Salted Caramel Kahlua and Espresso Martini

So I’m going to be straight up honest January will be containing a few alcohol based posts. I will throw in a Samples post because, well it needs to be done and because why the hell not! Alot have attempted and failed Dry January (I didn’t even bother it’s my birthday month!). So everyone needs a cocktail. I’ll add my Espresso Martini Recipe below. I’ll keep this short and sweet if you just wanted the recipe if you want to check out me trying the Salted Caramel Kahlua keep on scrolling.


1 1/2 (30/40mls or 1 Shot) ounces Vodka

1 1/2 (30/40mls or 1 Shot) ounces Kahlua

1 1/2 (30/40mls or 1 Shot) ounces espresso (I used 1 espresso pod)

1 1/2 (30/40mls or 1 Shot) ounces Milk


  1. Make espresso
  2. Mix the kahlua, espresso, milk, vodka and ice into a shaker or glass – if you don’t own a shaker
  3. shake or stir mix, strain out the ice and pour mix into martini glass

Ok so Salted Caramel in general is something that can either taste absolutely amazing or like total shit. I thought I would try this kahlua by using this in the Espresso Martini rather than the original. That way I can concentrate more on the flavours rather than the alcohol. When drinking this in the espresso martini is really was just what it needed! It added that little extra to the cocktail. It added that little extra sweetness to the drink without making it overly sweet.

I did love the flavour from the salted caramel Kahlua I think it might be what I might put into my espresso martinis from now on it was a pleasant taste. As much as I love these cocktails I just can’t have too many since the caffeine might make me get too shaky and plus too much milk and alcohol just don’t mix.

IM OUT!!!!


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