My First Pumpkin Spiced Latte

For many years around September/ October I see endless mentions of pumpkin spiced drinks and food online. Of course seeing all of the posts from from the USA made me a little jealous and wanting to try this mythical flavour. At this time of year while the USA is cooling down here in Australia our weather is slowly heating up, so creative warm beverages aren’t really in everyones minds. We sane people at least, I drink coffee on 40°C days (I’m a lunatic I know). Anyway one day while at Starbucks at the shopping mall I noticed that they had a huge sign saying that they will be having Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and Frappuccinos for a limited time. I had to try it for sure! I have been to the states when they are out but I never really thought to get it while I’m there (idiot), so I made it my mission to try it.

I planned to try just a smaller sized PSL because if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t have wasted a heap in a massive cup. So what I did was order the tall PSL and I ordered my normal large coffee swell so if I didn’t like it I still had a coffee to drink – and if i did like it I had some extra caffeine.


The Verdict…..

It wasn’t bad, it kind of reminded me of a chai latte. With the spices it really just tasted like a chai – with a slight difference to it.  I didn’t mind the flavour, I am glad I did get a small (well it’s technically called a tall despite it being the size of a small) and without whipped cream. I thought it was fairly sweet. Nice but very sweet. I think that I’m so glad I got a smaller size without whipped cream otherwise I may have hated it for being so sweet and probably become diabetic after drinking that sugar. But yeahhh as I said I did like it, it wasn’t life changing like I thought it would be – in hind sight I was going on the reviews of people who drink these every fall/winter in the states.

I think I would treat this as I do a chai, I like it but I only have it maybe once or twice a year because I just love my normal coffee. I am a creature of habit, I like my huge coffee with no sugar. I don’t think I will try the frap only because, fraps are nice but I don’t like to get them really I don’t know why but any fraps after 2 sips I’m laying back in my chair thinking “too much!”. Like I said it wasn’t bad (remember this is only my opinion) glad I finally got to try this coffee. Would love to know if anyone recommends  any weird and wonderful coffee order for me to try, if you have any shoot me an email or comment below…




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