This is the Captain Now

While wondering if I’ll ever find a specific drink that I cannot seem to find anywhere near me and Im frankly too much of a cheap ass at the moment to pay to have booze sent to me, I stumbled across this little gem. Now I don’t mind Captain Morgan, but Ive always put it as an alcohol you just have with coke or professionally mixed in a cocktail. Its one of those alcohols that just don’t go well with say Pineapple juice (in my mind) but say Malibu and pineapple juice are a match made in heaven. This caught me off guard, between all of the regular pre-mixed Captain Morgan and Coke I stumbled across Captain Morgan Tropical.

Captain Morgan Tropical is inspired by the adventures of the Captain and his crew through the South Pacific Islands and the deliciously tropical tastes they discovered.
It’s made from mixing the classic tropical combination of refreshing coconut and sweet watermelon with the Captain’s finest Spiced Gold for a deliciously refreshing tropical experience.
Simply enjoy ice cold straight from the can for a refreshing tasting convenient drink the whole crew will enjoy.
” Dan Murphys Website.

So these cans are 330mls and are $23.99 AUD for a pack of 4. Now lets get to the tasting shall we. Trying this I did go into it very worried about the flavour. I went in terrified that I would get the really rich dark rum taste with some watermelon and coconut flavours sprinkled on top. I went into this without reading any reviews on the product, I went in blind. I am so glad I did though, this was delightful! I don’t think I would have known it was Captain Morgan if you poured this drink in a glass, it had a lovely light pink colour to it and smelt like watermelon. The watermelon and coconut flavours worked so well in making this a delicious tropical escape through your tastebuds. It really reminded me of Malibu and Watermelon, it was a really nice flavour. I did not regret buying this and really wish I actually tried they other Tropical flavour they had available (next time).

This was a really pleasant surprise and proved not to judge a drink by its can. This was a great little cocktail in a can, perfect to enjoy in the sun with friends (real or imaginary). I of which can’t wait to enjoy this in the warm weather, currently in Melbourne we are finally able to enjoy the outside since the beautiful weather has FINALLY decided to come and last a few days (I just need consistent days of weather instead of dressing for every season). Anyway this seems to be at most Alcohol stocking stores in Australia and defiantly try this Tropical Delight.

IM OUT!!!!


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