It ALL Started With Teeth Grinding

Ok so I am going to be honest here, I hadn’t been to the dentist for 11 years up until last September when I thought one of my front teeth was coming lose from being head butted in the face by a toddler. So it was a long time.

After the consultation and some X-rays later I found out my tooth was fine and I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I went on carefree not stressing about me teeth. I then received a text from the dentist early this year to have a follow up check up- that when i thought “oh here we go trying to get more cash out of me” but i thought you know what I could use a check up and maybe a professional clean.  So I went in and the dentist went on with his examination, then all of a sudden he said very seriously “after were done with the fluoride treatment, I have to talk to you”. First of all don’t say that to a person who is sitting there with there mouth forces open by tongs and expect them not to panic.

So when he sat me down he calmed me down telling me it wasn’t anything serious, but that I grind my teeth – most likely when Im sleeping. For those who don’t know (the name says it all)  teeth grinding is when you grind your teeth due to several reasons and in my case its due to stress. Well fuck me, another issue due to stress. But it did explain why one of my teeth was receding (thats when your gums err go lower and expose more of your tooth making it more sensitive) and also why I was waking up with my jaw so so sore. I was starting to wonder what the husband was doing to me while I was asleep.

So with my teeth grinding I know what was the issue, all the pressure to succeed as a mother, wife and running my own business. It is a lot of pressure to make sure that Im able to be what I thought was the perfect person. I didn’t want to go to counselling to talk about my issues because I pin pointed it myself and i wanted to clear it up myself. Plus I have been to someone in the past and that experience honestly aggravated me more than helped me. I am aware that stress can do a lot and can damage your body. Before I go on this is what I did, Im not telling people to do what I did because everyone is different. I can’t emphasise this more that Im sharing what i did to help I don’t want any attacks please.

So what I did was…..

Well I taught myself to try and stress less…. it wasn’t as simple as that but what I did was actually step back and think, really…NO one is perfect. Parents fuck up all the time! This isn’t the 1950s I’m not a picture perfect wife. My business works better when Im focused and not frantic about every little detail that doesn’t effect anything. When I felt like I was getting to overwhelmed I would go for a walk- either around the block or go for a stroll on the treadmill. I was taking on different things to help me with dealing as a parent, the main one isn’t comparing myself to other mothers. The short of it is FUCK how other mothers raise their kids! My kid is healthy and she is hitting her milestones like a champ (although she’s a little to smart at times).

As for my relationship, honestly being married for 5 years and having a child can change things because we get a little lazy and tend to have our priorities changed. This was a joint effort, we both sat down and talked about actual issues and how we felt and what was bothering us. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who was feeling a bit stressed out. COMMUNICATION I hate sounding like a boring douche but really talking really helped. Who would have known . But anyway it took a lot of time for me to keep reminding myself not to stress over every little thing and I would take time out for myself in the middle of the day or on a day when the spawn was at childcare. This helped a lot.

I wanted to be certain that even though I had made a few changes to help with my teeth grinding I wanted a bit of security so I could make sure I don’t lose any teeth and end up looking like white trash because I refuse to fork out thousands in dental work. Actually thinking about it now that wouldn’t be so bad. Anyway I went with a better option, I got a Night Guard. What it is really is a mouth guard that is make just for your mouth by dental professionals. This one is very different from actual mouth guards you can buy at the supermarket or chemist. Its made out of a hard err plastic. When I was a teenager I had a retainer after I had my Braces removed and it looked similar to this. But anyway the first night I wore the Night Guard it was a little weird because I got a bit of an overload of drool but after a few nights i got used to it. Now its just apart of my night routine and my jaw doesn’t hurt anymore and my teeth are still in tact and healthy.

I was told I could get Botox in my jaw to help with the grinding……but honestly if I was to get botox it would be for giving me a reason to lie about my age. Get rid of the little wrinkles. I only would get botox for superficial reasons.

But I just wanted to share a little about my experience with teeth grinding, I found out its actually fairly common. Just FYI any dental professionals out there reading this I’m not pretending to be a professional I’m just sharing MY experience.

Sorry guy the posts have been a little serious lately, don’t worry fun is on the way!! Anyway this glass of wine isn’t going to drink itself

IM OUT!!!!



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