MUMS DAY OUT take two!

As a gift for my birthday one of my oldest friends shouted me an afternoon at a winery. Of course my birthday was in January, but planning is a massive pain the the ass so of course we finally managed to find a Saturday that we were both free and able to enjoy a Child-Free and Husband-Free afternoon while pounding some grape. If you didn’t check out MUM DAY OUT post last year, for my friends birthday I took her out for a High Tea in Melbourne CBD. We went to Madame Brussels Cocktail bar and they provided us with their version of a high tea, or what they called it a Garden party. Basically it was us having a nice afternoon enjoying finger food, tea and cocktails on a rooftop balcony. If you want to read about the day, check out MUMS DAY OUT post from October.

Anyway, for a while now we have said we wanted to go to a winery together and have a girls only day whether it just being us two or a group of us. So it worked out nicely that we had a reason to go, a very belated celebration for my 30th Birthday. So my lovely friend had booked us in to Mt Duneed Estate in Geelong (my hometown) that way it wouldn’t be hours of driving to get to the location. Well and hour for me but Im not complaining I booked a HUSBAND TAXI.


So leading up to our little excursion the weather was perfect around mid 20s all week the sun was always out. Perfect weather to go to a winery. Then it hit Saturday, I woke up to during rain and horrible winds. Awesome! We didn’t let this dampen our spirits, we glammed up and headed towards the winery. The winery was only roughly a 10 minute drive from my friends house but as we were getting closer and closer the rain began to get heavier and heavier. Not going to lie I was sitting in the back seat thinking to myself “oh fuck my hair and makeup will go to shit as soon as I get out of the car and Ill be looking like a drowned rat for the rest of the day”. Fortunately for us the rain had lightened up as we headed to the entrance from the car and were able to make it inside without compromising our hard work of looking like prized pigs for once.

So we had made it inside in one piece (YAY) and were greeted with a very warm room. Heaters on, bar open, all set! We need up being about 40 minutes early for our booking so we hung out on a couch right near the bar enjoying a few glasses of Rosé. The whole place was set up with a Rustic theme , which I absolutely love and the couch was like a massive black marshmallow. I was feeling nice and chill, right in my element. $0 minutes flew by really quickly and we were able to sit down at our table.

When we were seated we were just finishing off our glasses of wine and we decided to order a whole bottle this time so we didn’t have to constantly get up to go the bar. So while we were waiting to order our food we poured ourselves glasses of wine. We don’t have glasses of wine that that are only filled up half way, we fill it up to the brim to the point were you have to slurp the top in order to hold the glass properly and not spill it. A whole bottle of Rosé and only filled up two glasses. Yep were are extremely classy individuals. So we ordered ourselves the Charcuterie Platter (a cold meat platter) with two cheeses for our lunch. We both like finger food when we go out for drinks instead of a heavy meal and you have a lot better opportunity to chat without a massive dribbling mouthful of food.

The platter, oh my gawd sah delish (sorry for my teenieboppa impression, it was delicious) . We both enjoyed every bit of it, apart from one of the cheeses. It was a bit too rich for both of us. While we were both stuffing ourselves with all these delicious meats if was very obvious that both of us could never go on to be vegan, because is just so damn good. If you can’t see in the photo we had some jalapeños swell as the meats and cheese and to everyones horror I was eating them as if they were grapes. That is when my friend who has known me for 18 years found out what a freak I am with spicy food. I have a very high tolerance for spice and I absolutely love it when I get a bit of spice in my meal. It proved that no matter how long you know someone you still can learn something new about them.

After we had our fun (and a fair few glasses of wine), we had planned to do a Wine Tasting. But it was pretty busy and we didn’t ant to be waiting forever to do a tasting. We choose to save that for another day ( oh no another MUMS DAY OUT poor us). We didn’t want to head home so we caught a cab to a local Pub near my friends house. It was a good way to end the day with a few decent sized classes of Moscato having some laughs and planning our next day out.

So despite the shitty weather (at this point in my life Melbourne’s unpredictable weather doesn’t shock me anymore) the day was a great experience to celebrate my birthday with my oldest friend.



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