Disney On Ice

I have been wanting to see Disney In Ice since……as long as I can remember really. So when I saw they are having it in Melbourne I thought HELL YES! I’m there. The spawn is four now so she’s at an age where she’ll actually enjoy Disney On Ice and won’t have a tantrum at … More Disney On Ice

Going out as a MUM

I am a horrible friend, recently my oldest friend had a birthday and this was the first year that I hadn’t organised anything for her. Every year I have organised a little girls night/day for us to enjoy celebrating her moving forward on the oldermeter . Even when she was pregnant I organised a breakfast … More Going out as a MUM

We Escaped!

WELL SORTA Sorry for the tittle, its a total spoiler alert! It is a random thing that I discovered Escape Rooms from an episode of BIG BANG THEORY. One day I was watching an episode (I’m talking a few years ago now) and they had al tried out an Escape room and had finished it within … More We Escaped!