Hello friends it’s been…..I’ll say two weeks since I posted. I wanted a break to enjoy time celebrating the 10 year wedding anniversary with the husband. Tomorrow we’ll be returning to regular programming so don’t think this is me slacking off. So what’s been happening? I now have Magenta hair, why? Because I bloody want to and I honestly wanted a little change up. FYI don’t do it yourself it is INSANELY messy – you will get a pink shower! What else, I went to Mornington Peninsula. I came, I drank some wine, checked out a costume shop (that’s why I’m in a top hat in the photo below) and ate a lot! I celebrated my anniversary at home with the spawns – never go out for dinner with spawns! Last thing I have been in full Halloween mode (November 1st I’m clocking over to Christmas mode).

So anyhoo I’m back! Stay tuned for all of the posts.

IM OUT!!!!


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