Brunch in a Bottle

So this I’ve had my eye on for a while now, overtime I see it I keep going “Oooo I have to try that out” and I always forget to. A bellini is always such a nice cocktail to enjoy at brunch or in the afternoon when you want to feel fancy, but its a cocktail I can never make at home. Mainly because I can’t ever find the damn ingredients in the supermarket. So seeing this Bellini in a bottle, really got my attention. I actually got the special edition Breast Cancer Support, pink bottle. So in a little research on the drink I found out that Harry’s Bar is home of the Bellini which was created in 1948 (ahhh I do Love a vintage cocktail) by Giuseppe Cipriani the head bartender and owner of Harry’s Bar (Venice, Italy).

Now trying this out this was a pleasant surprise, premix drinks with juice have a tendency to taste sour and basically like cordial. This drink was definitely not that. I felt like I had my own personal bar tender serving me a cocktail. It was such a refreshing drink to enjoy I felt like I was out at a cafe enjoying brunch in the middle of summer. The drink I will admit was very sweet but it wasn’t to the point that I would get sick of it. The fruity flavour was delicious with the wine kind of watering down the sweetness a bit. I will say best to get more than one bottle because it was pretty shocking on how quickly I went through this bottle without realising.

This was a really delicious drink to enjoy it is the perfect drink for if you want a cocktail ready to go without the effort. I will say the only downside to this drink itself is the amount of drinks you get out of the bottle. It makes 3.3 Standard drinks which for the size of the bottle isn’t really that much. But if you want to add a bit more to the drink you can always add in a bit more prosecco or some rum, the possibilities are endless. This is available at most liquor stores and I have seen that there is a non-alcoholic version as well if you want to enjoy the flavours minus the alcohol. Cipriani White Peach Bellini was definitely a win, if you are looking for it within Australia its available at most Dan Murphys and BWS stores and from what I’ve seen its available internationally online as well as in store.



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