DIY Coasters

Recently while cleaning the lounge room, I was wiping down my coffee table to find the paint had marks all over it from cups of hot drinks and god knows what else. It looked like shit. I couldn’t have this, so after I fixed the coffee table I decided to get some new coasters to keep my tables looking nice. Ive had paper coasters in the past but after a while and a few spills they turn to crap so i wanted to opt for something a bit more durable. After a walk through some stores I couldn’t find anything that I’d like- well I did but having a toddler around I didn’t want my coasters becoming a weapon for a small child when I refuse to give her what she wants.
So I went to the craft store and got some oven bake clay and decided to make my own. I have made some little bowls for my jewellery with this clay and it looks pretty good and isn’t too hard or heavy. Kind of got a rubbery texture when hard so if its been thrown in your face its won’t hurt too much.
Oven bake clay – Just head to your nearest craft store get 2 or 3 packets of clay it all depends of how big, how many and how thick you want your coasters also how many colours you want marbled into them. I used 3 colours for mine
Rolling Pin
Knife and Cutting Board
Oven Tray
Step One:
Pull all of the clay you want to use and soften it up and roll into little snakes. Then Put all the snakes lined up then twist all of them to make a bigger snake.
Step Two:
Roll them into a big ball and roll out the clay the the thickness you would like your coasters
Step Three:
Cutting them out you can use a cookie cutter or a stencil, I used a stencil of a hexagon. Once all cut out put on oven tray and put in the oven for 10-15minutes (depending on how thick the coasters are- the thicker they are the longer) on 180c
Step Four:
Pull out of the oven and let cool, once cooled you can sand the edges if you like.
Now my table can be saved and my wine glass and coffee cup have a new decoration to sit on….Yay!!

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