Kombucha Lollies

Not long ago I gave Kombucha a try just to see if it was all worth the hype. Ehh it wasn’t too bad but nothing spectacular. So one day while waiting in line at the supermarket and looking at all of the chocolate and lollies that re strategically located right near the self serve counters a bag of lollies caught my eye. Kombucha lollies, wait what?! Yes you read correctly kombucha lollies. Of course I had to take these for a test drive but saying that I did buy them throw them in the pantry and totally forget about their existence. That was until I was searching for an M n M that slipped out of my hand I came across this unique bag of sweets.

So the brand that made this actually make really nice lollies I love the party mix, it’s great for eating all to yourself because seriously I can down a whole bag if left unsupervised. So this could be dangerous with the kombucha lollies. So with these lollies there are 3 different flavours: kombucha original, strawberry hibiscus and ginger peach. All totally unique flavours for lollies. So pulling them out of the bag I didn’t get any strange or overpowering smell from them they just really looked and smelt like a normal bag of lollies. I could tell they were kind of like those bursts lollies, that they are normal gelish lollies but when you bite into them a kind of liquid is inside (my bad if it’s a bad description- just look up starburst gummy bursts and you’ll know).

Now let’s talk about the flavours. So the strawberry just honestly tasted like a standard strawberry lollie I really wouldn’t have thought it was a kombucha one. The other two flavours however I could tell were kombucha related. The original flavour I definitely had the apple vinegar cider taste coming at me like when I was drinking it, obviously not as intense but I felt like it was coming back to me. The ginger peach I definitely had the ginger hit me as well. These two were kind of like watered down kombucha with the sweetness kicked up a notch. These all weren’t bad lollies to eat the flavours were just very different to what I would normally expect.

These weren’t too bad I would more likely prefer these to the drink but saying that I am giving a big caution. So because I wasn’t offended by these sweets I did go a little nuts with them- not a whole bag nuts but more than the recommended serving size (which was 4 lollies by the way). Now normally that wouldn’t be an issue (apart from the self loathing for being a gluttonous sugar fiend) but in this case it caused an emergency trip to the bathroom. Technically multiple trips it was a real shit-uation, these confectionaries really good at detoxing everything you’ve eaten in the last 24 hours. Ok sorry TMI……..Poop. Sorry I am a child. So just let this be a warning DONT OVERSTUFF YOURSELF ON THESE YOU WILL POOP…..LOADS! But apart from the clean out these weren’t too bad in the flavour department please just listen to my warning if you eat too many you will poop…a lot! But other than that they aren’t bad at all, check out the Natural Confectionary Company Kombucha lollies for yourself.

IM OUT!!!!


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