Will this help my Winter Lips???

Lanolips is a brand I always see when shopping at Mecca and I for some unknown reason never think to look at any of the product properly. Im not sure why I never think to just give it a little try out (not try out the lipgloss in the store, even before Covid I don’t know who’s touched it). So when I received this lovely little tube as an extra with my most recent purchase I was curious to see if it would help my current situation. My current situation being my lips have become so dry and sore since winter hit here in Melbourne. This happens every year, once winter hits I need something powerful to fix my lips because my normal lip balms can’t cut it for the first few weeks of winter. So why not try this stuff out.

I figured right now is better time than any, Victoria was thrown into a snap 7 day lockdown no thanks to cases shooting back up again. So if it gives me a little reaction thank god I don’t have to go out in public with a rash or any physical reaction. So anyway looking online at some of the reviews, it seems to be all really positive which I find pretty reassuring. So apparently this is “soothes and nourishes chapped lips, dry cuticles and dry itchy skin”. Sounds perfect for me. I am curious though does anyone use lip balms/ ointments on their nails? Is it any good? I know a number of brands say you can do it but I never thought to try it- Im not a fan of hand/ nail treatments.

Opening up the tube I had to of course have a good sniff, strawberry scented I mean why wouldn’t I. Smelling it, it didn’t smell bad at all I liked the strawberry scent it was really sweet. When I sniffed it, the smell gave me major flashbacks to some of the lollies I had when I was a kid, it’s killing me right now I can’t remember the name guarantee once this is up I’ll remember. So the product itself was very thick and a bit of a struggle to get out of the tube, it did say on the tube to warm up in your hands. It also was a little sticky, so I wouldn’t were this outside on a windy day. It wasn’t as sticky as some of the other lip glosses/balms that Ive tried in the past ( I have had some STICKY products). But after a while I didn’t notice it as much. After using this for one day I noticed a massive improvement in my lips. Before they were dry, scaley, red and just overall sore. After they looked so much more hydrated, the colour had gone down and the dry skin scales on my lips had gone, in one day! I used it for a whole day re-applying when I remembered didn’t go over the top with it and this helped a lot.

I definitely will be buying this again, apart from the sticky product its a winner. This will probably be an indoor and night time treatment for my lips, only because I do not want to have to fish out all of my hair of my lips- I have the odd curly hairs don’t want to have people thinking I have pube mouth. Ive attached the link t the Lanolins page for you to check out, you can also find these at select online beauty stores as well as Mecca, Ulta (if your in the States) and Sephora (Canada stores). Theres a list of stockist online if you want to buy in person.

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