Hypoxi has been around for many years now and I’ve honestly been a little intrigued to check it out. For those who don’t know:

“HYPOXI is a low-impact exercise method that is up to 3 x more effective at burning stubborn fat than traditional exercise and it significantly reduces cellulite.

Through our advanced vacuum and compression technology and healthy nutrition, HYPOXI activates your body’s natural system to burn specific areas of fat and cellulite.

HYPOXI is simply the smarter way to get the body shape you’re after.”  as stated on their website.

Basically its machines that help you burn fat and reduce cellulite. They have there different machines. Two of the machines they have bike pedals inside, one is laying down and the other is sitting up. The laying down machine looks Similar to an MRI machine but your lower half just goes in. The sitting up machine your basically sitting on a bike thats inside a pod. The third machine they had was, this looked like something out of a sci-fi film. You would wear a rubber body suit and they would plug these tubes in. Obviously you can check out the website below to get a better description of the machines they use.

I thought why not give it a try for a couple of weeks and check out the results. What I wanted to do was just tweak my body tone up the area that don’t seem to change no matter how much exercise and dieting I do. What I was aiming for was a few centimetres  off of my hips and thighs, because those just don’t want to go anywhere.

Before my first session I was advised to wear lose pants, bring a water bottle, towelled to not eat anything 1 hour before my session. So for my first session I met up with a staff member who sat down with me and gave me the run down of everything from all of the different machines to overall what to expect with my results. She then took my measurements and my history to figure out what would suit me best. Usually what they encourage is 3x 30minute sessions a week for however long your plan is. I ended up getting the 12 session plan but I had mine altered because I was only able to attend 2 sessions a week. So they had mine altered to 2×45 minute sessions a week.

Once everything was planned and sorted, it was time to get in the machine. I ended up going in a laying down machine (working out while laying down….working out and relaxing whaaat). So I laid down in the machine pedalling away the whole session while watching Ellen on TV (yes they have a big tv in front of the machines so you can watch tv and workout). While your peddling in this big machine there is a vacuum action going on with a push and pull feeling as your working. The first session I was not expecting it so I thought the machine was sucking me in (dramatic) .Once the session is completed you jump out of the rubber skirt and go on with your day. After your session you have to wait 2 hours until you can have something to eat, no caffeine afterwards and now booze afterwards (sorry kids).

After all my sessions with Hypoxi I managed to loose 11.5cms off of my body and a total of 2kgs. I am happy with my results and the staff were beyond amazing. Sure I could have gotten better results but with two weeks of absolute crap sleep- I kinda screwed up my diet with loads of coffee and sugar to keep me functioning. I would like to continue with Hypoxi to see more results. I just want people to know that this isn’t a quick fix to shed weight, I achieved my results doing Hypoxi and on my non Hypoxi days I would either run or do pole dancing. I also kept a relatively healthy diet as well (I still had junk food here or there). So this is something you can do along your normal workout and diet routine to help get the results a bit quicker and target the spots that are struggling to move.




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