Home Makeover Sessions : My Office Makeover

With working from home I have my own office set up to make sure I don’t take over the kitchen table and just have my own space to work. Ive had my desk for about 5 years-ish, I got it off of Facebook Buy Swap Sell really cheap. I wasn’t too happy with the desk but at the time I needed something that had great storage and still had room for me to work on. In the beginning it was great, but after a while Ive started to really hate how bulky my desk was and it always looked messy no matter how tidy it was. Because it was such a large desk it did take up a lot of space in my office and it made the whole room seem darker and smaller and didn’t really entice me to work in the room causing me to work off of the dining table – which began to defeat the purpose of buying the desk.

So being as its the start of 2019 I figured it was time to refresh my office and make it a bit more of an environment I would like to go to. You know a new year, fresh start!


Yes I am aware that my office is messy as hell in these photos, when taking these shots I was in the middle of emptying out my desk in order to move it out for the new one. But as you can see the desk is huge and parts of the desk are peeling off. The chair had also started to fall apart I felt like overtime I would slightly lean back in my chair I’d almost fall backwards to my death (not dramatic at all). The chair was busted and It had to go. With the shelves on the top of the desk made me feel boxed in when I was working and made the room feel a lot smaller and darker. Thats not what I wanted for my work space.


There is a lot more space in the room for me and it definitely is a lot brighter in here. Being as the desk is smaller it gives me more incentive to keep it tidy and organised. I have a lot more draws in the desk, which I love because I prefer to use draws to organise things, rather than my old desk with open shelves and cupboards. With my little shelving in the corner with my monthly planner I kept it a little separate – I kept a lot of art supplies in this section so I was kept separate from my work desk.

Of course I had to lose some professionalism by adding a marshmallow scented candle with a vulgar princess label on it (of course with swearing included). so this was my office makeover. Since I have done this little makeover of the office it has been a lot more inviting to work in there. I don’t feel as boxed in and I haven’t moved my work out to the kitchen like I did before. There will be more of these home makeover sessions this year so stay tuned.




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