better and due to the last few days of no sleep and living off of coffee and sugar to keep me awake this helped make me look like a human. I would like to buy this mask again for those weekends I just want to pamper myself.

MECCA COSMETICA Bright Eyed Eye Mask

Along with a selection of sheet masks I also received some skin care items, one of which was this eye mask. Ive used MECCA Cosmetica products before Ive used the lips mask and thought it was great for hydrating my lips, so I was hoping this would work well. The eye mask was just what I needed I was so tired one day because we had one of the coldest nights and it caused the baby to be super restless so I spent a lot of time awake holding her trying to keep her warm ( our heater decided to play up). So I was looking delightful with my lack of sleep eyes. To start off my day I thought I would try this eye mask while chugging down my coffee and absolutely grateful no one would see me in my current state.

So according to the MECCA website “This gold-flecked hydrogel mask is designed to hydrate, brighten, lift and reduce the appearance of puffiness under the eye. In 15 minutes, under eye darkness, swelling and fine lines will be reduced and the delicate skin will be perfectly prepped for makeup. “

I’ve used my fair share of hydrating/de puffing/ firming eyepatches in my time so using these weren’t to weird for me. I know some people who have tried patches tend to dislike having them so close to the eye. When pulling them out of the packaging I noticed the clear patches also had a bit of glitter in the patches. I know it’s just for decoration but I thought it was cute I can look a bit sparkly and fabulous while working on my skin. The patches started off with a positive note, they placed nice and easy on my face and didn’t feel like they were sliding off of my face. Some eye patches are too wet and tend to slide down if your sitting upright, these sat perfectly on my face and I was able to move around and carry on with other things (queen of multi tasking). Apart from the patches touching my hair occasionally when I turned my head, I couldn’t really tell the patches were on and the 15 minutes just flew.

When removing the eye mask I honestly didn’t expect a lot because I was too far past looking haggard that 10 of these masks and a wizard would have to make me look like a million dollars. But saying that removing it my under eye area did look brighter and a lot less puffy. It didn’t make me look like a person who has had the proper amount of rest but it did make me look less like a creature of the undead. I would say this mask would do wonders if I had a better nights sleep so I would like to try this again how great the results would be after a good night sleep.

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

I have never heard of this brand before or where my friend bought this from. When I looked on the back I saw it was written in another language mostly (later found out Korean) with a small amount written in english. I remember years and years ago I tried some type of pimple patches and I honestly found them a bit average. I remember they weren’t too common and they didn’t do anything but give me red marks where the patch was, so that experience from then did make me worried Id have the same experience with these. So after a bit of searching online I did find a site that sells them (as well as Amazon) and the directions are as follows:

”Wash and dry the targeted area you want to treat. Don’t apply any skin treatments or moisturisers between the patch and your skin.Choose a patch in the appropriate size to do the job and stick it on the treatment area. Leave it on overnight.Remove the patch in the morning and you’ll find that it may have turned white as it absorbs the impurities from the area. “

So with these patches I had one small sheet of spots in multiple sizes that are made spot treat pimples, acne and acnes scars. I had a pimple on my forehead and one on my cheek to try these bad boys out on. I put these on at 6am and pulled it off at 9pm, I did see a significant change in the pimples. They had gone down in size and looked like they were drying up and by the next day gone. I actually completely forgot that they were on my face, they only time that I realised they were on my face was that right when I was scratching my face and scratched one of the spots off. I do like these for the odd spots that make an appearance. I will save these spots for the pimples that are big, nasty and no amount of makeup seems to be able to cover.

I will say these masks were a great treat for me with my lack of sleep and hormones still a bit mental. My skin was a bit scaley , just by looking at it you’d think it looked fine (apart from being pale and my black under- eyes) but the feeling it had wasn’t the best. These were great for a little pamper session to make me feel a little more human.



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